Chapter 469: The New Divine King

The four Divine Consorts were all talented beauties. Ji Lingxuan cultivated the Immortal Red Cloud Scripture, allowing her to be young like a budding lass. Moreover, she had two different auras, unlike the other consorts. For many young nobles, this was their first time seeing this particular consort. They felt their mind being shaken and quickly lowered their head.

Meanwhile, the Jin Emperor’s prestige was quite horrifying and turned into a draconic energy. All the clouds above the imperial city were taken the shape of a dragon.

Divine Consort Hua was also a kingdom-toppling beauty. On a second glance, she didn’t look to be above twenty years of age. Her eyebrows were exquisite with apricot lips and a beautiful, bright smile beneath the make-up. She slowly came out and bowed: “May I also say something?”

“You may.” The emperor was behind a yellow curtain so no one could see his current expression.

“Princess Luofu is also at the age for marriage. This child and Feiyun both learned at the Wanxiang Pagoda and they’re actually quite close with each other. Moreover, both have brilliant talents, one at first place and the other third on the lower list. They are indeed a match made in heaven, I also want this fateful romance for Luofu.” Consort Hua said.

Feng Feiyun was a hot commodity right now since he had the entire Divine King Faction and the Feng behind him. This power was enough to trouble the four great clans. Thus, if any princess could marry him, she would have the ability to join the competition to become empress.

The consorts and concubines had it relatively rough. If their sons and daughters couldn’t become candidates or they lacked a maternal power backing them up, then they would have to leave the imperial palace once the current emperor abdicates. Next, they would enter the royal sacred ground to cultivate, never being able to leave. This was no different from being banished to the Disgraced Palace.

More importantly, if the emperor were to die, then their best outcome would be to cut off their hair and become nuns. The worst result would be being buried along with the emperor.

This was another reason why the competition for the crown prince was so fierce.

Even if their daughter couldn’t become the next empress, as long as they marry the Divine King, then they would be the king’s mother-in-law. Even if the emperor were to die, they could use this new status to stay at the Divine King’s mansion afterward.

The other concubines also wanted Feiyun as their son-in-law, but they knew they couldn’t compete against the two Divine Consorts so they remained quiet. Ordinary concubines like them couldn’t handle the consequence after participating and losing.

The crafty Ji Lingxuan had a faint smirk flashing in her eyes but her pretty face still showed sign of weakness. She slightly whimpered: “Princess Luofu is naturally more brilliant than our Yue, on top of being the Third Beauty while our Yue is only a poor child… But Princess Luofu has so many suitors, all the heroes in the world have gathered at the capital because of her, I’m sure she’ll be able to find an even more suitable husband.”

Ji Lingxuan was naturally referring to the competition for the imperial son-in-law spot three months later, meant for Princess Luofu.

‘This whore can really say anything.’ Consort Hua truly didn’t like Ji Lingxuan’s weeping appearance. She said: “Feng Feiyun is the most talented among the young generation, there are many exceptional young heroes in the world, but who is more brilliant than him. In my eyes, he is the best fiance for Princess Luofu.”

“Enough.” The Jin Emperor’s voice soured.

Both Ji Lingxuan and Consort Hua got down on their knees in fear. No one dared to speak again.

“I can’t interfere with the matters of the Divine King Faction. However, the best solution for the princesses is to let the young ones decide themselves. Any objection?” The emperor’s voice carried an unquestionable prestige.

“I do not.” Consort Hua and Ji Lingxuan both spoke.

Lingxuan had a flash in her eyes and added: “I have something I want to say to the young Divine King.”

The emperor gave implicit permission.

Lingxuan stood up with her soft body like an immaculate lotus in a pond. The tears were no longer there, only a smile resembling a maiden was left.

A flowery fragrance touched Feng Feiyun as her beautiful figure stood before him.

His heart started beating faster but he quickly controlled his own body without showing any change in emotion. He respectfully bowed: “Feng Feiyun greets you, Divine Consort. Do you have bits of advice to give me?”

Lingxuan didn’t hold back and spoke with a pleasant tone: “It is not easy to be the Divine King; many want your position. Young Divine King, you are a smart person, don’t do anything unwise.”

She gave him an implicative smile before backing off again.

