Chapter 447: Incredible Treasure

Ordinary cultivators, after obtaining a spirit stone, would hide it as if it was the greatest of treasures.

Thus, one hundred stones was a monstrous sum.

The half-step Giant almost jumped from shock. He was determined to bid twenty stones and thought that this would be more than enough. Who would have thought someone else was even more wasteful than him, to actually bid one hundred stones.

Only a fool would continue to bid for this golden metal.

“Someone must have too much money and no place to spend. I might as well go buy some millenium grasses to maybe improve my cultivation.” The half-step sneered before sitting down.

Snorts of derision resounded in the vicinity; everyone thought that number 323 was an idiot.

“Sima Zhaoxue actually have a rich youth backing her now. She might be able to get into the top three of the Flower Empress Competition.”

“After Ye Xiaoxiang is gone, the most famous girls in the capital are the three Flower Fairies from the palaces. Zhaoxue had charmed many young prodigies, maybe she’ll win the competition.”

The young prodigies gathered together and talked about the flower competition next month. It wasn’t only a competition between the beauties but also a contest between the prodigies backing them up.

“He’s quite liberal with his money, able to spend one hundred stones in one go. It might be a young king.”

Many people stared at the seat of 323 but no one could recognize Bi Ningshuai.

Of course, Sima Zhaoxue was the most surprised in this place. Ever since the start of the auction, the same person had spent a disproportionate amount to win. This showed that he was doing it to impress her.

She naturally became excited to have the backing of such a prodigy.

“A super young lord will be too helpful for the competition next month.” Zhaoxue was celebrating in her mind.

She still couldn’t recognize Ningshuai but still gave him a charming smile. This smile was more effective than any tempting method and almost made Ningshuai faint.

“One hundred spirit stones, going once.”

“Going twice.”

“Sold for one hundred spirit stones. This Golden Spirit Silk belongs to the VIP Guest, number 323.”

Normally, the items would be auctioned before being taken to the back for the payment and delivery.

At this moment, this golden metal was also taken to the backstage. Feng Feiyun suddenly stood up and said: “Wait a minute, is everyone not interested in why we paid such a monstrous sum for this golen metal? Do you all think my friend is an idiot who would pay a price several times higher for a crappy treasure?”

Everyone focused on him right away.

The half-step Giant who bidded twenty stones earlier snorted: “You young ones were too excited, paying so much gold just to see a beauty smiles. This is a juvenile behavior.”

“I see.” Feiyun smiled and turned towards Zhaoxue with a smile: “Miss Zhaoxue, may I board the platform to show the real form of this supreme treasure for everyone to see?”

This golden metal already belonged to him and his friend so the Yin Gou Ward wouldn’t dare to change their mind. Plus, Feiyun had a scheme concocted and he must show off his abilities first.

An ordinary one or two-star guest wouldn’t have this privilege. However, Feiyun was a three-star VIP. The Yin Gou Ward wanted to treat him well.

“This golden metal is already yours, Young Noble. Do with it as you please.” Zhaoxue spoke with a voice as beautiful as the hymn of an immortal, slightly revealing her snow-white teeth in the process.

Bi Ningshuai naturally wouldn’t miss the chance to get closer to his goddess. He also climbed up the stage after Feiyun. His eyes were on her the entire time with a silly grin on his face.

She was a bit disgusted by his smile but she still smiled happily back.

At this time, all eyes were on the stage, “could this piece of golden metal really be a super treasure? Others misvalued it?”

Even the big shots in the supreme section used their divine intents to gauge the stage.

A young girl carried the tray with the golden metal on top over to Feiyun. Her black eyes were also glancing at it, ‘is this really a super treasure?’

Feiyun could sense the thing inside as he got closer to the metal.

“Gentlemen, take a closer look. This golden metal might look like a Golden Spirit Silk, but inside… hehe…”

Feiyun took a sharp knife from the young girl and carefully flayed layers off the metal.

The gaze became more nervous; all breathings have paused.

“Xsh.” He split the metal into halves but only found golden strings inside, nothing else.

The entire place exploded with waves of laughter. They viewed it as a hilarious show.

“Haha, here I am, thinking that there could be a real treasure inside.” The half-step Giant was completely amused with schadenfreude.

Zhaoxue said: “Young Noble, the auction items have been carefully appraised by us, there wouldn’t be any mistakes.”

“Hahaha, brat, you brought this upon yourself.” Someone else in the audience sneered.

Feiyun was not affected. Two flames sparked in his eyes as he gazed towards the two pieces of metal. He then focused his cutting on one of them.

“Xsh.” The left piece was divided into two again but only the same material was inside.

Even Bi Ningshuai couldn’t stay calm. He came up to Feiyun and whispered: “Is it a mistake?”

Feiyun was still as calm as before and smiled: “No, look carefully, we’re about to be rich.”

Feiyun stared even more carefully at this new piece because he had confirmed his guess. As his knife cut one inch deeper into the metal, waves of golden light oozed out with a thick amount of spirit energy. It permeated the entire stage.

He quickly stopped and didn’t continue cutting deeper.

“Such thick spirit energy… could it be…” Everyone felt a stinging pain in their eyes from the brilliant golden light.

Just one small cut was enough to exude such a great amount of energy. Everyone could see that there was indeed an incredible treasure inside.

The big shots with spirit treasures could feel their items shaking. They were stimulated by the thing inside.

After winning the attention of the place, Feiyun suddenly put the knife away and said: “I’m done.”

“What, why are you not continuing?!” Someone shouted.

Feiyun pretended to grimace in response: “When such a great treasure comes out, I’m afraid some will try to rob it.”

“Cut deeper, the capital is a lawful place, robbery and murder don’t happen here.”

Sima Zhaoxue stared at him with her pretty eyes and said softly: “Young Noble, we got a peek already, might as well let everyone here broaden their horizon and see how precious the treasure is.”

He pretended to think about it for a while before answering: “It would be improper of me to not do it now.”

He was faster this time around and added two more hundred cuts to take off one layer after another. In the end, only a gold shimmer remained.

“Boom!” This light was comparable to the sun and painted the entire stage into a shade of gold.

There were waves of milky-white spirit energy flowing inside the golden light.

A powerful cultivator could focus their gaze and see a stone the size of an en egg at the center of the light. It was milky-white with seventy to eighty thick strands of golden rays. The spirituality within was immense as if the thing had its own consciousness.

“That’s… that’s a Golden Silk Spirit Stone.” An explosive voice came from the supreme section. This was a big shot who couldn’t contain his surprise.

Everyone here took a deep breath after hearing the name.

Spirit stones were divided into eighteen ranks. Normally, the currency was the lowest-ranked stone, True Mysterious Spirit Stone.

However, a Golden Silk Spirit Stone was ranked thirteenth, a hundred thousand times more precious than a True Mysterious Spirit Stones.

In other words, this stone here was worth one hundred thousand currency stones.

This egg-sized stone was not complete, only more like half of one at best, but it was still worth several ten thousand spirit stones.

The stone itself could supply spirit energy for the cultivation of a clan but more importantly, these golden strings had incredible spirituality. One could refine a spirit treasure with their help.

To put it simply, Feng Feiyun’s stone had seventy to eighty golden strings. It could allow a great lineage to create seventy to eighty spirit treasures in the shortest time. This was the most wondrous aspect of this stone.


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