Chapter 475: Blissful Hell

Though Blissful was a place of romance, it naturally had a strong backing after surviving in a complicated place like the capital for so long. There were older experts presiding here for protection, including Giants.

After several decades, a Flower Fairy would come out of Blissful to marry nobles and prestigious members. Because of this, it had strong ties with many great powers.

Under normal circumstances, no one would dare to cause trouble here, let alone being rude to the Flower Fairy. However, Feiyun’s identity was special. Even the older cultivators in this place didn’t dare to recklessly offend him.

This was the reason why Sima Zhaoxue was afraid of him.

The upper echelon in Blissful was aware of this matter. Several old women appeared right outside of Deep Blue. They were once incredible beauties with great fame. Alas, time didn’t spare anyone; gray hair had taken roots in them.

They became quite powerful after several hundred years of cultivation, evident by their dense aura. The moment they arrived, all the other courtesans bowed to them.

These were the supreme elders of Blissful.

“What do we do now? That young Divine King is a pervert by nature, something might happen if Xue’er stays in there with him.”

“I heard the three marquises in his faction have returned. These madmen will flip the capital over if anyone were to mess with their young lord, especially Battler. Even the Grand Chancellor has to take him seriously.”

“The young Divine King is engaged to Princess Yue now, he needs to worry about the royal clan’s face and can’t go too crazy or it’ll be awkward for the princess and the Divine Consort.”

“I can only hope so.”

If the opponent was a different prodigy, they could pressure the backing powers behind them. However, Feng Feiyun didn’t quite play by the rules. There was nothing these supreme elders could do.

The truth was that they were worrying needlessly. Though Feiyun had done some crazy things back at Grand Southern Prefecture, it was due to the uncontrollable demonic blood in his body affecting his mind. But now, with the awakening of the vessel, he could suppress this blood now, allowing him to control his lust much better.

There was one thing he didn’t know. Back in Southern Sky, he had fallen into a trap prepared by Ji Lingxuan and the abbot, Buddha Maitreya. This abbot was countless times stronger than Feiyun. He hid in the shadows and chanted the “Joyous Scripture”. Not to mention Feiyun with his demonic blood, even a mentally-staunch Giant would still be affected.

Feiyun stared straight at Zhaoxue before smiling coldly. He took several steps back and sat down: “Do you remember half a month ago at the Yin Gou Ward?”

She heaved a sigh of relief and spoke with a sweet fragrance: “Of course, how can Xue’er forget about your wonderful prestige?”

“You know my friend, Bi Ningshuai?” Feng Feiyun stared straight at her eyes. The eyes never lied.

“I have never heard of this person.” Zhaoxue answered calmly.

“I’m talking about the young man with me at the ward. After we separated, he said he wanted to redeem you and run away together. Now, you’re here and he’s nowhere to be found.” Feiyun emphasized.

Sima Zhaoxue couldn’t handle the pressure coming from him. Her legs grew weak so she went limp on the ground with beads of sweat all over her forehead. She said as if innocent: “Xue’er didn’t meet your friend and had never talked about eloping with him, please check it again, young Divine King.”

‘This woman truly knows how to trick people without any signs.’ Feiyun thought.

“So you’re saying I’m wrongfully accusing you?” Feiyun withdrew his aura and became much gentler.

“Xue’er doesn’t dare to, I can only blame the pitiful fate of women like us.” Zhaoxue's eyes were full of pitiable indignation. She slowly got up from the ground but because they were so close, he could see her entire snow-white cleavage exposed from her chest. Noses would bleed from this amorous sight.

Feiyun didn't try to dodge and continued looking with interest. 'If you dare to show, I dare to look too.'

"Oh no..." She pretended to stumble directly straight for Feiyun's chest like a gust of sweet fragrance.

Alas, he had no intention of helping her. He stood up and got far away so she lunged into the chair and fell down on the ground again.

He finally came over to help her up and smiled: "Be more careful now, you wouldn't want those prodigies to see this, right? Okay now, take me to the prison of this place."

She was initially cursing at him in her mind for not being a man but after hearing the second part of his conversation, her expression changed: "Blissful is a place of romance, there's no prison here."

Even an ordinary brothel would have something akin to a prison. So for such a big place like Blissful, they naturally had things to hide as well on top of a prison-like location.

"Is that so? I'll ask someone else to be sure then." He opened the door and shouted: "Wan Huatong, come in."

This old woman has been hanging around the entire time. How could she easily leave after sucking up to someone like the young Divine King? After hearing his beckon, she acted like a soldier that had just received an order. She quickly kneeled in front of the door and smiled: "Young Divine King, I've been waiting."

"I know." Feng Feiyun said: "You claimed to know everything about these places of romance. Then do you know if there is a prison here at Blissful?"

"Naturally, the Blissful Hell is also top-notch. The palace collects pretty girls from all over the dynasty, oh, and the men who have made mistakes here too. Once imprisoned there, it will be the same as being trapped in hell, there's no leaving." Wan Huatong said, quite pleased with herself for knowing about it.

Fng Feiyun turned around to look at Sima Zhaoxue. This fourteenth-ranked beauty in the dynasty was as pale as paper.

He then ordered: "Lead the way then. If there is really a prison here, go to my mansion and wait for your rewards."

"That's wonderful, okay, Young Divine King, you're really my lord... Haha, this is too much, follow me." Wan Huatong was driven to tears, nodding and thanking then flattering. Feng Feiyun got goosebumps from listening to her.

He pulled along Sima Zhaoxue and followed Wan Huatong towards the prison.

The old women from the palace glanced at each other and noticed that something was wrong. They followed too.

Blissful Hell was the name everyone called this prison. Of course, each of these romantic places would have a "hell".

The two guards there didn't dare to utter a single word after seeing Feiyun's King Order and dropped straight to the ground.

Along the underground path were many thick iron doors weighing more than one thousand pounds. Dangerous formations hid below. One wrong step and they would burn the intruders to ashes.

"The pretty girls are taken here, only released once they become trained courtesans. If they can't reach the right level, they'll never be able to leave this hell. Also, the violators that have offended the courtesans are also here." Wan Huatong led the way.

“Aunty, why do you know this place so well?” Feng Feiyun asked with curiosity and felt that this woman was more than she was letting on. How could an ordinary old woman know about this mysterious place at Blissful?”

“Please, who am I? Someone who knows every corner of these places, no one else can top me in this regard.” She replied with great confidence.

Feiyun said: “How many levels are there in this prison?”

“Should be two.”

No one dared to stop them along the way. Wan Huatong was full of confidence with Feiyun backing her up and strutted in the front. They quickly made it to the second floor.

This place was extremely dark with dozens of individual cells. Inside were hundreds of skinny prisoners. Who knows how long they have been down here for? They looked decrepit at this moment. Nevertheless, some put on a wretched and aggressive expression. Not to mention a supreme beauty like Sima Zhaoxue, some even got horny off of seeing Wan Huatong.

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