Chapter 448: Spirit Fruit

Materials for spirit treasures were rare but it wasn’t overly difficult for the large sets.

However, even with the right materials and blacksmiths, they would only be able to create pseudo spirit treasures.

This was only the shell of an emperor, an embryo without the inner workings. It was more powerful than a regular treasure but also about a thousand times weaker than a real spirit treasure.

What was the most essential thing about a spirit treasure? Its “spirituality”, a consciousness.

It required several hundred years for a pseudo treasure to gestate its own spirituality. Moreover, the probability was not even ten percent.

This was the reason why there were so few spirit treasures at the Jin Dynasty, despite its abundance in land and resources.

Just imagine, the Feng Clan was a top power in the Grand Southern Prefecture but it only had three spirit treasures. They were considered the family heirlooms.

But now, Feng Feiyun spent one hundred spirit stones and bought half a piece of Golden Silk Spirit Stone. The strings inside could allow a great power to create seventy to eighty spirit treasures in a short time. This was quite unbelievable and their battle power would increase to a frightening level.

If seventy to eighty Heaven’s Mandate cultivators were to use these spirit treasures, they could flatten a marquis faction within an hour.

The entire chamber was shocked. Even the big shots from the super powers couldn’t stay calm.

The half-step Giant who wanted to pay twenty stones tapped his forehead from regrets and shouted: “Why didn’t I go all out to buy it, even if it means bankruptcy?!” 

A young overlord also beat his chest and cried: “I should have brought a treasure master from the clan, there’s no way I would have missed this supreme treasure. I would be the greatest contributor to the clan if I had bought this golden metal.”

Many people were hitting their head in the audience, causing quite a ruckus.

Those who made fun of Bi Ningshuai for being stupid before wanted to cry. They wished that they were “stupid” right now.

Sima Zhaoxue couldn’t stay calm and continued to stare at Feiyun with her beautiful eyes.

Feiyun took out a Profound Ice Jade Box and put the golden metal inside before putting the box on the auction tray.

Though he had bought the metal, he needed to wait until after the auction ends before accepting it.

“Wait a minute, only a Golden Spirit Silk was auctioned earlier, not a Golden Silk Spirit Stone. The auction needs to continue.” A youth wearing a white-jade crest stood up and said.

He had four old men as his guards while his own cultivation was at second-level Heaven’s Mandate. This was clearly the young lord of an ancient clan.

Feiyun still hasn’t gotten off the stage yet. He heard this and laughed: “What do you mean?”

This young lord raised his head and arrogantly said: “What I’m saying is that you spent one hundred stones only to buy that golden metal, only the spirit stone inside. Of course, the metal belongs to you, but that spirit stone needs to be auction again.”

“Haha, you’re purposely being unreasonable right now.” Feiyun smiled and said.

“No, I’m very reasonable. The auction plaque clearly writes that the auction item is a Golden Spirit Silk, not a Golden Silk Spirit Stone. This is the truth.” The young lord sneered at Feiyun while thinking to himself: ‘Brat, you’ve shown off too much.’

Bi Ningshuai directly cursed: “Your father! We clearly bought the whole thing so what’s inside is naturally ours as well.”

Feiyun pulled him back and told the young lord: “Buddy, if you want to be so unreasonable, come up to the stage and we’ll work it out.”

The young lord smiled with a tinge of ridicule. He naturally wasn’t afraid of these two guys causing trouble at the Yin Gou Ward. He came up to the stage and said: “How do you want to work it out?”

Feiyun stepped in front of him and didn’t bother to say anything before slapping the guy. The young lord spun three times in the air before slamming into the ground.

“Cough.” A section of his teeth fell off while his face swelled like a pig: “You… you dare to hit me?!”

The entire audience gasped, daring to hit someone in the ward? A young lord of an ancient clan on top of that?

The four old men immediately leaped into the stage and lifted up their young lord before aggressively turning towards Feiyun.

