Chapter 451: Nice Profit

Feiyun didn’t care about the auction anymore and came to the backstage with Bi Ningshuai.

Feiyun’s two spirit treasures, the Grand Wind Banner and the bronze cauldron have been auctioned.

The banner sold for 400 stones while the cauldron got 700 stones.

The Yin Gou Ward wanted to buy the half-piece of Golden Silk Spirit Stone for a higher price but Feiyun politely refused. 

This was the thirteenth-ranked spirit stone; the dynasty would only be able to see one in every thousand years, approximately. Money couldn’t buy it.

More importantly, the spirit energy in this stone was purer than a True Mysterious Spirit Stone by more than five times. The amount of energy was one hundred thousand times higher.

Using this stone to cultivate was several dozen times faster. For example, if Feiyun were to cultivate with True Mysterious Spirit Stones, he would need two hundred years before reaching the Giant realm. However, this golden stone would expedite the process; only several years were required.

Moreover, the golden silks inside the stone could create many spirit treasures. There was no way he would sell them.

He got 31,000 stones and a four-thousand-year-old spirit rose, minus the one-percent fee taken by the auction house.

“I’ll take care of the stone-dragon wooden pillar, Golden Spirit Silk, and Combination Vermillion Fruit.” Ningshuai was very generous after taking in 20,000 spirit stones.

All three items combined didn’t even cost 200 stones. Feiyun didn’t mind if the guy wanted to pay at all.

The excited thief wanted to leave. Feiyun looked at his departing back with a grimace before calling him: “Bi Ningshuai, do you really want to redeem Sima Zhaoxue?”

“Feng Feiyun, you have been a villain your whole life and screwed many people. However, you have done a good thing today. Don’t worry, Xue’er and I won’t forget this.” Ningshuai spoke, revealing his perfect teeth.

It was useless to persuade him right now. Feiyun took a deep breath and smiled: “Then congratulation. Right, if you ever get in trouble, don’t forget about me, your friend. You can always come to the Feng Mansion on the eastern side to find me.”

“Haha, I’m afraid I won’t have the chance. After redeeming Xue’er, we’ll leave the capital and go far away. Another meeting will be up to fate.” Bi Ningshuai might be smiling on the outside but he was actually quite sad. He didn’t know since when but he had considered Feiyun a friend.

He turned and left with his eyes slightly moist. The world was too vast for cultivators. Each separation could be the last.

Feiyun was worried but he didn’t stop the guy. Everyone had their own path; they needed to walk themselves.

With enough money now, he went to buy some beast souls.

He had a total of 8,456 beast souls in his body so he lacked another 1,544 souls before finishing his Myriad Beasts Physique.

It was still Shan Yi taking him towards the beast soul area.

“Young Noble Feng, how old of a beast soul do you want to buy?” Shan Yi carefully asked. This young woman was both scared and in awe of Feiyun. This was the demons son, the third-ranker of the lower list.

A servant like her was a mere speck of dust standing before a historical genius.

Feiyun said: “What level of beast soul does the Yin Gou Ward have?”

“The main ward has the highest level, strongest beast souls. The weakest is those at 500 years of age. With the right price, we can even provide millennium beast souls.” She elaborated.

A millennium beast soul was strong enough to fight against a Giant so Feiyun’s current cultivation couldn’t refine it into his body. Thus, he didn’t even consider them.

The two quickly made it to the gigantic palace containing the beast souls. It was made from blue crystals and towered at seventy meters. Each level had a large field. It was a majestic architectural achievement. People looked like ants standing below.

“So, a 500-year beast soul only needs one spirit seed, one-tenth of a True Mysterious Spirit Stone.”

“A 600-year requires half a stone.”

“A 700-year beast soul is as strong as a first to second-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator so the price is much higher. Ten stones just for one.”

“An 800-year is comparable to a third and fourth-level cultivator, needing 100 stones.”

“A 900-year is same as a fifth to sixth-level, so 1,000 stones.”

“As for a millennium beast soul, 10,000 spirit stones is required.”

Beast souls were normally refined into the body to increase its power. However, the older didn’t necessarily mean better. If the beast soul was much stronger than the cultivator, forcefully inserting it into the body could end with an implosion.

For Feng Feiyun, he needed to pick weaker best souls in order to finish his physique within five days. Weaker souls required less refinement time.

‘Just five days, I must finish the physique in five days in order to boost my fighting capability to have a better chance at the royal sacred ground.’ Feiyun thought to himself.

“I want one hundred 700-year beast souls and one thousand four hundred and forty-four 600-year beast souls. You must deliver them to the eastern Feng Mansion within two days.”

Other places couldn’t come up with so many beast souls but the Yin Gou Ward definitely could.

The manager in the soul palace was astounded. That’s the demon’s son for you, completely eccentric. 

He was a bit suspicious but didn’t pry any further. He took out a golden abacus and did some calculation before smiling: “Young Noble Feng, the total is 1,722 True Mysterious Spirit Stones. Will you pay now or after delivery?”

“Now, of course. How can I not trust your ward?” Feiyun smiled and waved his sleeve, releasing 1,722 spirit stones.

The manager laughed like crazy before ordering armored cultivators to take the stone into the treasury. This was a big transaction and could be more than some yearly revenue.

Feiyun slightly rubbed the Infinite Spirit Ring. This ring was strange and had something to do with his azure vessel. Back in the ghost village, it was also stimulated by the white jade vessel. One diagram nearly flew out.

Such an item couldn’t be a simple first-ranked spirit treasure.

“This ring is quite tough. I can’t damage it even with my current cultivation but its spirituality is lacking, that’s why it is only a first-ranked spirit treasure.”

The ring used to be a pseudo spirit treasure but Feiyun sealed the spirituality of a broken treasure into the ring, allowing it to reach first-ranked.

He speculated that it used to be a mature artifact with immense power. Later on, because of a certain tribulation or disaster, its spirituality disappeared completely, even the main spirit within.

“Maybe it’ll reach second-ranked if I seal an 800-year beast soul into it.” Feiyun had this idea much earlier but he was too weak before. Thus, he couldn’t hunt beasts of this level so he gave up on it.

Feiyun asked: “How many 800-year beast souls do you have?”

This manager already considered Feiyun to be a wealthy customer so he smiled and said: “173 souls, does Young Lord Feng want to buy them?”

Feiyun nodded.

“Very well, I’ll take you over then.” The excited manager replied.

Each 800-year beast soul was worth 100 stones. Some powerful ones could be sold for up to 300 stones. This was the reason for the manager’s excitement.

Feiyun picked out three of them, a “Golden-fur Elephant”, “Frenetic Grand Eagle”, and “Ancient Glaring Eye”.

The first two were only one hundred stones each. The third had the bloodline of the ancient sacred beast, Glaring Eye, so Feiyun needed to spend 500 stones on it.

Raising a spirit treasure's rank was very dangerous with a low probability so Feiyun bought three souls for a total of 700 stones.

When he got out of the ward, it was already late. The sun was hanging over the western canopy.

Feiyun was holding an expensive White-mist Flower that he bought from the ward and climbed up the carriage.

The driver, Ma Fang, had been silently following Feiyun and assumed his position as well. He became more respectful than before: “Young Lord, are we returning to the Feng Mansion now?”

“No, to Southern Sky Temple, I’m meeting a friend.” Feiyun smiled and said.

Ma Fang was a quiet one and moved the carriage along the intersection with great speed.

“A Divine Consort, Ji Lingxuan. A beauty in the temple shone by the moonlight like a peach blossom.” Feiyun smirked and couldn’t help but recite a poem while gently touching the White-mist Flower.

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