Chapter 472: Western Yue

Ye Xiaoxiang and Feng Feiyun were two completely different types of people. Though they met by fate, it was only an ephemeral coming together with no future.

If she wanted to chase after freedom and love, then it would be a path different from Feng Feiyun’s own.

He didn’t tell this to Wolong Sheng. After all, she was gone already, let the whole matter be gone with the wind as well.

The two of them talked about the alliance and wrote down a pact before exchanging the formality gift.

Feiyun took out a black jade box that was one and a half meter long, like a small coffin. Who knows what was inside? It emitted a bone-biting chill outside, one could even sense the thick evil affinity within seeping out.

Feng Mo personally handed it to him. It had the seal of an Enlightened Being so he had no way of knowing what was inside.

Meanwhile, Wolong Sheng took out an actual coffin made out of golden stones. The outer layer was peeling with a few runes becoming faint. Feiyun accepted the stone coffin and sensed a thick stench of blood. The lid of the coffin was quite strange with a few ancient diagrams flashing. It was definitely not an item from this generation.

“This is our cave’s supreme treasure, the coffin of a leader from a stone age who was an Enlightened Being. As time passed, his corpse has turned into nothingness, leaving behind only the power of his dao.” Wolong Sheng had a serious expression.

Feng Feiyun became sober as well. Feng Mo wanted this level of a coffin? Could it be that he was about to maneuver against the Evil Woman and refine her to death inside?

The two strongest beings in the southern region right now were Feng Mo and the Evil Woman; each of them had their own region. If Feng Mo wanted to reign over the dynasty, he must take down the Evil Woman and unify the Grand Southern Prefecture first in order to develop it.

Feiyun carefully put away the stone coffin and asked: “Brother Wolong, do you know what’s inside the jade chest?”

In order for the cave to trade such a great treasure, Feng Mo surely gave something equal in return.

Wolong Sheng said: “I heard the Cave Lord talked before, it’s probably something to do with the legendary Yama. You’re the young lord then, the Feng Ancestor didn’t tell you about it?”

Feng Feiyun shook his head: “It’s too mysterious and we’re juniors, not in a position to pry.”

“Yes, yes, you’re absolutely right. I got scolded after asking the Cave Lord about it. I’ll learn from you and be more obedient next time.” Wolong Sheng said with a smile.

It looked like Feng Mo might have given the leg of Yama to Destruction. No wonder why the evil affinity was so strong in there.

“Shh.” Feng Feiyun gestured and said: “Someone’s coming.”

The two put away their items and sat straight on their seat. They talked about romance while sipping their wine.

“Creak.” The door opened.

Wan Huatong brought a bunch of people inside. Though this was a place of romance, these people seemed especially bashful like daughters from the noble clans. Some had a more elegant than these noble ladies too.

One hid her face behind a pipa; others looked like beautiful virgins. One more was holding a book just like a nice girl learning in school…

It was an unprecedented feast for the eyes. All types of beauties gathered together with different styles, causing minds to wander. No wonder why “heroes can’t get past the trial of love; warriors drown in the sweet fragrance”. Even Feng Feiyun was secretly elated and didn’t want to leave after seeing this feast.

“Gentlemen, I brought twelve courtesans from the third rank of Blissful here. Not bad, right?” The old woman had a smug smile, looking just like a madam.

Feiyun nodded and took a quick glance at each of the ladies. He pointed at the girl holding the pipa. She was quite cute with an exquisite manner, especially her as white-as-jade skin.

She should be around fourteen to sixteen years old. As she walked, she created a tiny ripple of spirit energy in the air. This clearly showed her decent cultivation.

No ordinary woman could obtain a spot in a place like Blissful.

“Oh? Sir, you are quite discerning. Miss Jing’er’s pipa melody can make the birds gather. She is also quite a literary expert, famous in the capital.” Huatong quickly introduced.

“Then I’ll have her serve me.” Feiyun smiled and said.

How could one drink well without a lady serving? 

