Chapter 444: Apex Auction

“How?” Feiyun asked.

“Use your strongest power to unleash an attack on that platform.” The examiner replied.

When one’s cultivation was higher, they would be able to assess weaker cultivators. However, those who could afford to shop at the ward weren’t weak at all. Many were Heaven’s Mandate cultivators so these examiners required the platforms for a power assessment.

Moreover, big clans and nobles would have treasures to hide their cultivation. The first rule of higher cultivation wouldn’t work then.

Feiyun pointed at a ten-meter tablet just like a stone wall and said: “On that?”


Feiyun repeated: “Just to confirm, an attack at full power?”

“Sir, please be faster, there are others in line.” The examiner was losing his patience.

‘Never seen an assessment platform before? A true country boy.’ Shan Yi rolled her eyes and felt that Feiyun were about to be laughed at by the crowd.

“Very well.” Feiyun walked directly to the front of the platform and gently rubbed the surface with his finger. He could see a barrier outside with ripples emanating from his touch. This was something akin to a formation.

He wanted to test and see how strong he was right now so he channeled violet energy from his entire body into the dantian before it rushed into his arm. Four faint dragon-tiger images condensed on his palm.

The force of four ferocious tigers came together in the same spot.

“Boom!” The light of the assessment platform instantly shattered and the wall turned into dust.

This torrential power engulfed half of the testing field. Luckily, there were many layers of formation here or the entire place would have been flattened.

Feiyun stretched his arms and said: “How can an assessment platform break so easily?” 

Normally, many Giants would come here to buy materials and spirit ingredients. Thus, Feiyun thought these platforms could withstand the attack of a Giant at the very least. He didn’t expect to crush it so easily. 

Feng Feiyun didn’t know that the real powerful people just needed to state their name and show an identification to directly enter the ward. They had no need to come to this martial art ground.

Only non-famous and low-level guests needed to come to this place.

The examiner and Shan Yi were astounded with their jaw almost dropping to the ground. Just one palm to destroy the platform? This was at least the cultivation of a young overlord.

If it wasn’t for Feiyun’s confused expression, they would think that he purposely came to cause trouble.

This huge commotion alerted the upper echelon of the Yin Gou Ward. The person in charge of the ward came out to figure out what was going on. This was an old man at second-level Heaven’s Mandate. He sighed with relief after finding out that it was only an accident.

He respectfully invited Feiyun to the assessment palace before shouting at Shan Yi: “What is wrong with you? Can’t tell that this Young Noble is a cultivation expert? Can you afford to offend him?!” 

Shan Yi kneeled and shuddered on the ground. A servant like her was nothing but trash before the big shots. Once they offended a real VIP, it was hard to keep their head.

Feiyun smiled and said: “It’s not Miss Shan Yi’s fault, she did a decent job. It’s because I didn’t have an identification item.”

Ever since he spent some time with Ye Xiaoxiang, he was unconsciously affected by her with his violence tendency lessening. He became more amicable with a greater respect for others’ lives.

Shan Yi lifted her head and stared at Feiyun with surprise. Why was this powerful guy so kind? Maybe he wasn’t a bad person. Which clan was he from?

“Young Noble, since you are so mighty, your name must be known to all. May I ask for it?” The old man asked with a smile.

“Feng Feiyun.” Feiyun said.

The old man’s smile froze as his heart skipped a beat: “May I ask, which Feng Clan?”

“Feng of Grand Southern. Feng Feiyun, Feng as in the wind of spring, Fei as in soaring, and Yun as in the white clouds.” Feiyun answered. 

“Boom!” The old man’s head exploded with his mouth widening enough to fit a goose egg inside. This, this youth was the legendary son of the demon.

It wasn’t like he hasn’t met big shots before but he was still unable to calm down. After all, this guy was too different from his imagination of what the demon’s son should look like. There was no trace of evil aura, moreover, the guy was too understanding and reasonable.

