Chapter 477: Sacred Spirit Palace, Li Xiaonan

On this day, the new Divine King and his group of beauties walking around caused quite a furor.

Nearly all cultivators at the capital were talking about it - the young Divine King robbed Blissful of its talents and gave the girls to the prettiest in the world as a gift. Their old romance was pushed to the limelight as the hottest topic in the capital.

Of course this was exciting. After all, the Divine King had only gotten engaged with Princess Yue recently yet he still gave his old lover a gift? People could sense that something was amiss.

It was still dark and Feiyun had brought around one thousand beauties to Supreme Beauty and one old woman, Wan Huatong.

Supreme Beauty was quite magnificent. Though it didn’t have as many palaces as Blissful, it had a natural and elegant sense to it. The nine entrances and exits all had pretty pavilions; a clear distinction with the grand architectural style of the capital. 

“What did you say?” Feiyun’s smile disappeared.

Xue Wu looked like a red elf standing in the snow. Her style was sexy, still revealing her jade-arms despite being in the thick of winter. Her voluptuous figure was there to tempt men.

She smiled and said: “My Big Sis said, these sisters from Blissful can stay, but you alone can’t enter.”

Feiyun rubbed his nose awkwardly and said: “Why, Xue Wu? Stopping me in spite of our relationship? You’re hurting me right now.” 

Xue Wu continued smiling: “Sir Divine King, don’t try to kill me now, I don't dare to have a relationship with you. But back to the point, Big Sis is doing this for your sake. Don’t you know? You’re the Divine King, the imperial prince-in-law now. If you were to come into a messy place like Supreme Beauty, the princess won’t be happy.” 

Feng Feiyun didn’t respond and took out a spirit stone as large as a skull. This stone could be sold for 3,000,000 gold coins.

“I can come in now?” Feiyun gently fixed his attire to look like someone important.

Xue Wu grabbed the stone from his hand and put it away before lamenting: “Sigh, bribing me won’t do anything. No one dares to go against Big Sis, there’s nothing I can do. Please go back.”

Feiyun said: “Then why did you still take my spirit stone?!”

“Haha, don’t be stingy now. Is one stone worth more than our relationship?” She put on a pitiful look while rubbing her eyes. Of course, no tears would come out.

“Drop the act, fine then, I won’t come inside Supreme Pavilion, we’ll see if you will have any fun. I rather go to the Princess’ mansion instead and have a drink with her.” Feiyun waved his sleeve and left.

“Sir Divine King, see you again.” Xue Wu laughed before turning towards the ladies from Blissful: “Sisters, follow me. We’ll definitely treat you like family. Everyone will have their own place…”

Feiyun was quite annoyed. No one else would dare to treat him like this, only Hongyan. She knew that he cared for her the most so she could do whatever she wanted.

Feiyun rolled up his sleeve with a grin: “Fine, want to take me on? We’ll see then.”

“A bow of Nine Millenium Snow-ginseng soup, only ten bronze coins.” To the side of the street was a tattered shack. An old man wearing a cotton-padded robe was selling a big cauldron of soup. He held a ladle with rust everywhere. Who knows how old it was?

The flame was burning brightly on top of the coal with embers fluttering to the wind, issuing cracking noises.

He fiddled with the cauldron as hot air came up, filling his face with sweat.

“Nine Millenium Snow-ginseng soup, only ten bronze coins.” This shack truly looked out of place at the capital. It was next to a wall made out of white pebbles.

Feiyun saw this and thought about the old man and little girl from the Luo Clan back at his hometown. He sat down on an old wooden chair with great interest. There was a thick layer of snow on the chair and table.

The moment he sat down, his spirit energy instantly melted the snow and ice.

The old man was quite discerning and clearly knew that Feiyun came from a good background. He ran over and smiled: “Little Boss, our shop just made some soup, ten bronze coins for one bowl.”

Feiyun said with a smile: “A Nine Millennium Snow-ginseng soup is extremely precious, even one thousand spirit stones can’t buy one bowl, but you’re selling it for ten bronze coins here?”

The old man smiled: “Good stuff is meant for the fated, and you look like one, Young Noble.”

Feiyun couldn’t help but glance at the old man again, more carefully this time around: “You care about fate when selling soup?”

