Chapter 445: Sima Zhaoxue

Bi Ningshuai turned back and heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that it was Feng Feiyun.

“You scared me to death there, my Young Lord Feng. You got money right now? Let me borrow 1,800 spirit stones, I need them fast.” He ran over with his hands out while feeling zero shyness.

Feiyun smiled and said: “Didn’t you just stole the writings of the first Jin Emperor? It won’t be sold for cheap yet you still ask me for money?”

“Don’t… speak nonsense. What is this about stealing? It’s our family heirloom…” Ningshuai’s expression became awkward.

The writings were naturally stolen by him from the Throne Marquis Faction.

Only this thief would dare to attempt this and get it done successfully.

“Alright, fine, it’s your heirloom.” Feiyun smiled and said: “Right, weren’t you chained up by your fiancee and got dragged back home? Why are you here now looking like this?”

Ningshuai was very sensitive about Feiyun’s usage of the word “chained”. His eyes turned bright as he heroically declared: “The heroes of the world are all gathering at the capital for the three great events. How could I miss out on these torrential and fun events?”

Of course, he wouldn’t tell Feiyun that he ran from the marriage for the second time and made it here to the capital.

“Three events, which ones?” Feiyun was not aware outside of Princess Luofu’s groom selection.

Bi Ningshuai said: “I’ll tell you in a second but you got money or not?”

“None, not even a single coin.” Feiyun carefully hid his spatial stone and treasures or this guy would rob him completely, not even leaving a pair of underwear.

Ningshuai replied: “No way, you are the current young lord of the Feng, how can your pocket be empty given the clan’s businesses right now?”

He stretched out his dirty hand again for Feiyun’s chest and found nothing. Despite being the Feng Young Lord, he had no control since Feng Mo left resources and money under Wan Xiangcen’s control. Plus, Feiyun didn’t care this trivial issue either.

He had a three-star badge and could enter the VIP section. Ningshuai followed him as well.

The auction house was gigantic just like a stadium. It could accommodate more than ten thousand people.

Today was the monthly Apex Auction so virtually all the seats were taken. Each member in the audience was filthy rich; there was no lack of high-status people as well.

Merchants, clan elders, young kings, older Giants, sect masters, top nobles… The figures appeared regularly and made the auction even more exciting.

The auction was divided into the common, VIP, and supreme sections.

The one and two stars guests were in the common section.

The three-star members were eligible for the VIP section at the front.

The super monsters with four and five stars could cause the Jin Dynasty to tremble with a single stomp. They sat behind the veils of the supreme section in order to hide their identity.

There were numbering to these sections as well. Despite sitting in the front, Feiyun’s number was only 323.

There were many big shots here today who had more spending power than the young lord of the Feng, 322 of them, to be exact. [1]

The chamber was circular with the auction stage in the center. Feng Feiyun was sitting in the first two rows.

“Bi Ningshuai, the ward actually let you in looking like this?” Feiyun teased.

Ningshuai responded seriously: “I climbed the wall to get in.”


Climbing the wall to infiltrate the ward? That’s a real talent for you.

Feiyun’s eyes narrowed as he asked: “What’s that gourd in your hand?”

He noticed that there was an exquisite green gourd in Ningshuai’s hand, seemingly carved from jade with a green glow. It clearly wasn’t there before.

“Oh, this? I… I picked it up on the ground earlier.” Ningshuai said without batting an eye.

At this time, a nearby middle-aged cultivation screamed and shouted: “My gourd containing a second-rank Essence Pills! Who the hell stole it?!”

Ningshuai’s face slightly twitched as he quickly placed the green gourd into his pants and covered it with both hands.

Feiyun was speechless. The guy had no fear and would steal from just about anybody.

“Ningshuai, why are you borrowing money?” Feiyun asked.

Ningshuai saw that the middle-aged man didn’t look at him so he quietly answered: “You have to help me this time.” 

Feiyun became serious: “If it is within my capability, I will.”

“Then let me borrow one thousand spirit stones then.” Ningshuai reached out and stared at Feiyun with puppy eyes.

“Why don’t you just kill me? My two spirit treasures combined probably won’t sell for that price.” Feiyun gave him the side-eye. This guy was asking for too much.

