Chapter 478: Dangerous Premonition

Sacred Spirit Palace was ranked first on the Great Powers Ranking while the dynasty had to be second to them.

Li Xiaonan was the most excellent disciple in the palace. Nobody is perfect, but he was surely the closest to perfection.

The sky was full of snow and melodies. The sixteen musical emissaries rode the snowy waves with their slender figure covered by a thin layer of silk. This was indeed the scene of fairies.

The different instruments in their hands were all spirit treasures, weaving together into a heavenly song.

“Whoosh!” Sixteen musical waves rushed out of their fingers. This attack had the power of sixteen spirit treasures…

All were heading for Feng Feiyun.

These women were at the young overlord level. Furthermore, their attack harmonized perfectly, resulting in an attack several times more devastating than sixteen young overlords not working as a team. This was a formation of music.

Feiyun released the old man and postured himself. He slowly walked out of the shack as his aura rose to the sky.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” With his Swift Samsara, he finessed through the song waves while releasing palm strikes, crushing all sixteen waves.

“Heavenly Temptation!” The sixteen emissaries erupted with a bone-chilling aura. Their instruments turned into moons in the daylight and unleashed white waves. They gathered together and aimed straight for Feiyun’s head.

Feiyun stabilized both feet on the ground and lowered his core, gathering strength from his soles to his thighs all the way to his spine. Countless beast roars emanated and their shadows appeared around him. All of this culminated in an unstoppable momentum.

“Boom!” He made seals with both hands before unleashing sixteen large palm strikes. They directly blew the sixteen women flying backward. Nevertheless, they still landed on the rooftops of the buildings nearby with sweats dripping down their forehead. Nevertheless, they didn’t lose their weapons.

He actually managed to defeat their “Heavenly Temptation” formation. The prodigies in the capital were too strong, far exceeding their expectation.

Feiyun withdrew his violent aura and shouted: “Hey, you people from Sacred Spirit hate talking?”

The Crimson Musical Emissary, Meng Wanwan, spoke with a voice as pleasant as the chirping of an oriole: “Spirit Palace always defend the weak. You are so strong yet you choose to not pay and even bully an old man? This is an injustice so we must teach you a lesson.” 

“Why bother talking to a young master like him? Let’s go, suppress him with the Minor Heavenly Musical Formation then take him back to the palace’s prison.” Qin Xiaoyao, another emissary, stood on a different tiled-building and looked down at Feiyun while carrying her harp.

“From which eyes did you see me hit that old man? Old man, did I hit you or not?” Feiyun turned around to ask the old man but he was nowhere in sight. Even the stove and cauldron were gone now.

Earlier when the group was fighting, the old man had brought his stuff and ran.

“Shit, he ran that fast?!” Feiyun angrily said before adding: “I have other important businesses to attend, no time to play with you all today, bye bye now!”

A circular energy appeared beneath his feet as he initiated his Swift Samsara in order to fly to the sky. However, the people from Sacred Spirit didn’t want to let him go. The four sword maids attacked at the same time. Their sword energies were in the shape of a crane, dragon, phoenix, and serpent.

These four young kings had peerless sword techniques with impeccable teamwork. They thrust more than ten thousand rays containing the entire area in a suffocating fashion.

“Boom!” Feiyun laughed while in the sky. Forty divine intents condensed into the Heaven Punishing Hammer.

This hammer spanning for several hundred meters slammed down and destroyed all the sword energies. The four maids staggered backward; the radiance on their swords dimmed down. These swords were still violently shaking and issued clanking noises.

“Beauties, no need to see me off.” Feiyun rode the wind away. His faint voice eventually came but he was already several hundred miles away.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaonan has been sitting inside the broken shack where Feiyun was previously sitting. His robe as white as snow and his appearance as handsome as an immortal.

“Young Noble, the opponent’s cultivation is remarkable. He must be another historical genius so we couldn't subdue him.” The four maids and sixteen emissaries bowed towards him.

Xiaonan smiled freely and responded: “It’s not your fault. He wouldn’t be the Divine King of this generation if you guys could take him down.”

“Ah, so he is the third-ranker of the lower list, no wonder why he’s so powerful.” The sword maid dressed in black spoke with a tinge of surprise.