Feiyun postured with both hands behind his back without a care: “I’m an even more unreasonable person. Think I’m so easily bullied?”

“How bold?! Actually attacking the Chen Young Lord? Do we know that we are one of the ten strongest clans in the Heavenly Cloud Prefecture?!” One old man, as thin as a stick, angrily shouted.

The Chen was indeed one of the ten strongest clans in that prefecture, but the real master there was the Nalan Clan. The other ten were subservient to this great clan.

Another old man had a cold glint in his eyes: “Daring to cause trouble at a Yin Gou auction? Brat, you’re treating the clan with contempt!”

This matter alerted the upper echelon of the auction. Even the manager of the auction came along.

“Silent! What place do you think the Yin Gou auction is?!” Dongfang Yiye walked to the stage with his big stomach.

Feiyun recognized this middle-aged man right away. It was the guy he had a drink with and talked about the current political situation back at Radiance. The guy was knowledgeable and extraordinarily wily.

He knew that this person wouldn’t have a low status at the Yin Gou Ward but didn’t expect him to be the boss of this auction house, the biggest one in the dynasty.

“This fatso actually has such a high position?” Ningshuai murmured to himself.

After the chamber became quiet, an elder from the Chen Clan respectfully bowed towards Dongfang Yiye and said: “Sir Dongfang, about this…”

“No need, I’m aware.” Yiye slightly waved his hand and said: “The fault is on your side for purposely causing trouble. The golden metal had already belonged to Young Master Feng so whatever’s inside was his too.”

This metal was only auctioned at Yin Gou so its price didn’t affect them at all.

The Chen Young Lord ate a spirit pill; his swollen face finally recovered as he angrily said: “Manager Dongfang, didn’t you see that he was the first to fight? This is breaking the order of the auction and should be punished.”

Yiye replied: “He already showed restraint by not killing you. Do you not know who he is?”

“Who is he?” The young lord asked.

“The demon’s son, Feng Feiyun.” Yiye chuckled.

The young lord initially had a disdainful look on his face but after hearing this, he became startled: “What?! He… he is… Feng Feiyun?!”

The four elders of the Chen were alarmed as well.

Meanwhile, the guests suddenly understood. No wonder why the manager would stand by this youth. This was the future number one genius of the dynasty. Not only was he the young lord of the Feng, he might also become the future Divine King as well. Who would dare to offend him?

Between the Chen Young Lord and the demon’s son, the ward would naturally side with the latter.

Some big shots, in the beginning, had thoughts about stealing from Feiyun but they quickly changed their mind after finding out his identity. After all, the Divine King was here at the capital. No one from the older generation dared to do anything to Feiyun.

At the same time, not many from the young generation could take him on.

The young lord begrudgingly left the stage because there was nothing he could do. Their Chen Clan wasn’t even on the Great Power List while the Feng Clan was ranked nineteenth. No chance of them daring to go against the Feng.

After the funny business, the auction continued with the third treasure.

This was a spirit fruit the size of a fist. It was crimson and sparkling like a ruby.

Sima Zhaoxue held the card and read the introduction: “The third treasure is an unknown spirit fruit. After being assessed by our appraisers using its liquid, we found that the juice inside has the same medicinal power as a millennium grass. Thus, this fruit’s value should be about the same.” 

“However, because this is a unique spirit item, the starting bid will be twenty stones. Each increasing bid must be one stone. You may begin.”

A millennium grass was worth about ten spirit stones. Many of them were used to create spirit pills so they were very popular. This fruit had the same medicinal power as one root of grass but no one knew what its affinity was.

Because of this, it seemed very useless since people didn’t want to spend a lot to buy an unknown item. No one raised their card at this moment.

“Forty spirit stones.” Ningshuai shouted again while raising his number card.

It was guest No. 323 again.

The others in the chamber were familiar with this guy who would always double current bid of any auction.

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