Chapter 476: A Beauty’s Death

“Where is Bi Ningshuai’s cell?” Feng Feiyun glared at Sima Zhaoxue.

He had by the arm with a grip as strong as an iron shackle. Her eyes were muddled as if she didn’t hear his question.

“If you don’t tell me, I will throw you in there.” Feiyun turned his glance towards one of the cells with dozens of dirty prisoners with disheveled hair. Some might have been imprisoned for decades.

Some of them have not seen a woman for decades, let alone someone as pretty as her. They were hungry like the wolves now. After hearing Feiyun, they crazily howled and laughed pervertedly while reaching through the irons for her.

“Throw her in, throw her in, boss!” 

“Kill her, kill her!” 

“Haha, I can smell the slut in her, tear off her clothes and kill the bitch…”

Someone managed to touch her clothes, causing her to jump straight at Feiyun and sobbed: “I was wrong, I was wrong, please don’t throw me in there, no! Your friend is imprisoned in the lowest level by the Seven Heaven-sealing Locks… if his cultivation is high enough… he should still be alive.

“Seven Heaven-sealing Locks?” Feiyun’s expression shifted.

This was a technique specifically designed to imprison powerful cultivators. It consisted of using seven needles made out of Black Tortoise Metal, pinning them on the seven most important meridians. The prisoner’s cultivation would be sealed; their lifespan and life would deplete as time went on.

A first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator wouldn’t last more than seven days under this duress before becoming a dried corpse.

Sima Zhaoxue wanted Bi Ningshuai’s 20,000 spirit stones so she imprisoned him here with this technique in order to find their location. However, he wouldn’t reveal it so she wanted to let him die anyway.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun kicked the iron door to the last level flying. It was one meter thick but he still left a hole on it. Scrapped pieces went flying.

Feiyun rushed inside but there was no one here, only a contraption designed for a person with seven needles pinned on top.

“Where is he?” Feiyun gripped Zhaoxue by the neck.

She was trembling with fear since he looked as if he wanted to eat her alive. Her lips shuddered as she answered: “I… I don’t know… he was shackled here… I’m really not lying this time…”

She was kicking her legs as tears dripped down from her starry eyes.

“Young Divine King, there are carvings on that wall.” Wan Huatong was looking at the black and cold wall.

Feiyun channeled his energy into his palm. A plume of flame lit up this dark prison.

Sure enough, there were ugly characters on the tough wall, “Bi Ningshuai had a vacation here.”

Feiyun smirked after seeing this. This thief was truly something else. This locking technique could take down a historical genius but it wasn’t enough to stop him. This guy truly could infiltrate and escape any area.

He worried for no reason.

There was another line of characters, just as ugly as before, “Feng Feiyun, I’m sure you will come here. Of course, if you don’t, then you’re not a good friend at all. But if you’re here, I ask you not to kill Xue’er. Alright, I won’t waste words since I’m about to do something big. You’ll be shocked the next time we meet.”

After reading these tiny characters, Feiyun glared at Zhaoxue before pushing her away: “Foolish woman, thinking that he’s not worthy of you? Haha, I’ll be frank, his fiancee is ten times more excellent than you.”

If Bi Ningshuai asked him to spare her, he wouldn’t go against his friend.

But as he turned around, he felt a frightening cold energy - the aura of an expert. The atmosphere in this cell seemed to be frozen.

Murderous intent of an expert! 

He quickly channeled his energy and took out his saber, ready for battle.

“Whoosh!” A supreme beauty dressed in red was standing at the door.

She was just as swift as a red phantom.

After seeing her, Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief: “So it’s you, Miss Honglian. Long time no see.”

This was the second lord of the Senluo Temple, Xie Honglian, who was also Bi Ningshuai’s fiancee. She also found some clues and made it to this place.

This was the seventh-ranked member on the upper historical list, the only woman in the young generation who could take on Princess Luofu.

