Chapter 454: Su Yun and Beiming Potian

Beiming Potian’s murderous aura could be sensed several dozen miles away. There was a black cloud above him. Wherever he passed, the thick street would have cracks like spider webs all over the place.

Cultivators didn’t dare to stop his path. The slower ones were crushed by his murderous aura and turned into bloody corpses.

“Feng Feiyun! Get the hell out here!” He shouted with a force causing a minor earthquake.

The gate of Heart Reached Villa opened. Su Xue in a black dress and a rain hat stood in front of the entrance like a specter. She raised her sword and coldly said: “Who dares to disturb Heart Reached Villa? Who do you think you are?”

An armored prodigy flew out with four roaring beast souls. He wore a white-wolf pelt and said seriously: “Our First Young Noble of the Beiming Clan is here, tell Feiyun to come out and accept his death.”

“The manor doesn’t have an asshole like Feng Feiyun, please leave.” The black dress on her didn’t flutter at all to the wind as if it was made from steel.

“The more you deny, the more I want to search!” The armored prodigy’s hands glowed black as he unleashed a claw attack towards Su Xue.

“Whoosh!” A sword flashed ending with a red light. Two bloodied hands fell to the ground; one of the hands had an iron-claw.

The young prodigy screamed miserably with blood shooting out of his stumps. His aura deteriorated and Su Xue struck him with the blunt edge of her sword, blowing him away.

“You dare to block my path, weakling?!” A icy energy thunderously spewed out of his mouth causing Su Xue to retreat continuously. 

With the final word, Su Xue was directly blown flying with blood coming out of her mouth.

As she was about hit a wall, a shadow darted out of the villa and caught her. The two of them spun seven times before dispersing that monstrous power.

This person was naturally Feng Feiyun. He grabbed Su Xue with one hand while unleashing a palm strike with the faint shadows of four dragon-tigers. Four shocking roars emanated and shattered Beiming Potian’s soundwave.

“Let me go.” Su Xue thrust her sword forward. More than one hundred ferocious sword shadows came for Feiyun’s neck. He quickly let go and retreated more than ten meters to avoid the fatal attack. 

Feiyun touched his neck and could still felt a cool sensation on it. He thought to himself, ‘still so violent, no one will marry her in the future.’

Potian’s murderous aura grew denser after seeing Feiyun. His tiger eyes became as red as blood while the heavy sword behind him quaked, issuing loud noises.

An oppressive momentum came from the sky and turned into a gigantic claw. It smashed down on Feiyun.

Feiyun stood there without moving while wearing a smirk on his face. He had no intention of resisting.

“Boom!” Su Yun walked down from the villa and stomped the gigantic claw to pieces with one step.

Potian’s momentum was stopped so he became even more furious “Su Yun, you want to interfere?!”

“You wounded my little sister, I won’t let this go.” Su Yun was untouched by even a speck of dust and nonchalantly said.

The two of them had similar cultivation in the past but Su Yun was blind now. Thus, he was placed fifth on the list, behind Potian and Jingshui.

Everyone assumed that he had weakened after losing his sight.

“Then we’ll see if you are capable enough to interfere or not.” Potian’s aura became even sharper, seemingly becoming one with his sword.

The crowd made some distance, not daring to stay close to these two historical geniuses of the upper list. Even Feiyun and Su Xue retreated to the end of the street.

This was the highest level of confrontation between geniuses. No one else could interfere.

Su Xue asked: “Why aren’t you joining in?”

“What?” Feiyun said.

She explained: “If you fight together with my big brother, you two can take down Beiming Potian.”

Feiyun smiled and said: “This is a battle between the two of them. It’s meaningless if I try to join in because your brother will stop in that case.”

“Why?” She felt that he was only making an excuse, too scared to fight Potian.

“Because your brother is a proud fella, if I join in, that’s being disrespectful towards him.” Feiyun’s eyes became serious. Even though he was confident in Su Yun, Potian’s power was unquestionable as well, especially that gigantic sword. Not too many people could stop it.

