Chapter 480: Crisis At The Bath

When night fell, colorful and dazzling lights illuminated the capitals, especially at Supreme Beauty. The cultivators visiting the capital were virtually all present. One could see prodigies arriving on their flying beasts.

The calling power of the prettiest woman in the world far exceeded a sect master at the Giant level. Many proud geniuses were coming to see her.

There were many floating buildings in this place with courtesans playing music - precious like water and as fine as a crafted piece of literature. This was a scene of heavens as far as the eyes can see. They teased the cultivators on the ground; all wanted to go up for a better listen.

“Wait, isn’t this our home court, why aren’t we going through the main door?” Bi Ningshuai was still wearing his green-doves uniform with the crest.

They were at the back entrance, much shabbier compared to the majestic front. This was a place for servants and slaves to come and go since it led to the back living quarters and kitchen. To put it simply, only nobodies would come through this place.

“Going to the front is too arrogant, not suitable with our current status.” Feiyun tidied his robe for some reasons and quickly walked forward.

“Knock, knock!” A while later, a middle-aged woman with an apron opened the gate. After taking a look at the two, she immediately shouted: “No invitation letters, no entry!”

“Even for the back entrance?” Feiyun’s expression sank.

“Duh! Idiot!” The woman slammed the gate and called for two armored guards to watch the back entrance and these two.

Ningshuai slapped Feiyun’s shoulder and smiled: “You actually don’t have an invitation for tonight?”

“Is it funny?” Feiyun said.

“No, of course not!” Ningshuai saw his expression and quickly halted laughing: “Why do we need to go through the entrances? Just climb the walls!”

“Climb the walls?”

For places like Supreme Beauty, the walls were more than one hundred meters high with powerful formations carved in. Forcefully erasing them would alarm the experts inside who would mercilessly take care of these intruders.

Ningshuai was an expert wall-climber. He took out a purple hammer and awl then squatted down on the ground. He placed the awl on the wall and hammered its once. A purple current ran through the tip and all the formations suddenly showed themselves.

This particular part had more than one hundred formations with fiery glimmers. Among them was a powerful third-level formation. Even a first-level Heaven’s Mandate would be seriously injured once it activated.

Feiyun stood a bit farther away and asked: “Damned eunuch, you done yet?”

“Yes, yes, I’ve frozen the formations with my electric current, alright, start climbing!” Ningshuai put the hammer and awl away. With one stomp on the ground, his body shot up like a monkey through the gaps in the formation.

Indeed, none of the formations was activated!

Feiyun copied his method and managed to get inside Supreme Beauty.

“Hey, who is that nearly-perfect man you were talking about?” Ningshuai snuck around like a rat through the buildings. Among the trees and ponds in the flower gardens were more murderous formations. Nevertheless, he detected and avoided them all.

“Sacred Spirit, Li Xiaonan.”

Ningshuai paused with a changed expression: “That guy?”

“You know him?” 

“Of course, I’ve snuck through Sacred Spirit and got some items there but his sword maids chased me for 200,000 miles. That’s why I had to hide in Wanxiang Pagoda.” Ningshuai revealed.

Feiyun felt inferior right away. This talented guy even stole from Sacred Spirit? How commendable.

Ningshuai continued with a serious expression: “This Li Xiaonan is quite exceptional. In terms of literary talents and cultivation, maybe only Su Yun can compare to him; others are no match at all. His four sword maids and sixteen emissaries are something else too. Each of them is quite powerful and pretty.”

“I’ve experienced some already, their Heavenly Temptation Formation and Jade Tetra Sword Formation are brilliant, capable of erasing a young king.”

Feiyun was leaning on an old tree coiling like a dragon. He slightly noticed a pavilion made out of white pebbles not far from there. It was the best place in Supreme Pavilion, very elegant with many different types of trees, decoration mountains, and ponds. Not too many buildings were there, only a few lanterns hanging by the stony pathways with the occasional maids walking by.

There was a very familiar figure there!