At the same time, Shan Yi felt that the name was too familiar. Suddenly, she finally recalled and looked as if she was thunderstruck and stared at Feiyun in disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” Feiyun said.

As a second-level Mandate’s Expert, the old man quickly regained his wits but he still couldn’t believe it: “Young Noble Feng, you are really from the Feng of Grand Southern?”

This clan was the nineteenth great power in the Jin Dynasty. Both the Young Lord Feng and demon’s son; each identity was not someone he could afford to offend.

“Then how about I do a blade dance for you?” Feiyun brought it up the second time.

“No, thank you, sir.’ The old man was scared out of his mind. How could he dare to let the demon’s son swing his blade in front of him? If this murderer became angry, the guy could directly chop his head off.

Even though he couldn’t confirm that this was indeed the demon’s son, the guy truly had a powerful cultivation. He gave Feng Feiyun a three-star badge to Feiyun and went inside to report it to the ward’s true masters.

After all, the demon’s son was a special character on top of having a bizarre personality. If the reception wasn’t good enough, it would bring about a disaster.

Shan Yi stuttered: “You… you… are really the demon’s… son?”

“Many call me that.” Feiyun nodded and smiled: “Does your Yin Gou Ward want some spirit treasures? I have two for sale.”

Feiyun needed numerous beast souls so he needed some money. Fortunately, he had two spare spirit treasures.

The first was the Grand Wind Banner, taken from Ji Cangyue.

The second was the bronze cauldron of Beiming Huaji.

Each spirit treasure could be considered an incredible artifact. Even a few Giants didn’t have one. Only the top disciples from big clans like Beiming Huaji could be rewarded with one.

Shan Yi was horrified again. That’s the demon’s son for you, speaking as if spirit treasures were just regular commodities.

If it was anyone else, she would think that they were merely boasting.

“This level of artifacts are sold via auction. After all, spirit treasures would have different spiritualities and powers; they determine the large discrepancy in price. An auction is the fairest method.” Shan Yi said.

Feiyun nodded: “So the ward serves as an auction house too.”

“Of course, we might have the biggest one in the entire dynasty.” She replied.

“Very well, take me there first then.” 

The auction house at the ward was usually filled with amazing artifacts. All the jeweled creations of the world gathered here so many prodigies and Giants came to check them out on a regular basis.

Each month, the auction house would initiate an “Apex Auction”. This was a big deal in the capital so many characters at the highest level would come.

Even Paramount Giants at ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate might be tempted by the content of the auctions.

Coincidentally enough, today was one of those days.

Feiyun handed two spirit treasures to the organizers and signed an agreement. In order to have the Yin Gou Ward auction an item, the owner must pay a fee of one percent to the ward.

After finishing the paperwork, Feiyun wanted to find a seat on the auction floor in order to check out the treasures in an Apex Auction. If he found something suitable, maybe he could buy it.

At this time, he heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, old man, appraise it again, how can this be fake? This is definitely the writings of the first Jin Emperor from six thousand years ago, it can’t be fake. I stake my personal integrity on the line.” A youth was urgently speaking.

The old appraiser said: “This is a fake from three thousand years ago, created by the most notorious swindler of that period. A fake it may be but this swindler was Calligraphy Master. It is eligible for an auction but the starting price will be much lower.”

“Goddamn this swindler! So unlucky… stole, no, bought another fake. Forget it, I’m poor recently, selling this three-thousand-year treasure should be enough spending money for a few days.” The youth said.

This youth didn’t sound trustworthy at all but the Yin Gou Ward didn’t care for it, only the possible profit.

This youth wore straw-sandals with the base nearly gone. He also had a straw-hat and holes all over his dirty outfit. People would think that he was a refugee running to the capital.

It was a miracle that someone with his appearance could enter the Yin Gou Ward.

“Bi Ningshuai.” Feiyun shouted from behind.

The youth cursing his misfortune suddenly shuddered. Thieves like him were always paranoid and scared when someone else recognized them. The fact that he didn’t run away instantly was already courageous enough.

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