Chapter 449: Cosmic Extreme

“The demon’s son must have too much money, letting his friend spend it however he wants.” Someone whispered.

“Hehe, the guy just profited a bunch, that’s a treasure worth tens of thousand spirit stones, it’s fine to let his friend spend a bit.” A guy next to him said.

“The appraisers here are the best in the dynasty, there won’t be a second mistake like that Golden String Spirit Stone.” 

No one bade again so Feiyun spent forty stones for this spirit fruit.

The Chen Young Lord stood up and snorted: “Feng Feiyun, you’ve wasted four times the value of this spirit fruit again. Don’t tell me there’s something about this fruit that the auction’s appraiser failed to spot again?”

Everyone understood that the young lord was still annoyed about what happened earlier and only wanted to get a reaction out of Feiyun.

Feiyun pondered for a bit before standing up and answering: “I am not someone who spends money thoughtlessly. If I overpay for this fruit, it is completely worth it.”

People felt a sting after hearing this and wondered if they have misjudged another treasure?

He walked up on the stage and grabbed the fruit before turning back to the audience: “This is a Combination Vermillion Fruit. Just this fruit alone is only worth ten stones. However, it is only acting as an incubator. Everyone, look.”

Flame rose in Feiyun’s palm and the fruit became transparent. Any discerning cultivator could see that there was a yellow silkworm moving inside.

This silkworm looked like a sleeping fetus. It was breathing and absorbing the spirit energy from the fruit.

“Oh lord, that’s a Golden Silkworm Egg.” A stately old man, dressed in a daoist robe, directly came out from the mist of the supreme section.

A pure energy surrounded him and his whisk. A blinding flash erupted in his old eyes.

This old man came from the number 1 room of the supreme section. It showed that he was the one who could spend the most in this Apex Auction. Thus, his status was immeasurable.

The silkworm inside must have an amazing origin to startle a big shot like him.

“What is a Golden Silkworm Egg?” Even Feng Feiyun was surprised. Earlier, he only sensed a faint life pulse but didn’t know it was a silkworm.

There were more than one hundred million life forms so despite his vast knowledge, he didn’t even know ten percent of them all.

This old man’s body flashed and he appeared on the stage. He stared at the fruit with astonishment: “This is a sacred item of the daoist doctrine. The top-examinee of the Daoist Mirror wrote that this silkworm is born from the heavenly dao and grow up in accordance with the dao laws. If one could gestate this egg inside the violet inner palace, it could replace their soulbound artifact and help them understand the supreme dao.”

“In the legends, there was an amazing man who cultivated both Buddhism and Daoism. His name was Fo Canzi. He inserted this golden silkworm inside his inner palace and finally broke through to the Enlightened Being realm before reaching even greater heights.” [1]

The old man’s hands were trembling as he said: “This Daoist is willing to offer 30,000 spirit stones for this golden silkworm.”

Feiyun was stunned. This value was dozens of times higher than his estimation.

The daoist noticed the hesitation and said: “I know that 30,000 is not enough to buy this golden silkworm but that’s all I have on me right now. I also have a four-thousand-year spirit Wagtail Rose, should be worth around 1,000 stones. If Young Friend is willing to make this trade, I will owe you a favor.”

“May I ask for your name, Dao Master?” Feiyun asked.

“My name is Ning Xianfeng.” He stroked his gray beard. 

This name was even more shocking, causing the entire audience to tremble.

This was one of the three Untethered of the Daoist doctrine. He was already a Paramount Giant five hundred years ago and had a prestigious position in the cultivation world. Even the current sect master of the Daoist Gate would need to call him Uncle. 

This person was from the same generation as the Divine King. He hadn’t shown up in several hundred years. No wonder why he had the number 1 seat. This was indeed a super big shot. The sect masters from the great powers would need to respectfully greet him.

“Very well, it’s a deal.” Feiyun coolly handed the fruit over to Xianfeng.

Let’s be real now, this was an Untethered. Having a big shot owing a favor was indeed a worthwhile venture.

Xianfeng couldn’t hide his emotions while accepting the fruit. He kept on thanking Feiyun and handed the 30,000 stones and flower over. He then turned into a white ray and left the auction stage.

“Wow!” Chaos engulfed the place. Two amazing treasures appeared one after another but everyone had lost the opportunity.