“Young Noble, don’t look down on this old man. I’m still a secular disciple of the Daoist doctrine. So, I only sell to the fated.” The old man waved his big ladle around, nearly hitting Feiyun in the head a couple of times.

Feiyun finally noticed a faint yin-yang symbol on the old man’s robe covered in dust and fat. It was indeed a daoist robe but because of the added cotton-layer on top of being washed too many times, one could no longer see the symbol.

“Ah, so you are a secular Daoist. Your dressing style is quite… unique, just like the old daoist sages… Very well, get me one bowl then.” Feiyun wasn’t going to tell him to change to a better robe first before pretending to be a Daoist. After all, it wasn’t easy for an old man to live and work here. Plus, being charitable was good.

“Just one?” The old man asked.

“Just one.” Feiyun said.

“Good.” The old man carried the ladle on his shoulder and walked next to the stove. He scooped some soup into a coarse bowl and brought it over to Feiyun with steam still coming out.

Feiyun took a sip and felt an extremely thick amount of spirit energy entering his body just like a thunderous medicine. It emanated across his entire body, causing his bones to issue loud noises as if they were being refined again.

Just a single sip had increased his violet energy by 10,000 strands. He had a total of 30,000 strands now.

After finishing the bowl, spirit energy oozed from his body. Now, he had a total of 70,000 strands of violet energy running around his dantian like violet serpents.

“One more.” Feiyun felt an unprecedented satisfaction. All of his meridians and veins were full of energy.

“I’m out.” The old man said.

“How can that be? I saw your big cauldron earlier, you think I can’t pay up?” Feiyun asked.

“Really, take a look if you don’t believe me.” 

Feiyun walked over to the stove and looked into the cauldron. Sure enough, not even a drop of soup was left as if it had evaporated.

“You’re hiding it!”

“No, I’m really not.”

Feiyun grabbed the old man by his shirt and said: “Old man, you want to mess with me?!”

The old man moaned and groaned while being pushed down by Feiyun and screamed: “Help! Help! He’s not paying and even beating me now, ah, someone please save me!”

“Whoosh!” A girl dressed in white with a veil covering her face flew across the snow-ladened street with a white sword ready. The tip slightly trembled and 1,872 individual waves of sword energy turned into 1,872 cranes. Their sharp beak all aimed straight for Feiyun.

Sword energy turning into a beast? This was a sword technique comparable to the Dragon King’s Saber Art.

Feiyun quickly stretched out two fingers to break all the sword energies before gripping the tip of her sword. A terrible cold energy with a blue shade came from the tip and started to freeze his fingers, then arm, then his entire body…

It wanted to turn him into an ice sculpture.

“Boom!” A five-colored explosion erupted from his fingers. He channeled the power of the five elements to force the cold aura back. Next, he flicked her sword and caused her to go flying backward.

She stepped on the snow with a light step before landing with great finesse. Her movement technique was flexible and beautiful while her sword danced in her hand like a spirit snake.

“The capital is indeed a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Just a dine-and-dash jerk is still so powerful.” She spoke with a proud voice.

Feiyun wanted to explain himself but suddenly, an elegant tune started playing. It consisted of zither, pipa, flute, pan pipes, bells, harp… These instruments harmonized together perfectly into this pleasant tune.

The music approached closer along with the sound of articles of clothing darting through the winds.

A rain of spirit flowers also descended to the city. Sixteen women, dressed in white with their face covered, flew through the street while playing musical instruments. They could jump through the snow without touching the ground - these were all young overlords.

Moreover, there were three more sword ladies plus the one who attacked Feng Feiyun earlier. These four were at the young king level.

“Damn, who is showing off so much right now?” Feiyun was still holding the old man’s arm with one foot on his butt.

“Sacred Spirit Palace…” The old man stammered.

“The sect even more badass than the Jin Dynasty? The so-called number one cultivation power?” Feiyun was surprised.

“That’s the sixteen musical emissaries and four sword maids under Li Xiaonan.” The old man added.

“Li Xiaoxian, second on the upper list, the number one scholar in the world?” Feiyun looked up at the group again and got quite bored. ‘These people from the palace, no style at all. They dress like they’re at a funeral.’

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