Chapter 453: Surging Undercurrent

Feng Feiyun had met too many women and slept with a fair share of them. However, no woman has defeated and charmed him to this level.

Tonight, he didn’t only gaze at the moon with Ji Lingxuan. More importantly, he gazed at her wondrous body under the moonlight.

No one in this world could have thought that a model consort lied beneath Feiyun tonight. No, to be exact, he was the one underneath. The moonlight was weak, only the Buddhist lamp was illuminating the romantic air tonight.

It was early next morning. Feiyun couldn’t sit straight on his bronze carriage. A scent of White Mist Flower still remained on his slightly messy hair. He was gently rubbing his temples as scenes of last night were still playing back.

He rubbed his fingers and seemed to be able to still sense her softness.

“What is going on? Why did my self-control become so weak?” Feiyun had an unprecedented frustration. He had never felt this way after sleeping with a woman before.

In the end, he admitted that he had lost to Ji Lingxuan.

Ma Fang continued forward through the busy streets filled with people. Suddenly, the beast stopped along with the carriage. A scholar with a white headband and a feathered fan stopped it.

Feiyun pulled the curtain and smiled after seeing Scholar Heaven Calculating: “Didn’t expect to see an old face on the street of the capital.”

The scholar with both hands hidden under his sleeves smiled back while standing there with a dignified posture: “I purposely came to see you.”

“To see me?” Feiyun asked.

The scholar nodded: “Because I know you have a headache right now.”

“You know what I’m vexed about?” Feiyun was a bit afraid. Did this guy know about his relationship with Ji Lingxuan?

This was a capital crime. If someone were to find out that he had slept with a Divine Consort, no one in this world could protect him.

The scholar was still smiling: “A disaster is coming for you.”

Feiyun controlled his heartbeat, not letting it go crazy. He rolled his eyes once and said: “I got a lot of problems, which one are you talking about?”

The scholar continued: “Yesterday at the Yin Gou Ward, you tricked Beiming Potian out of 20,000 spirit stones. Last night, more than three hundred servants at the Grand Chancellor’s mansion were killed by the furious fella. Early this morning, he declared his intention of killing you within four days. The entire capital is riled up over it.”

Feiyun felt relieved - as long as it wasn’t the thing with Ji Lingxuan. His expression turned cold and said: “This Beiming Potian is out of line for killing the innocent, just 20,000 spirits stones made him kill all those servants?”

“You didn’t kill him but they died because of you.” The scholar said: “But you need to be worried about yourself first, what is the chance of you beating Potian right now?”

“Zero.” Feiyun answered.

The scholar suggested: “That’s why you definitely can’t return to the Feng mansion. Go stay at the Heart Reached Villa for a couple of days.”

“Heart Reached Villa? That place can stop Beiming Potian?” Feiyun asked.

“Su Yun and Ji Yunyun are both there, your good friends. It’s been a while, you should go see them anyway.” 

Feiyun got the message and smiled: “Then I really should go bother them then.”

One could count those among the young generation who could stop Beiming Potian with their fingers. Su Yun was certainly part of this group.

The greatest romantic playboy that had slept with the highest number of women in the dynasty certainly; a man who could charm women till they voluntarily sneak onto his bed; it certainly wasn’t Feng Feiyun. It was Young Noble Flawless, Su Yun.

Unfortunately, after becoming blind, Young Noble Flawless stopped collecting beauties and started gardening instead.

There was all kind of flowers and grasses in this place. More than one hundred maids and servants were tending to the garden. Next to them were many plots of purple bamboo next to each other.

Su Yun was sitting next to the bamboo thicket under a pavilion. He slowly poured scented tea from a bronze pot into a cup then handed it to Feiyun: “Looks like no one can kill you if even Yama’s Decay Blood had failed.”

His eyes were muddled and empty but his smile was very sincere.

Feiyun accepted the tea and took a sniff. He didn’t drink it just yet: “Not necessarily, am I not here to hide right now?”

Su Yun closed his eyes and smelled the air as well before smiling: “You have messed with a woman, one of an exceedingly high status.”