“Whore.” With an indiscernible movement like a red butterfly, she appeared before Sima Zhaoxue and reached out with her long fingers.

“Whoosh!” Zhaoxue fell into a puddle of her own blood with three deep claw marks on her neck. A cloud of black smoke was coming out from the wound.

A Flower Fairy was killed, just like that.

Feiyun swallowed his saliva and said: “You women are so ruthless towards your love rivals.”

She coldly stared at him and said: “Feng Feiyun, you think Hongyan will spare Princess Yue? The women who have slept with you, how many of them are in her grasp right now? Her methods are crueler than me, just you wait and see.”

After saying this, she coolly left in order to find Bi Ningshuai. Naturally, she didn’t think highly of Feiyun.

Nangong Hongyan had saved her before so she was naturally on Hongyan’s side and hated Feiyun’s playboy nature. Of course, if Bi Ningshuai was similar to Feiyun, she wouldn’t be as nice as Hongyan. She would certainly castrate him first.

“Hey, what do you mean? Tell me.” Feiyun gave chase.

He finally caught up after leaving Blissful Hell.

There were four old men from the second hall outside stopping the four supreme elders of Blissful from moving a single inch. This hall was nearly as strong as the first hall and the four great clans. The lower halls were no match at all.

Blissful would rather offend the four clans than to offend the second hall.

Xie Honglian walked on the snow with her red cloak fluttering like an empress. She said emotionlessly: “Feng Feiyun, if you see Ningshuai again, tell him, I’ll kill whoever he likes. If he dares to like another girl, I’ll kill her. Like ten more? I’ll kill all ten. Let’s go.”

She stomped on the ground and numerous buildings collapsed into ruins. She flew up like a fiery bird and disappeared into the snow.

The four old men from her faction also smiled deviously before turning into four black rays to follow her.

It was over for Blissful. The palace lord here, a Giant, and three more supreme elders at the half-step level were pinned to the walls. The blood of a Giant flowed downward and began to burn. Smoke and fire engulfed the entire palace.

“Rumble.” The main palace also collapsed, causing debris to go flying everywhere.

There were more than one thousand pretty and talented courtesans here. All of them were aghast; some tried to run while crying.

They were brought here as a young age. Blissful was actually their home. Now that it was destroyed, there was no place left for them to go. Without the protection of a strong power, they would be captured and sold to the slave auction houses.

They have lost their prestigious status, ready to be trampled by anyone now.

“This woman is really too much, killing a love rival and taking down everything else? Too violent.” Feiyun stood on the ruins and said.

He felt great danger after seeing Xie Honglian in action. Nangong Hongyan was indeed even crueler than her. It was indeed a big pain if Hongyan were to be angry.

Feiyun slightly frowned and stared at the courtesans. He suddenly came up with a great idea and laughed loudly: “Sisters, don’t cry now. Follow me, I’ll find you all an even better and bigger place than Blissful so you all can keep being courtesans.”

A top lady named Qingqing stepped out. She respectfully bowed and said: “Young Divine King, may I ask where you are talking about?”

The courtesans here were cultivators so they naturally knew who Feiyun was. They were worried that he would take them to his mansion. This was definitely within his means. Thus, they sent out Qingqing to represent them to ask him.

Feiyun could see why they were worried and said: “Don’t worry, I’m not taking everyone to my mansion. Too many beauties here, I can’t handle all of you anyway.”

The girls smiled after hearing the joke while loosening their alert.

“We can rest assured after hearing this, Young Divine King.” Qingqing said while still quietly sobbing.

“Then follow me.” Feiyun smiled, quite pleased with himself. These talented and elegant virgins could double the forces of Supreme Beauty Pavilion, allowing it to compete against Beauty’s Smile.

‘Hongyan’er, this wonderful deed of mine will surely move you a little bit. You can do whatever you want, but you won’t be able to jump out of my palm.’ Feiyun’s eyes lit up.

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