Chapter 452: Divine Consort

There was a saying - the palace of the grand dao spans for three thousand miles and ends with the Southern Sky Temple. 

This temple was located in the capital.

Along the large road named “To Heaven”, at the southern end was a large stone mountain towering at 2,732 meters. There were eight hundred palaces and Buddhist shrines; auspicious beasts such as cranes roamed this place.

Southern Sky used to be a tiny shrine on this peak and simply couldn’t compare to a sacred ground like Faith Convent. However, in the last several hundred years, it developed at a rapid pace. Its scale and prestige were at the same level as Faith Convent.

There was a rumor that because the abbot, Maitreya Buddha, was best friend with the current Grand Chancellor, the palace consorts and wives of marquises all went to this place for their worship and ceremonies. Two hundred years ago, the Jin Emperor performed a ceremony to the heaven in this place.

The eight hundred new shrines were also erected due to its newfound fame.

When the carriage made it to the entrance, the sun had already set behind the mountain.

There has never been a more majestic gate to a temple. Just the plaque made of pure gold was ten meters long and weighed more than ten thousand pounds. The two red doors were filled with crimson nails as large as a human head. To the front were twelve golden pillars with dragon and phoenix engravings. They looked to be soaring towards the nine firmament.

The sunset glow shined on the golden pillars and emitted a blinding reflection.

Feiyun got off the carriage and a novice Buddhist monk instantly took him inside.

He was only around seven year of age with a round, bald head. His eyes were clear like two precious onyx stones and had a serious demeanor, as if he had seen through the struggles of the mundane realm.

“Young Monk, your Southern Sky Temple is magnificent.” Feiyun followed the monk up a white-jade stair towards the peak.

“There is no rich or rag in the eyes of Buddha. There is darkness in the glow of gold and jade.” The young monk smiled and said.

Feiyun was surprised by the response and had to take a second glance at the monk’s eyes. He found that his gaze was stopped and turned back by a maelstrom three feet before reaching the monk.

The capital was indeed full of hidden experts. Even a seven-year-old monk had this cultivation.

“Benefactor, are you here to light an incense or to worship Buddha?” The young monk asked.

Feiyun said: “What’s the difference?”

“Of course they are different. Lighting an incense is to ask Buddha; worshipping Buddha is showing respect.” The monk said.

Feng Feiyun nodded: “I’m not here for either, only to see someone.”

The monk stopped and turned to look at Feiyun: “So Benefactor is the demon’s son. No wonder why there is a surging evil energy on your body. I actually thought you were Dongfang Jingshui of the upper list, not the third-ranker of the lower.”

‘Quite a capable young monk, I haven’t seen through him but he got me.’ Feiyun became alert.

He smiled and said: “Sounds like you know who I’m meeting.”

The monk nodded: “The Divine Consort is waiting at the Blue Sandalwood Courtyard. She bemoans the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind in the upcoming chaos so she has been praying for three days, hoping that the spirits could protect the citizens of our dynasty.”

“You know a lot.” Feiyun smiled and said.

“Amitabha, I don’t know anything.” The little monk placed his palms together and bowed towards Feiyun before floating upward with fluttering sleeves.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun channeled his Samsara Steps and turned into a gale to jump from one cliff to another. However, he couldn’t catch up to the little monk. After the guy disappeared, Feiyun landed and looked up to see a simple Buddhist shrine.

“Blue Sandalwood Courtyard.” Feiyun smirked and opened the door without any hesitation.

At this moment, the last sun rays have fallen on the old walls. A faint moon was hanging in the sky full of stars and poured down its warmth.

As he stepped into the courtyard, he could sense an elegant and sweet fragrance. His entire body seemed to be purified.

This courtyard was in a corner of the highest peak in Southern Sky. One could see several hundred miles of the capital when looking down.

Feiyun stepped on a small path paved with blue pebbles and crossed through a thicket of blue sandalwood trees before reaching a shrine.

This was a simple shrine with only one level made out of wood. There were two bronze arhat statues outside.

Feiyun posed coolly with his arms crossed and slightly bowed his head: “This junior is here to greet Consort Ji.”

The lamp inside the wooden house slightly flickered. There was no response.

No cultivator would dare to use their divine intent against a Divine Consort. That would be disrespectful so Feiyun refrained from doing so.