Feiyun thought to himself: ‘She’s telling me to be careful. At the first mistake, not only will I lose position but also my life. The second half is to threaten me, telling me to pick Princess Yue or she’ll take me down.”

Despite his nonchalant demeanor, he was feeling quite a chill standing on the shrine.

At this time, Princess Yue and Princess Luofu appeared, walking up the jade steps towards the top of the shrine.

Everyone knew about the Princess Luofu’s beauty, nobility, and talents. After leaving her name on the tablet, she seemed to be on the verge of surpassing Nangong Hongyan as the prettiest.

Princess Yue, on the other hand, was much more unknown. This was the first time the ministers and nobles saw her. Consort Ji was as beautiful as a fairy, so her daughter couldn’t be much worse.

She was indeed a beauty with a tall and slender figure. Her chest slightly trembled as she walked below her white and shapely neck. Her aura was not inferior to Princess Luofu in any way. The crowd nodded with approval after seeing her.

Feiyun was even more shocked after seeing Princess Yue from the distant. His eyes were wide open as if this was the first woman he had seen.

‘It’s her…’ it turned out to be Ji Cangyue. No wonder why she was so similar in appearance to Ji Lingxuan.

‘I should have realized this…’ Feiyun’s mind became even more chaotic and found it hard to accept this development.

He felt his scalp tingling watching Ji Cangyue approach since she looked just like the consort. If it wasn’t for the Divine King standing behind him, he would have turned and run already.

Nevertheless, he was still happy about his self-control; no one seemed to have noticed anything amiss.

The two princesses were now standing before him.

Princess Luofu had a yellow veil but it didn’t block her domineering and stately presence. She said seriously: “Feng Feiyun, be sure with your decision.”

Princess Yue had a faint smile but Feiyun could still see the coldness in her eyes.

Princess Luofu wasn’t easy to mess with but neither was Ji Cangyue. This was a natural spiritualist who cultivated the arts of evil treasure masters, allowing her to absorb others’ cultivation on top of concealing it. Two years have passed, who knows how much she had absorbed?

Ji Lingxuan’s warning echoed in his mind again. So many eyes were on him so there was no avoiding this question. Plus, he had to be the Divine King so it was time to make a choice that could affect the entire political landscape of the capital.

Feiyun took one step forward and said softly: “Princess Yue, may I have your hand in marriage?”

A shy smile emerged on Princess Yue’s face. She did a good job pretending like a young daughter waiting to be married as she quietly replied: “Yes.”

Ji Lingxuan was also smiling at this point.

Meanwhile, a cold aura came from Princess Luofu, just like her tone: “I’m the only one who rejects others, not the other way around. Feng Feiyun, you will pay heavily for your decision today.”

Feiyun responded: “It is because I’m not worthy of you, Princess.”

She gave him one last stare before shifting her gaze towards Long Cangyue with a murderous glint. She snorted before flicking her sleeve and leave. 

Feiyun showed an apologetic expression towards the princess but his eyes were fixated far below the shrine. Dongfang Jingyue was standing there, apathetic.

Next was the engagement ceremony. Feiyun and Princess Yue became the main characters at the shrine and the wedding was set for one year later.

The coronation was next. Feiyun officially became the Divine King and accepted the Divine King’s Order.

He added his blood into this plaque and became its master, allowing him to use the powers left behind within from the previous generations.

His master, the previous king, also entered the royal sacred ground for isolated cultivation to reach the Enlightened Being realm. He temporarily took an absence from this political struggle.

Today was one of mixed emotions for many people.

Feiyun left the imperial city alone. He took off the heavy crown and started to quietly sing without a care for his appearance and current status. On the other hand, the palace maids and eunuchs immediately got down to the ground with reverence upon seeing him.

The imperial carriage of the Divine King brought him back to his mansion. There was a party tonight with many officials coming to celebrate. It didn’t end until late at night. After sending those officials away, Feiyun was already completely drunk while lying on a table.

One old eunuch came in and kneeled: “The King Consort wishes to have an audience with you.”

“Who is the King… King Consort?” Feiyun was somewhat slurring.

“Princess Yue.” The eunuch clarified.

After hearing this name, Feiyun suddenly became sober. He looked up and said: “Let her in. I will go for a bath, tell her to wait in the study room for me.”

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