Chapter 465: Final Battle

Another shimmering golden palm appeared.

Feiyun unleashed a similar strike. Two palms slammed into each other causing fire and lightning sparks. The sound of impact was akin to two mountains smashing into each other, capable of rupturing the eardrums.

Both sides retreated quickly.

The prince felt an unstoppable surge. The golden glow on his body brightened as he said: “Feng Feiyun, I didn’t think that you’re strong enough to stop a palm strike at 50% power of mine. See if you can stop this next one. Boundless Heavenly Dao - Wall-breaking Smash!”

“Boom!” The golden glow resembled an ocean of light, spanning for several thousand meters in the air. A huge palm inside this ocean slowly appeared just like the hand of a god. It carried an oppressive momentum pressing downward.

This was his strongest attack. It caused the sky vault to tremble. The nearby continent was affected with debris falling down into the void.

“Hehe. That’s all? I’ll show you what real power is.” Feiyun floated upward with numerous roars coming out of his body. 9,930 beast souls flew out and occupied the surrounding space.

Feiyun slightly moved forward and all the souls accompanied him. This became a flood of beasts crossing towards the horizon just like the most magnificent cavalry on the move.

“Rumble!” He raised his palm. This strike carried a boundless momentum borrowing the power of the myriad beasts. It looked like a cosmic claw.

The prince was stunned by this scene. How could Feiyun have nearly ten thousand beast souls inside him? Is the guy still a human?

“Boom!” The golden grand palm was easily crushed. The prince was blown flying while spewing out a mouthful of blood of the same shade. His rutilant luminance became darkened.

“Dragon King Physique? Come on now? It’ll be crushed before my Myriad Beast Physique!” Feiyun rode the momentum and unleashed a second palm attack. It surged for the prince’s head.

“Feng Feiyun, you can’t kill me! Princess Luofu and Divine Consort Hua is my backing, if you… ahhh!”

The prince’s golden body was cut into several pieces. Blood gushed in the air before the pieces fell into the depth of space.

Feiyun stood on the border of the continent and recalled his beast souls. With a murderous glint in his eyes, he said with disdain: “Princess Luofu? I’ll certainly fight her later on anyway. Using her to threaten me is foolish.”

He wasn’t satisfied after killing the prince at all. The prince might be a young king but he was definitely the weakest among them. The seventh prince was much stronger than him.

Feiyun once again entered the continent. He was planning on releasing his divine intents to find the positions of the other two princes but suddenly, something to the south attracted his gaze.

“Bam!” A body fell down in front of him. It was the seventh prince whose skull had been shattered.

Feiyun was taken aback. The seventh prince was much stronger than the eighteenth prince yet he was taken down by someone already.

“Feng Feiyun, looks like I’m a bit slower than you.” The seventy-second prince was standing on top of a volcano in the distance. Smoke lingered around him while waves of fire were surging behind.

The seventh prince clearly got killed by him.

Feiyun withdrew his gaze and smiled: “Of course, after all, you’re all brothers so you went a bit easy on each other, right?”

The seventy-second prince was the youngest among the three, not even twenty-five yet. His talents were quite excellent, though not at the level of grand historical. Nevertheless, his battle prowess was not inferior to any of the historical geniuses.

He and the current Crown Prince were Divine Consort Beiming’s sons. This consort was the Grand Chancellor’s daughter so both of them had their grandfather’s support. Plus, they were dragons among men so they naturally shined more than the other princes.

The seventy-second prince naturally heard the underlying sarcasm and said: “Feng Feiyun, you’re indeed an impeccable talent but you’re certainly no match for me. Just surrender and obey me and you shall be spared.”

Feiyun smiled and said: “Do I look like someone who surrenders?”

“Everyone will surrender before absolute power, you’re no exception.” The prince was quite confident as if defeating Feiyun was no trouble at all.

Feiyun retorted: “While what you said is true, I don’t believe you’re someone who can make me surrender.”

“If you are foolish like this, then I’ll use absolute power to force you into submission, so that you will be a dog kneeling in front of me, begging for me to take you in as a servant.” The prince used his middle and index fingers to make a saber technique. An ancient and curved saber of a violet hue flew out of his sleeve and hovered around him like a crescent moon.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Sharp saber energies assaulted the air, leaving deep scars on the ground.

“I heard you have also trained in the Dragon King’s Saber Art, but I doubt you are that good at it. Allow me to show you what the art is really like, Dragon King’s First Slash!”

He pointed forward with his two fingers. The violet crescent blade leaped out like a dragon with lightning speed.

“Rawr!” The roar echoed for a hundred miles, causing dust and pebbles to go flying.

Feiyun stood there proudly with his stone saber. He also slashed forward with an immense force.

Both were using the first slash technique but their style was completely different.

“Boom!” The white and violet dragons slammed into each other. The resulting blast turned into countless sharp energy edge flying all around the continent.

“Rumble!” A corner of the western side collapsed since it was already unstable and started flowing in the sky.

“Second Slash! Nine Firmaments!” The two virtually unleashed the next attack at the same time. It was even fiercer this time around. 

Two draconic energies, one black and one purple, gave off an apocalyptic sense.

The seventy-second prince was at the peak of third-level Heaven’s Mandate while Feng Feiyun had only consolidated his second-level cultivation. This was the difference between heaven and earth yet the two sides were still fighting evenly.

“Feng Feiyun, I didn’t expect you to be so strong, no wonder why people call you the greatest genius in our dynasty. Unfortunately, there’s no chance for you today since I won’t let you leave this place alive.” The prince’s saber gestures became even more intense. It only took the blink of an eye before he changed it seventy-two times. He roared: “Dragon King’s Third Slash, Sun Piercer!” 

“Sun Piercer!” Feiyun retaliated with the same move.

The seventy-second prince was a young king as well but he was three times more powerful than the eighteen prince. This was a top existence in this classification.

A violet ray rushed out of his saber while Feiyun’s was white in color.

“Boom!” One could see a powerful ripple emanating from the impact point with the naked eyes from a hundred miles away.

“Rumble!” Another ten-mile-long section of the continent shattered into the cold, dark space.

Feiyun stood on this broken section while the prince was on the other side, several dozens of miles away. The two were glaring at each other without blinking.

“Truly talented.” With a leisure smile on his face, the prince finally grabbed the hilt of his saber with one hand and the tip with the other. A golden, draconic energy oozed out from both hands and directly crushed the saber to hundreds of pieces. These tiny pieces then flew outside like a purple rain.

Meanwhile, Feiyun flew upward and released all forty divine intents. He began to arrange them in accordance with the numbers of the Minor Change. They turned into forty Heaven Battle Altars floating around him and successfully repelled the tiny edges.

“You’ve been attacking this whole time, my turn!” His beastly blood boiled and the atmosphere changed completely. 9,930 beast souls rushed out of his body like a monstrous army.

They had great bloodthirst and ferocious glints. This primal aura was truly frightening.

“Rumble!” Feiyun soared up to the sky like a beam and the souls followed right after him just like a galaxy.

“This is…” The prince had an unprecedented stoic look. Waves of resplendent golden lights oozed from his body. They turned his skin, muscles, bones, and internal organs into a golden color.

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