Xiaonan nodded: “Today, the prettiest in the world, Nangong Hongyan has invited the heroes around to a banquet at Supreme Beauty. I have also received an invitation. She is renowned to be a master of music, I’m sure meeting this supreme beauty to talk about music will be quite enjoyable.”

“Young Noble, your musical mastery is peerless, she’s probably not a match for you.”


Feiyun landed on a different street in the city. If Li Xiaonan was at the capital, he would surely go to the banquet later tonight too at Supreme Beauty. Sacred Spirit Palace employed great mastery of the musical art. Even Dongfang Jingyue learned from here. This showed that Li Xiaonan was certainly an exceptional character as well.

‘If I don’t go to Supreme Beauty tonight, he’ll steal all my fame.’Feiyun stopped and started to think. However, he found that it would be useless for him to go there too because his musical talents were crap. How was he going to compete with a famous scholar in this regards?

‘Do I have to find that damned woman, Dongfang Jingyue, to help me?’ He immediately dispelled this brief thought. After all, she was also from Sacred Spirit and probably knew Li Xiaonan.

They were martial brother-sister, why would she help an outsider against her own sect member?

‘If only Ye Xiaoxiang didn’t leave. Given her musical talents, she would surely teach that guy a lesson, she’s Maestro Ye for a reason. I’m sure even Hongyan and Jingyue still have a way to go before reaching her level.” Xiaoxiang’s innocent figure suddenly appeared in his mind. He shook his head and thought that she was already gone, no point in remembering her.

‘If the art won’t do, how about violence?’ Feiyun felt some dangers. 

This wasn’t to say that he had no faith in Hongyan. But the truth was that any man would feel alarmed when another male, more exceptional than them, approach the girl they liked.

It was morning so there was still some time before dark. He still had some free time before the banquet.

“Click, click.” The sound of a carriage came about. A golden one pulled up before him.

An old eunuch came down and respectfully lowered his head before speaking with a smile: “Consort Ji invites you to talk in the palace.”

Ji Lingxuan was indeed amazing. She could easily find him whenever.

He had a very big headache because of this woman so he coughed twice and said: “Attendant, go back and tell Consort Ji that I am busy today. I’ll visit her when I have time in the future.”

The eunuch smiled with his eyes while speaking with a high tone: “Consort Ji said that the matter is of the utmost importance, relating to the fate of the entire dynasty. If Divine King doesn’t come, the Consort will have to wait for you at the Sandalwood Courtyard in Southern Heaven.”

Feiyun’s expression changed. He rubbed his forehead and said: “How could I not go after being invited? Let me go change at my mansion then I’ll come with you.”

“No need for that, Divine King. An official royal robe is inside the carriage.” The old eunuch revealed a friendly smile.

‘They really came prepared this time!’ Feiyun sighed disappointingly before climbing up the carriage. He lifted up the curtain and entered.

Under normal circumstances, officials couldn’t enter the palace without the emperor’s permission. This went double for the private chambers of the concubines and consorts.

However, Feiyun was the current Divine King. He was already considered part of the royal family so he could enter the imperial palace as he pleased. Moreover, he was engaged to Princess Yue and Consort Ji was her birth mother. It was fine for her to tell her son-in-law to come to the palace. No one could critique this.

This was Feiyun’s first time entering the imperial palace. He wore a royal robe and the crest of the Divine King, looking quite dignified. He followed the old eunuch through many flower gardens before reaching the private chambers.

The Jin Emperor had tens of thousands of concubines and each one had their own palace. It was akin to entering an endless labyrinth. Ordinary Heaven’s Mandate cultivators would be lost in the formations here without a guide.

“The emperor resides in the master palace over there. Ever since the astronomical phenomenon of chaos, he rares enter the private chambers, too busy with cultivation.” The old eunuch explained.

Along the way, the powerful eunuchs and maids all performed proper greeting ceremonies at Feiyun.

Suddenly, something caught his eyes over at a jade tree. There were several young eunuchs playing with a little princess around three or five years old. One of them caught his attention.

‘Shit, isn’t that Bi Ningshuai?!’ He thought.

This thief was wearing a eunuch uniform. He lifted his head wearing a green cap and met Feiyun’s gaze. He got shocked out of his mind as well.

Feiyun’s mind wandered: ‘This guy is hiding in the private chambers now? Maybe he thought that Xie Honglian would castrate him eventually, so he did it to himself first in order to have some future prospects in the palace?’


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