Feiyun’s expression became unnatural: “Beiming Potian isn’t a woman.”

“I’m not talking about Beiming Potian, I’m talking about the White-Mist scent on you.” Su Yun smiled and said.

Feiyun buried his nose into his sleeve and sniffed hard. He clearly went to a hotel and took three baths on top of changing clothes before coming here. Did this guy still smell Ji Lingxuan’s scent on him after all of that?

“Your nose is something else. Yeah, the truth is that I’m here to hide from a woman, not Beiming Potian.” Feiyun sighed disappointingly.

He naturally wasn’t afraid of Potian. The guy was strong but not to the level where Feiyun would run from him. Ji Lingxuan was the real problem so he had to run here.

Su Yun sighed and said: “Scholar Heaven Calculating told me.” 

“What did he tell you?” Feiyun was startled.

Su Yun replied: “He told me that you came to Southern Sky last night to see a woman. You didn’t leave till next morning.”

Feiyun stood up with beads of sweat running down his forehead. The matter really got exposed.

This was the domain of the Jin Emperor. If even the scholar knew what he was up to last night, there was no way the Jin Emperor, the number one of the dynasty, wouldn't find out.

Today, the scholar probably didn’t want to scare him on the street. After all, it was better for a good friend to tell him about this fatal danger.

Even though Feiyun was quite resolute, he couldn’t stay calm right now since the cuckold was the Jin Emperor.

Su Yun was still calm and took a sip of tea: “No need to be so tense. Many people helped you hide it last night. They worked together to stop all divinations and blocked the truth from the Sacred Ear and Sacred Eye in the palace.”

“No wonder why you can still drink tea so calmly right now.” Feiyun took a deep breath and sat down. He finished his cup in one gulp, even the flower leaves. He then asked: “Who helped me last night?”

Su Yun became serious: “I’m not too clear either. Even the scholar only knows of four powers taking action but there are certainly more than four. Some have prepared long ago while others were forced to help.”

“Who got forced?” Feiyun smiled.

“Beiming Moshou is one of them.” Su Yun replied.

“He actually helped me?” Feiyun nearly burst out laughing.

Su Yun elaborated: “This wily fox wants nothing more than your death but he must be the one deciding how you die. The capital can’t become chaotic just yet. If that person in the imperial palace were to find out about last night, it would ruin the fox’s other plans. That’s why he couldn’t watch you die last night.”

“But he’s lying to the emperor by doing so.” Feiyun said.

“That’s why I said he got forced and dragged down the mud by you.” Su Yun replied.

The current situation was very delicate right now at the capital. Many big shots had their own schemes and plans ready with many important chess pieces. These pieces must move in accordance with their wish. One wrong path could change the whole board and create chaos.

Feiyun was one of these important chess pieces.

There was a surging undercurrent last night at the capital. Many big shots couldn’t sleep at all. If it wasn’t for them hiding all potential divination, the board would have been broken by the commotion last night.

These were the “players” Dongfang Yiye talked about. They would always hide outside of the board, never actually taking action themselves.

The biggest player was still the Jin Emperor. It required the joint effort of many other players to hide the matter from the palace last night. Such a combination wouldn’t happen a second time since these players were trying to take each other down in the first place.

Feiyun curiously asked: “Who else?”

“Last night, Divine Consort Hua suffered qi deviation from cultivating the Supreme Cleansing Scripture. The emperor stayed with her the entire night.” Su Yun revealed.

There was no need to be so overt. Feiyun understood that Divine Consort Hua was one of his helpers last night, suppressing the emperor’s senses.

Feiyun realized that he knew too little and asked: “Who is she?”

“Princess Luofu’s birth mother.”

Feiyun had an epiphany and nodded. The current political climate at the capital was too grand with many people involved. He said: “Looks like Ji Lingxuan did it on purpose last night in order to drag many people down the mud.”

Suddenly, a loud commotion resounded outside of Heart Reached Villa.

Beiming Potian was riding a red deer with a gigantic sword on his back. He brought more than ten prodigies to attack the villa.

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