Ningshuai returned the same dismissive glance: “Please, people said that you got the young miss from the Yin Gou Clan. Now, you say you can’t take out one thousand stones? Who are you trying to fool?”

“Who told you that?” Feiyun wanted to send this guy flying with a kick.

“Scholar Heaven Calculating.” 

“He also came to the capital?” Feiyun was surprised.

Ningshuai stopped talking and turned his focus towards the auction stage. It was beginning with a worker bringing out a treasure. Each of these treasures had exceedingly powerful guards.

The entire chamber became quiet.

Ningshuai was completely serious with his eyes fixated on the center stage while continuously rubbing his palms. He was clearly waiting for something.

Feiyun glanced at him and thought to himself: ‘Hmm, this guy is waiting for a treasure. What is going on? It might have something to do with him wanting to borrow money.’

Suddenly, a brilliant light shot out from the center.

“I present the host of today’s auction, the Flower Fairy from Blissful Flower Palace, Sima Zhaoxue.”

The entire chamber became cold with snow petals fluttering down from the sky. A  girl wearing a velvet dress decorated with white feathers flew down from above. Her skin was even whiter than the snow and had a jade glow.

Her hair was silver and draped all the way down to her heels. They were as soft as silver strings and crossed down her neck and plump breasts.

She was around sixteen or seventeen years old, resembling an elf standing in the snow.

“Sima Zhaoxue!”

“The Flower Fairy, Sima Zhaoxue!”

Many guests immediately stood up and crazily shouted at the girl. This was a marketing technique of the ward, relying on beautiful women to host their auctions. This would stimulate even more extravagant and wasteful spendings.

Zhaoxue was from one of the three flower palaces at the capital, Blissful. She was seventeen now, extremely gifted on top of being the fourteenth-ranked beauty of the dynasty.

Ningshuai became even more emotional with his eyes locked on Sima Zhaoxue.

“You know her?” Feiyun also stared at her. She was indeed a beauty of the national level, especially her long, silver hair and tall yet exquisite figure. This would be the appearance of a snake-demon. [2]

Bi Ningshuai quickly nodded: “We had an unforgettable meeting once, I have agreed to buy her freedom.”

Feiyun stared at Ningshuai as if he was a monster: “Are you crazy? Agreeing to redeem her after just one meeting? What do you think Blissful is? Redeeming a girl there is enough to bankrupt a small cultivation sect. Plus, this girl is their Flower Fairy, you can sell yourself and that won’t be enough to buy one of her hair.”

Ningshuai stubbornly replied: “What do you know? It was love at first sight. I just need one thousand spirit stones to buy her freedom.”

“She said that?” Feiyun asked.

Ningshuai nodded and suddenly grabbed Feiyun’s hand: “We are friends, you must help me.”

“I’m not your friend.” Feiyun quickly swatted his hands away. He didn’t dare to accept this friend since it would be one thousand spirit stones down the drain. This was still an exorbitant sum to him.

Feiyun looked at the snowy woman again with a cold glint. This Zhaoxue girl was indeed the main girl of Blissful, capable of tempting someone as smart as Ningshuai and turning him into an idiot. She must have some impressive abilities.

He naturally didn’t believe Zhaoxue would actually leave with Ningshuai after he hands over the stones.

Nevertheless, he saw the guy’s dejected appearance and said: “Don’t look like you’re dead already, fine, I’ll help you.”

“Haha, I know the Feng Young Master is righteous and loyal. Just give me enough stones to win Xue’er’s freedom and you’ll be my boss.” Ningshuai acted as if he wanted to give Feiyun a kiss.

Feiyun added: “Wait, are you not afraid of your lioness at home after redeeming this lady?”

Ningshuai looked obsessed with love and said: “We’ve made an oath together already. After redeeming her, we’ll run to the edge of the world until the end of time.”

Feiyun exasperatedly rubbed his temples. Even though he was certain that Ningshuai was getting played, it was useless to convince him otherwise right now. He was completely bewitched, unable to hear advice from others.

1. Does anyone else play or watch Dota here?

2. Snake demons are known to be beautiful in their human form

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