Chapter 473: Fight

“How impudent! Do you know who you’re speaking to?!” The lad with the last name Wang stood up and condensed a wave of energy before unleashing it on the wall. The air started to have ripples like water.

“Penetrating Lion Seal, a supreme technique from the Seventh Hall of the Senluo Temple. Looks like a heretical expert.”

“Their Hall Lord got killed after the failed attempt at attacking the southern Feng. They had to run to the Western Realm Prefecture and relied on the Yue.”

This was indeed the Penetrating Lion Seal from Wang Teng. It contained the auras of Buddhism and the heretical school in one attack. Though it was powerful, it didn’t harm the wall in the slightest. This required a lot of finesse.

Wolong Sheng was not happy. As the favorite of Destruction, he was not afraid of the four great clans at all. With two fingers together, he pointed forward. The image of a corpse rushed out and shattered the lion seal.

“Boom!” Sheng didn’t move at all while the chair Wang Teng was sitting on inched backward, issuing some creaking noises.

The disparity in their cultivation became obvious right away.

“Hey, that guy stopped the lion seal, looks like the two in that room are experts too. We’ll have a fun show then.”

“Nothing good will come from fighting against the people of the four clans.”

Wang Teng was a young overlord. After Wan Xiangcen joined the Feng, he became their next young lord. As the adage goes, a monkey can reign when the lion is absent.

The famous prodigies here were all paying attention to him. His expression naturally darkened. As a heretical lord, he was actually taking down a notch by a brute.

‘I won’t stand for this.’ Wang Teng directly opened the door and took out his soulbound artifact in order to make his way into the other room.

“Boom!” The moment he got in, he got blown flying by a single palm. He slammed into a pillar before dropping to the ground.

He didn’t even got to see the two inside before being defeated and was still dazed right now.

The other door closed again with a voice coming from inside: “Quite rude to be entering without permission.”

Others might not know about Wang Teng’s true cultivation, but his peers understood that he was a real young overlord. It looked like the opponents weren’t easy to mess with if they could send him flying with one strike.

“Not bad, I’ll see who you are then.” Chen Lin, the young lord of one of the ten biggest clans in Heavenly Cloud came out. This was another young overlord. Six beast souls rushed out of his body; all had seven hundred years of cultivation and looked like one-hundred-legged centipedes.

“Count me in.” Wang Teng channeled his power and got up.

The two of them kicked the door flying after using their spirit energy for defense. However, in the blink of an eye, a bone-breaking noise emanated from within the room.

“Crack!” Wang Teng’s arm broke in two and was thrown outside while vomiting blood.

Next, the Chen Young Lord got three bones broken as well and was thrown away like a dead dog.

All of this happened too quickly. The other prodigies in Deep Blue only saw the two young overlords jumping in and getting thrown back out in a split second. 

“Why do I think a young king is inside? He revealed his aura earlier, very familiar to those corpse controllers from the north.” A keen spectator noticed some clues.

Xiyue Lanshan came out and looked at the Chen Young Lord who was lying on the ground and asked: “They must be famous too if they could defeat the two of you. Who are they?”

“They’re really too fast, I didn’t get a good look.” Chen Lin lowered his head in shame. He was a local tyrant back in the Heavenly Cloud Prefecture and had never suffered this type of humiliation.

Wang Teng felt even worse. He might be the most embarrassed heretical lord in history.

Xiyue Lanshan stood in the center of the palace and stared at the closed door. He could hear the elegant songs from inside by the courtesans as well as cups hitting each other.

Huo Bingbing went up to him and said softly: “Young Noble Xiyue, no need to concern yourself with these two brutes. I’ll order people to kick them out of Deep Blue so that they won’t stain your view.”

The prodigies in the palace were all paying attention right now with their divine intents, waiting for the fun show.

The door was opened again. A forty to fifty-year-old woman got out with a colorful dress and thick makeup then said: “The two gentlemen inside are saying that they’re truly angry today, they must… must have the Lady of Deep Blue, Huo Bingbing, drink with them tonight, or many people will suffer the consequences.”

After copying Wolong Sheng’s words, Wan Huatong smiled and said: “Young Noble Xiyue, these are the message from the two men inside, it has nothing to do with me.”

With that, she retreated like a scared mouse and closed the door again.

“Alright, it’ll really be fun this time, someone wants to blatantly take Xiyue Lanshan’s woman? Clearly not letting him back down easily.” A cultivator dressed in white sitting near a pond had a gloating smile.

“Lanshan is no slouch, ninth on the lower historical list with his clan backing him up. I can count on my fingers the number of people who would dare to oppose him at the capital.” A heretical disciple dressed in black with golden stitchings on his sleeves said.

The situation grew tenser.

After hearing this, Huo Bingbing’s expression turned worse. She could naturally hear the displeasure in the message. They wanted more than just her drinking together tonight.

Meanwhile, Lanshan became furious. He grabbed Huo Bingbing and roughly ran his palm all over her body while speaking coldly: “Want her to drink with you? We’ll see if you’re capable of demanding so.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Four men appeared out of nowhere behind Lanshan; all were at second-level Heaven’s Mandate. They used red longswords and created an erupting formation with a frightening momentum.

This momentum oozed into the room, causing the twelve courtesans to become aghast and stopped playing.

Feiyun smiled and said: “Continue on.”

He simply pointed his finger towards the door. A five-colored ray shot out and covered the entire room. The four cultivators attacking seemed to have struck an invisible wall. All were repelled back with blood dripping all over their body. They slammed through the walls of Deep Blue to the outside.

Wolong Sheng laughed: “That’s it? The famous death guards from Western Yue, can’t even handle a single move.”

The twelve courtesans glanced at each other. They were knowledgeable enough to recognize that these two gentlemen were quite powerful and certainly famous. They lost their fear and began to play music again.

Wan Huatong was slack-jawed as well. She asked again: “Sir, just who are you?”

Feiyun and Sheng continued smirking without responding.

Xiyue Lanshan’s expression grew as cold as a steel ingot. Cold mist oozed out of his palm and turned into more than one thousand rays of sword energy rotating everywhere with a white glow.

Suddenly, a furor came from the outside - the Blissful Flower Fairy, Sima Zhaoxue, has arrived at Deep Blue.

She wore an open slits garment made out of silk beneath a red fur jacket and a decorative cap as white as snow. Two beautiful maids walked behind her.

The Flower Fairy’s charm was beyond ordinary ladies in these places. She had a group of prodigies following her, some were young kings of this generation.

With a red carpet beneath her pace, she had a beautiful and alluring smile: “Excuse me, the famous Young Noble Xiyue is here at Blissful yet I was late on the news, not welcoming you at the door. Please forgive me.”

Lanshan’s expression became much better after seeing this supreme beauty. He slightly bowed in response: “I’m just a nobody, not daring to bother you, Flower Fairy.” 

“If Young Noble Xiyue is a nobody, then so is everyone else at the capital.” Zhaoxue knew the situation at Deep Blue already. It was fine for these young geniuses to fight, but it must be under her control so she was here to mediate before the situation got out of hand.

Zhaoxue slightly bowed towards Feiyun’s room and said softly: “May I ask which two heroes are in the room? I wish to get to know everyone, will you two allow me this pleasure by coming out?”

Wolong Sheng spoke gravely: “Miss Sima, no need to plead for that brat. The matter today won’t end so easily, unless. Hua Bingbing comes drink with us tonight.”

Zhaoxue was still smiling: “If you two Young Nobles wish to drink, then let me offer you two a cup so that everyone can calm down.”

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