Chapter 455: Refining The Souls

Chapter 455: Refining The Souls

Untamed beast souls all had an aggressive wildness to them, not wishing to be restraint. They became much more friendly after the taming process and could be sealed into special containers. These beasts were normally given to disciples for training because it was much safer.

Feiyun refined a 700-year Crimsonfur Mole into his body. For others, doing so resulted in a clear boost of power. For Feiyun, it was more like taking in a physical supplement.

After each soul came into his body, his bones and blood became stronger. This, in turn, increased his physical power.

It took him two long days to refine more than 1,605 souls into his body. At this moment, he had 9,900 beast souls. The Crimsonfur Mole was the 9,901st one.

He could feel his power increased by a large amount.

“Strange, I’m at second-level Heaven’s Mandate now, why is there still a bottleneck while cultivating this physique.”

While refining 600-year old souls, the absorption process was very fast. However, after refining this 700-year old soul, he could feel his body rejecting and stopping him from finishing the physique.

“It is definitely not about the power disparity between the souls. It must be because of my body. A phoenix can cultivate this physique because it is the king of demons but a human body can’t suppress the animal instincts from all the souls.”

“The Immortal Phoenix Physique is at minor completion right now, maybe I can force this through.”

He opened the seal to the second beast soul and held it in his palm before starting the refinement. The rejecting force was greater this time. It wasn’t only his body; the other souls were refusing as well.

Feiyun didn’t give up and forcefully fused this soul into his body.





His blood was boiling after this refinement and flowed rampantly through his veins. The souls in his body were running wild, as if wanting to destroy his body.

This rejection force was attacking his body now, causing his bones to squeak and crack.

“Looks like the phoenix soul can’t calm all of them.”

Feiyun temporarily stopped the refinement process and began to suppress these souls. Once they calmed down, his red skin returned to its original color.

He took a deep breath and found himself much more powerful, almost being able to unleash five dragon-tigers. This meant that he could wrestle against spirit treasures with his body alone.

“My physical power is almost at the limit because of my cultivation limit. Unless I can break through this level, my body might explode if I continue to force the issue.”

“No, I must go on. There are too many prodigies at the capital. No to mention someone on the upper list like Beiming Potian, some young kings are still stronger than me. I won’t be able to handle the capital unless I become stronger.”

Feiyun clenched his fists and took out the 24th 700-year beast soul.

The soul was suppressed by him and its power seeped into his body, becoming one with his flesh and bones. It flowed all around his body then fused inside.

Beads of sweat were all around him while his inner organs were popping, on the verge of exploding.

“Boom!” He finally finished the process.

9,924th soul. Just 76 more and he would finish the physique. This would mean taking the next step in his constitution - becoming a top Historical Genius, much better than the others. This was only one step below being a mythical genius.

Alas, completing this physique was quite arduous. He was completely drenched in sweat right now; his clothes were sticking into his body as if he had just gotten out of the water.

Nevertheless, he felt quite good despite the struggle since he could feel an increase in power.

The 26th 700-year beast soul was next. He began to challenge his own limit and force himself into the corner. This was the only way to find out his true potential.

This required a great price. It felt as if ants and poisonous insects were biting his body. This level of pain could render someone unconscious.

“Boom!” Success came at last.

Fatigue seemed to be disappearing as he began the next one.

It was even more painful this time as if he was surrounded by two spikey walls closing in on him.

“Boom!” Blood oozed out from his pores. His flesh became red like steel; the souls howling inside nearly ruptured his eardrums.

In the end, he still made it through and fused the 27th 700-year soul into his body.

It was as if he had just fought one hundred battle. Just lifting a finger resulted in a mangling pain throughout his body.

Just refining ten beast souls was already amazing enough for other historical geniuses but Feiyun had just finished 9,927th souls. He was turning his body into a battlefield; they were waging war inside.

Withstanding their power was unbearable and could turn a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator into a fool.

Nevertheless, Feiyun still didn’t give up. He felt that he hasn’t stimulated his real potential just yet.

He put four pieces of golden ginseng into his mouth. Its medicinal power seeped into his body and cured his wounds at a quick rate.

“Next, the 28th!” He took out a 700-year Hornet Python and got started again.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Rambunctious explosions resounded in his ears, causing him to tremble.

The recovered wounds broke again for the second time with more blood oozing from his pores. His clothes were stained red now.

“29th!” He gritted his teeth and did it again. The fleshy bits inside his blood came out of the wounds and fell onto the ground.

“30th…” He was losing control of his thoughts; his body no longer obeyed. His blood flow was a surging river damaging his vessels.

“31st…” He had lost sensation of his body; his willpower alone forced himself to refine more souls. The rejection power within was beyond his control.

“Boom!” This soul issued a miserable scream and exploded into a fog. Feiyun couldn’t handle this pain and lost consciousness.

In the end, he couldn’t refine the 31st soul into his body.

9,930 souls; this was his limit unless his cultivation went up again.

Once he woke up, the pain didn’t subside. Breathing was painful since his inner organs were damaged. He struggled to get up and got into the meditation pose for recovery.

He placed another golden ginseng into his mouth. This medicine calmed the rejecting force and moved it into the dantian while healing his wounds.

“Still can’t finish the Myriad Beasts Physique but this is not bad. Just physical power alone went up around fifty percent.”

Once Feiyun almost became fully healed, it was quite late in the day. He took a bath and changed his outfit. Just his aura alone now could suppress all the low-level beasts on the ground.

“Tomorrow is the examination day, I have to see the Divine King tonight at his place.”

After saying goodbye to Su Yun, he left Heart Reached Villa. Attendant Gui was waiting outside in an imperial carriage. Feiyun got inside and headed for the king’s mansion.

Feiyun was feeling a bit down. The Divine King was a top character in the capital with eyes and ears everywhere. ‘Does he know about the ridiculous matter between me and Ji Lingxuan?’

‘She is a Divine Consort while he is part of the royal family. What would he do if he found out?’

Feiyun contemplated along the way, thinking about all kind of ways to deal with it.

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