“The demon’s son profited so much this now, buying two treasures for cheap. That’s several ten thousand stones of profit. One can’t even sell a sect for that price.”

“The appraisers from the ward are too careless, can’t even see the real treasures.”

“Hehe, you didn’t recognize it yourself, don’t blame others. In my opinion, it’s because the demon’s son is too discerning.”

The majority in the room shared the same thought, that Feiyun had better vision than others. They made the decision that as long as he wanted to buy something with a high price, they would go all out against him no matter what.

‘Hell no, I can’t let this demon’s son profit like this.’ The Chen Young Lord clenched his fists.

Everyone was heated up after two amazing treasures. Their eyes flashed while staring at both the auction stage and Feiyun.

He suddenly became a model for everyone. As long as he made a bid, everyone else jumped in as well.

Of course, the people here were very wily and didn’t do it blindly. They used their divine intents to watch his expression. As long as there was a ripple of change on his face, they would know that something was up with the auction.

Both the fourth and fifth treasures were won by Bi Ningshuai, neither exceeding one hundred stones. Others bade but it wasn’t a fierce competition.

The sixth treasure was brought forward. This was a scroll, three-meter wide and thirteen meter-long.

After the scroll was opened, a vast aura rushed out of the words and erupted. Each word seemed to have boundless strength, capable of swaying the souls.

This wasn’t only a calligraphy piece; there seemed to be a law condensed within.

Bi Ningshuai’s expression became awkward after seeing the scroll. This was the fake copy written by the Calligraphy Master he gave to the Yin Gou Ward. 

Feiyun’s expression was even more exaggerated with widened eyes and dilated pupils. He couldn’t help but grab Ningshuai’s arm. This completely confused the thief.

‘Why is this guy so moved over a fake?’

Feiyun quickly sat down straight and acted nonchalantly and aloof.

However, everyone noticed his expression earlier. They became crazy and thought that a supreme treasure had come out.

‘This demon’s son is such a liar. It’s too late to pretend now, I will buy this treasure.” An old man of the Giant level gazed at the stage with his clear eyes.

‘Feng Feiyun, you really think you’re going to profit again this time? You think you can trick me again?’ The Chen Young Lord had been watching Feiyun and naturally saw the change in his expression as well.

‘This is definitely a priceless treasure, gotta buy it even if it means emptying the pocket. Can’t let Feng Feiyun buy it for cheap again.’ Many people had this thought.

Sima Zhaoxue was slightly surprised. The atmosphere became tense the moment this treasure was brought to the stage. She herself could sense it.

She took the jade card for the introduction: “The sixth auction is named Cosmic Extreme, written on the day of coronation by the exalted first emperor of the Jin Dynasty. It is a supreme treasure containing the emperor’s heavenly dao. Many ultimate techniques from the royal clan were derived from these characters. If it is the real thing, then it would be priceless. However, after the careful examination of the appraisers, it turns out to be a fake.”

Loud waves of laughter came from the audience after hearing this.

One confident guy said: “The calligraphy of the first emperor is a sacred artifact. Even a fake is worth collecting.”

“The appraisers’ abilities are questionable, I’m quite skeptical about them. I only trust myself, and this fake shall be mine.” The Chen Young Lord declared.

The audience was thinking that this guy was an idiot. If he knew that this was the real thing, then don’t say it out loud. That would only be raising the price.

“I respect a wondrous man like the first emperor, unfortunately, I never got the chance to collect His Venerable’s penmanship. Nevertheless, just collecting a copy is enough for me. Even if I go bankrupt here, I must still buy and worship it later.” A Giant had tears rolling down his cheeks. [2]

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun was laughing at all of them. These people were something else, finding all types of reasons. However, if this was the real thing, then it would have the power to kill a Giant. Anyone would be tempted to have this priceless treasure.

Unfortunately, this was only a copy created by the biggest swindler in the cultivation world back then, Calligraphy Master. The characters indeed had a majestic aura and extraordinary power. Alas, the “dao” of the first emperor wasn’t something that could be duplicated. Not to mention killing a giant, this scroll couldn’t even suppress a first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

1. Fo = Buddha, Canzi = Silkworm Eggs

2. I laughed out loud at this point. My fiancee thought I was crazy

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