Miss Jing’er was quite shy. With a pair of almond eyes, she said softly: “I might be born in a place like this, but I only sell my talents, not my body. Please have some respect.” 

Wolong Sheng scowled. A terrible aura emanated from his body and caused the girl to become pale and drop to the ground. Her slender body trembled nonstop.

“Foolish woman, do you know who is sitting in front of you? You think you can afford to offend him?” His resonating voice was enough to nearly make her faint.

Huatong’s neck shrunk a bit in fear as she started hiding in the corner. The other eleven girls were frightened as well, nearly forced to the ground from the powerful aura.

Jing’er bit her teeth with an unyielding gaze: “We need to keep ourselves even purer in a place like this. Kill us if you want but we won’t succumb.”

This was integrity present in many of the ladies in these places at the capital; they rather die than to give up their dignity. This was the reason why some enjoyed such great prestige despite their background.

Feiyun slapped the table in an approving manner: “Brother Wolong, don’t be so cruel now. Miss Jing’er, stand up. I apologize for my rudeness earlier.”

Wolong Sheng recalled his aura and slowly sat back down.

“Thank you, Young Noble. I shall play you a song to show my gratitude.” Jing’er slightly bowed her head at Feiyun before retreating to the red bed nearby and begin to play her pipa.


Deep Blue was Lady Hua Bingbing’s territory, so there were many supporters present with no lack of prodigies among them.

Some people were annoyed at Feng Feiyun and Wolong Sheng. One complained: “The entire palace only has twelve third-ranked courtesans yet two brutes got all of them.

This voice came from the other room. Of course, only exceptional characters could get in one of these rooms.

“Who are you calling a brute?” Wolong Sheng’s only eye turned cold, lowering the temperature nearby.

“Haha.” A prodigy answered: “What is Blissful but the most elegant place in the entire capital? Yet someone wants a lady here to serve them? That’s not being rude, also very ignorant.”

He was naturally referring to Feng Feiyun.

Wolong Sheng was ready to fight but Feiyun pulled him back and smiled: “Indeed, this is my first time here at such an elegant place so please excuse me for not knowing the rules. May I have your name, Brother?”

“Xiyue Lanshan of Western Yue.” The prodigy had a prideful tone to his voice, especially emphasized in the words, Western Yue. He seemed to hold the rest of the world in disdain.

This answer scared the entire palace. Many prodigies who couldn’t enter a room were gasping.

Western Yue was one of the four great clans, the most secretive among them. Very few descendants from this clan showed themselves in the cultivation world. Nevertheless, no one dared to look down on this clan.

A series of laughter came from that room. Lanshan wasn’t the only one there; other powerful prodigies were also present.

“Young Noble Xiyue, it is our honor to have you here.” A beautiful voice came about, carrying a hint of alluring innocence.

This was the top lady of Deep Blue, Huo Bingbing. She has been in this other room the entire time, sitting together with Lanshan. The two were drinking and chatting, quite a good pair of a hero and beauty.

Feng Feiyun could spend a spirit stone easily so he could be an overlord of the young generation, but he was certainly inferior to Lanshan’s status. Thus, this top lady decisively abandoned Feiyun and chose this descendant of a great clan.

Women always knew exactly the right choice to make.

Lanshan held her slender waist and drank the cup that she poured for him and smiled: “It’s great playing a drinking game with the most beautiful girl in Deep Blue but we’re missing music. Brother Wang, go tell the two brutes to give us the twelve third-ranked courtesans.”

“Just two brutes, they will naturally hand the courtesans over to you, Young Noble Xiyue.” The youth with the last name Wang was holding a sable with an aggressive look in his eyes.

They spoke loudly so Feiyun and Wolong Sheng naturally heard them.

Feng Feiyun also laughed back: “Serving is serving, why call it a wine-drinking game? I guess brutes like us are really different from scholars like them. Brother Wolong, why do I feel that this Lady Hua from Blissful is inferior to our courtesans? What do you think?”

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