Chapter 450: Expensive Copy

“Cosmic Extreme’s imitation, the starting bid will be 30 spirit stones with a minimum increasing increment of one, begin.” Sima Zhaoxue said softly.

The moment she finished, several hundred people raised their card.




There had never been such a fierce auction at the ward.

Several hundred people bidding at the same time was chaotic. They were speaking over each other.

The price quickly broke through the one hundred stones barrier. It was quite a high price, around 30,000,000 gold coins; 3,000,000,000 silver coins, and 300,000,000,000 bronze coins. For ordinary people, they wouldn’t be able to spend this after ten generations. It was still a great sum for cultivators.

Feiyun was smiling in his head and decided to add more to the pot. He stood up and declared: “I bid 500 stones, this copy will be mine.”

His voice reverberated and shocked the entire stage. This was raising the bid by five times.

Bi Ningshuai didn’t know what was going on but after seeing the subtle, devious smirk on Feiyun’s face, he thought to himself: “This guy is too cruel, what if someone were to go bankrupt and lose their wives and children over this? Keke, but that’s totally my style too…”

After a brief lull, the Chen Young Lord snorted: “Feng Feiyun, you are being disrespectful to the first emperor, thinking that 500 stones are enough to buy this imitation. I bid 600 stones, hehe.”

Feiyun’s expression turned dark and pretended to be furious: “This scroll might be an imitation, but it came from Calligraphy Master. I’ll have you know that my friend right here, he’s the master’s great-great-great-great grandson. He came here to return the scroll back to its root. This is his great-great-great-great grandfather’s item so I will help him take it back. Anyone who bids against me is being disrespectful to the descendant of Calligraphy Master.”

Feiyun seemed very serious as if he was not joking at all. Bi Ningshuai immediately played along and got down on his knees with tears all over his face. He kowtowed towards the scroll while screaming: “Great-great-great-great Grandfather, your unfilial descendant is here to take you home.”

‘How shameless’. Many thought to themselves.

“This demon’s son would come up with any wretched mean just to get the real writings of the first emperor. But his child’s play can’t fool me.”

“I can guarantee that this master doesn’t have any descendant. This demon’s son is just lying. Looks like this Cosmic Extreme is the real thing.” An old man dressed in a purple robe said within the fog of the supreme section.

This was the vice-lord of the Violetsea Cave; his position was only below the cave lord, Violet King.

A heaven-ranked disciple from that sect, Chu Jibei, was also within the mist. He said with a slightly changed expression: “The first Jin Emperor is a real monster. Even during Empress Long Jinglian’s reign, she admitted that her cultivation was not even thirty percent of her progenitor. This scroll contains the founding emperor’s ultimate dao, if someone could take it out from the scroll, all the evils in this world would have to hide. It might be able to suppress Evil Woman.”

The vice-lord nodded in agreement: “The writings of the founding emperor could indeed suppress evil, especially again the three stranges of the Yang World and three evils of the Yin World. We must obtain this scroll.”

“All of you are not showing respect to the descendant of his Venerable Calligraphy Master!” Feiyun erupted in fury and shouted: “I bid one thousand stones, who wants to take me on?!”

“Feng Feiyun, this is the Yin Gou Ward where money talks, you think we’re scared of your threat? I bid 1,100.” The Chen Young Lord was elated to see Feiyun’s frustrated appearance and was hellbent on stopping him from benefiting for the third time.

Feiyun almost vomited blood from anger. Even his hair was standing on end.

People began to borrow money everywhere after the price was raised to 1,100 stones. They swore to obtain this scroll because it could be flipped for a sky-high price, to become rich overnight. No one wanted to miss this opportunity.

Of course, some people sighed in dejection. This amount had exceeded their capability even if they were to sell themselves. They had no choice but to give up.

The ones that could continue bidding had superpowers as their backing. Of course, they had enough stones prepared for an Apex Auction night.

“I bid 2,000.” One room in the supreme section bade.

This price was quickly drowned out.




“3,000.”  The Chen Young Lord shouted.

Their clan had plenty of mines and after a thousand years of accumulation, it wasn’t difficult for them to spend 3,000 but it was still a painful amount.

“5,000.” The vice-lord of the corpse cave closed his eyes and bade.

Alas, 5,000 wasn’t enough to scare the people here. More than ten remained in the war; most were from the real superpowers.



The old members of these superpowers became careful. The rise in price began to slow down.

Dongfang Yiye slightly raised his brow - this fake can actually sell for this much?

Thus, he quickly told someone to tell the appraisers to come.

After the price went to 6,000, several more gave up. Only eight people were in the running.

Feiyun clenched his fist and said: “I bid 10,000. If someone can bid higher, then I’ll fucking give up.” 

People could understand his frustration but they also sneered in their mind: ‘That’s what you get for showing off the last two times, you deserve this.’

The real Cosmic Extreme was worth just as much as the golden silkworm spirit stone. Of course, Feiyun gave it to Ning Xianfeng for a cheap price. It was still much higher than 30,000 spirit stones.

However, in terms of usability, that spirit stone was much more practical, especially for Paramount Giants who were about to face the Heaven Tribulation. They would definitely fight to the death for it.

Even though everyone knew that Feiyun had just made 30,000 stones, but to use all of it at once for an impractical item was too much for anyone to take. That’s why some believed that his limit was 10,000 stones.

This price scared many people off. Even Ningshuai was nervous, thinking that Feiyun had raised too high of a price. It would ruin his dream of becoming rich.

“15,000 spirit stones.” The vice-lord’s face twitched a bit after making this bid.

This was also his limit since it was virtually several hundred years of saving for him. Moreover, a large portion of it belonged to the sect.

Feiyun turned pale and became similar to a deflated balloon then sat back down on his chair.

Chu Jibei and the vice-lord smiled after seeing Feiyun’s appearance. They were extremely satisfied.

“The demon’s son once made us suffer heavy losses, I just want to laugh right now, look at him.” Chu Jibei smiled and said.

“20,000.” A voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

Chu Jibei’s smile suddenly froze.


“Who is it?!”  The vice-lord stood up and slammed the table with a dark expression. Who the hell just raised the price?

Even Feiyun was surprised. Who the heck just bid even higher?

“Me.” Beiming Potian came out of a private room in the supreme section and parted through a group of geniuses and nobles. He stood proudly with an arrogant smile: “Senior, my apology. This Cosmic Extreme belongs to our Beiming Clan.”

“20,000 stones going once.”

“20,000 stones going twice.”

“Sold, this imitation of Cosmic Extreme belongs to Young Noble Beiming, the number four supreme guest.”

“The Beiming Clan must be filthy rich.” Feng Feiyun pulled Bi Ningshuai out of the auction room. He was imagining Beiming Potian’s face after finding that it was really a fake. After the two of them got out, they both burst out in laughter and dropped to the ground.

In the beginning, he only wanted enough spirit stones to redeem Sima Zhaoxue for Bi Ningshuai. He didn’t expect to screw Beiming Potian over by 20,000 stones.

After realizing the trickery. Beiming Potian would certainly come to deal with Feiyun. Thus, Feiyun wouldn’t sit there so he ran out of the auction house with Ningshuai.

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