“What are you looking at?” Ningshuai followed his gaze and saw a beautiful figure inside the white pavilion. Just a single glance told him that she was quite a beauty.

Feiyun said: “You go scout ahead, I’ll follow right after.”

With that, he turned into a shadow and headed for the white pavilion.

“Scum, forgetting our business after seeing a woman.” Ningshuai thought to himself before running for the front of Supreme Beauty. All the prodigies were gathering together and so will their treasures. How could he let go of such a big business opportunity?

Meanwhile, Feiyun was thinking to himself, ‘why is she here? Didn’t she leave the capital already?’

That woman earlier looked a lot like Ye Xiaoxiang. He thought he was seeing things so he needed to confirm.

There was snow everywhere, covering the trees nearby and the walkways.

This pavilion was inside an important area so he could faintly sense several powerful auras in the vicinity. They were clearly protecting the woman inside, showing that she had some status.

Feiyun hid his aura and drifted in the night like a leaf towards the pavilion. He could see the light inside and the splashing of water.

There were other cultivators inside - six maids at early God Base. Meanwhile, the woman in dressed in purple was inside the curtain and playing with the water.

Feiyun used his Swift Samsara and turned into a phantom to sneak inside. He gathered energy on his feet in order to avoid making any footstep. He was right outside of the curtained room and poke a hole on the paper window to take a peek inside.

Just a single glance made him hard and blushed. He was already stimulated by Ji Lingxuan earlier so there was no chance for him to stay calm at this moment. His passionate flame was rekindled once more and engulfed his entire being.

The woman stood next to the bath and slowly took off her dress behind the curtain. Just the faint shadow already painted out her perfect curves, thin neck and waist. Then there were her jade-hands loosening her dress.

This pair of hands was extremely soft and made the mind wonder - what if they were tracing down a man’s body? It would too much to take.

She had taken off her gilded belt so the draping dress immediately spread out then down her snow-white shoulders, revealing her alluring, bare chest.

Her exquisite thighs made others want to grab them, to sense its suppleness.

Feiyun knew that it was very immoral to peek at someone like this but his body didn’t let him turn away. The demonic blood was boiling even more and his eyes were completely crimson. It was a very beautiful and devilish color.

She only had a white undergarment on now so her body was exposed with clear and soft skin as nice as a baby. She took off the pins and her black hair draped down to her waist.

Finally, the white undergarment also slipped off her chest onto the side of the bath.

She slowly walked towards the pool and sat down to kick the water filled with pink flower petals. She felt the water again and beads of water ran down her skin like pearls.

Feiyun was breathing raggedly, no longer able to contain his lust. He directly pushed the door opened and jumped into the pool to stare at the supreme beauty who was now scared out of her mind.

It was indeed her!

“Why are you here?!” Ye Xiaoxiang dipped down into the water from fright. The areas beneath were barely visible, only adding to the charm.

After seeing her clearly, his lust subsided. He could be rough with any other woman but not Ye Xiaoxiang. He suppressed the fire and awkwardly said: “Maestro Ye… long time no see…”

“But… I’m… taking a bath right now… you…” She was also embarrassed.

“I’m… only here to say hi.” Feiyun was even more bashful. He was standing in someone’s bath just to say hi? That’s utterly ridiculous.

He couldn’t hold it earlier and rushed inside. If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaoxiang, he would have done something already. It looked like the suppression of his blood wasn’t as effective as he thought. This was a disaster waiting to happen.

Suddenly, Nangong Hongyan’s voice came from below: “Where is Sister Ye? Does she want to participate in the banquet tonight?”

“Maestro Ye is taking a bath.” A maid said.

“Then I’ll go ask myself.” Next was a series of steps on the wooden stair. Hongyan was on the second floor and heading towards the bath.

Meanwhile, Feiyun was still in the pool with water dripping off his hair. He could hear her footsteps and became aghast. At the same time, the naked Xiaoxiang was shocked too. How were they going to explain this?

Feiyun wanted to jump outside but that would certainly attract Hongyan’s attention. It would be even harder to explain then.

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