Su Yun and Potian stood motionlessly on the old street, fifty meters away from each other. Two shadows flew out of their body at the same time.

These were their avatars. Only people reaching a certain level could create these external avatars.

The two avatars fought on the ancient street with great swiftness and incredible techniques. The entire street became chaotic with a maelstrom blowing several prodigies away.

Only Potian and Su Yun could stand firmly in that spot.

“Who is winning right now?” Su Xue asked.

Even though she was at second-level Heaven’s Mandate, she simply couldn’t see what was going on in that maelstrom.

Feiyun said: “Hmm, they’re fighting with their avatars. Each technique has tangible forms but they’re the only ones who can tell.”

“You might as well not say anything then.” She coldly uttered.

“You’re the one asking.” He continued to spectate.

It wasn’t too long before the maelstrom disappeared and the two avatars returned to their real body.

Potian uttered with a dark expression: “Everyone thought that Su Yun would be weaker after going blind, who would have thought that you’re even stronger now.”

Su Yun had both hands behind his back and calmly said: “I might be blind but my mind is brighter than ever, allowing me to understand the heavenly dao a bit more.”

Potian snorted and stared at Feiyun: “We’ll settle this score eventually. Let’s go.”

He rode his deer to the sky and the rest of his entourage followed.

Feiyun stared at the horizon and said: “Beiming Potian had lost.”

Su Yun wasn’t as optimistic, evident by his grim expression: “He had successfully cultivated the Heavy Sword Dao on top of possessing the strongest defense at the same cultivation level. All of his shortcomings have been amended, defeating him is easier said than done.”

“Then why did he leave?” Feiyun asked.

“Because he noticed that he simply had no way of defeating me. Moreover, it looked like he had an epiphany of my dao during the fight so he left in order to comprehend it more.” Su Yun replied.

“This person’s comprehension is indeed frightening.” Feiyun slightly frowned. Understanding someone else’s dao and changing it into their own - this was frightening indeed.

Su Yun smiled and said: “His comprehension is still not as good as yours. Once you reach the third level, you’ll be able to contend against him. Su Xue, take Brother Feng to rest, he’ll be staying here tonight.”

“What? He’s staying tonight?!” She blurted out.

Feiyun turned towards her and bowed: “Miss Su, I’ll be in your care then.”

“Whoosh!” Su Xue thrusted her sword again with lightning speed straight for his throat.

Alas, Feiyun had already flew into the villa and shouted: “Miss Su, which room is yours? I want to be your neighbor for the next couple of days.”

“You court death!” A cold glint flashed in her eyes as she gave chase with her sword out.

Ji Yunyun walked up to Su Yun and worriedly said: “Will those two be okay?”

“It’s fine.” Su Yun smiled and embraced her.

Heart Reached Villa was one of the residences in the capital from Poluo. It had more than one thousand plots with amazing and rare vegetation and flowers. There were also many buildings and wondrous sceneries. 

Feiyun was temporarily staying at a solitary courtyard with a tall pavilion. It was an elegant location.

“Feng Feiyun, come out here.” Su Xue came and coldly demanded.

Feiyun came out on the third-floor balcony and teased: “Miss Su, don’t tell me you really want to be my neighbor?”

“In your dream. Someone is outside to deliver a lot of stuff.” Su Xue said.

“So fast?” Feiyun was ecstatic.

After staying at the villa, he told Ma Fang to go to the Yin Gou Ward and tell them to deliver the beast souls here.

He bought a monstrous amount so even the ward needed a lot of time to prepare and seal the souls. Feiyun thought that they would need at least two days but it already came today.

The Yin Gou Ward was indeed very efficient.

Only four days were left until the examination at the royal sacred ground. He needed to finish his Myriad Beasts Physique before then since it would boost his offense and defense by a great margin.

The Divine King’s successor was an important matter to the royal clan, only behind the coronation of the Jin Emperor. At that time, all the members of the royal family would be there.

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