After a long while, Feiyun slowly walked towards the house.

“Creak.” He opened the door.

Inside the house was a simple Buddhist chamber with one statue. An incense thurible was burning with a seat in front. No one was present.

He took a whiff and could smell a lingering trace of White Mist Flower. This was the same as the fragrance found in her letter. Ji Lingxuan was indeed here earlier.

“She’s not here.” Feiyun left the shrine, fearing that someone would see him entering the place where a Divine Consort was praying. However, the moment he got out, he became frozen. There was a beautiful woman standing outside.

She dressed in a very simple manner, only a thin, blue dress with a long, white ribbon. Her enchanting figure looked even more amazing under the moonlight.

She was standing below a sandalwood tree by the edge of the cliff to stare at the horizon.

The time when he got inside and out only took two seconds but she was already standing outside. He was naturally surprised by this.

Though he could only see her back, it was already beautiful to the extreme. It carved itself into her mind and heart. No man would ever forget her after seeing just her figure.

He walked softly and stopped ten feet away from her before respectfully bowing: “Greetings, Consort Ji.”

This woman was one of the four Divine Consorts, Ji Lingxuan. He could tell due to the familiar fragrance emanating from her.

She stood there caressing the white ribbon on her shoulder. Her soft and thin lips opened: “You are Feng Feiyun?”

Her voice was very young like a budding maiden, unlike a cultivator that had lived for one to two hundred years.

“That’s this junior.” Feiyun said. [1]

“Junior? Haha, I’m that old now?” She pouted and slowly turned back. Her almond-eyes blinked as she requested: “Lift your head.” 

“This junior doesn’t dare to.” He replied.

“I allow you to.” She said.

He slowly looked up and his eyes flashed with a tinge of surprise. This woman wasn’t as noble and extravagant contrary to his expectation. She was more like a sixteen-year-old girl that had just learn about love.

A woman had methods of staying young forever. However, her eyes wouldn’t fool anyone.

The eyes of a sixteen-year-old and a forty-year-old were completely different.

Alas, Ji Lingxuan’s eyes were even more clear than a young girl. Her skin was fairer yet while her figure more voluptuous.

She had no aristocratic aura of a consort in the court but more of a transcending aura of a cultivator.

He became quite surprised and thought to himself: ‘Jing Lingxuan and Ji Cangyue look quite alike. Is she really Cangyue’s aunt? Looks more like a sister.’

That’s right, the two women were very similar in appearance. Lingxuan even looked around two years younger than Cangyue.

He averted his gaze, not daring to face this Divine Consort. Her eyes were too beautiful, capable of stealing a man’s heart.

He took out the Blue Mist Flower and handed it over with both hands: “This junior heard that you like this particular fragrance so I went to the Yin Gou Ward to buy it. Here is my gift, Consort.”

Lingxuan slightly frowned and said innocently: “This isn’t the imperial court, no need to call me Consort or Senior. If you can’t do this, then I won’t accept your flower, no matter how precious it might be.”

Feiyun was lamenting in his mind. This woman was certainly capable. Each of her simple words could make men have wandering thoughts of a sexual nature.

“Then how should I address…” 

“You may call me Lingxuan.” She smiled freely in response.

He gritted his teeth in response: “Consort, I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“You’re disobeying a direct order.” She slowly approached closer with a seductive walk. However, it wasn’t one of lowly vulgarity, this was a temptation straight to the soul.

Feiyun sensed a sweet fragrance coming towards her, wanting to rush into his embrace.

This was only an illusion. She stopped one step in front of him and playfully stretched out her delicate finger to touch his palm.

This gentle touch caused a current to run from his palm all the way to his head, giving birth to all types of romantic imagination.

Feiyun quickly bit the tip of his lips to stop fantasizing. His back was drenched in cold sweat, ‘this woman is too much, I’m at a disadvantage already after her first move.’

She blinked her long eyebrows and noticed the change in his expression. She let out a laughter as clear as a bell and took the box containing the flower then held it with both hands: “I didn’t expect the legendary demon’s son to be so shy. Young Noble Feng, I haven’t slept yet tonight, would you want to embrace me and moon gaze together?”

Her voice could soften the bones of men, making them go weak.

1. He refers to himself as junior to be respectful. It sounds awkward but I have to be literal here for the next line.

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