Chapter 442: Mystical Golden Ginseng

The Divine King wasn’t trying to help an outsider against the royal clan. On the contrary, he didn’t wish to see a declination so he had to recruit Feiyun into the royal faction.

He was confident in his vision that Feiyun’s future achievements would be unfathomable.

Feiyun quickly declined: “This ginseng can boost your life by fifty years, how can I waste this level of treasure?”

The king smiled and said: “My mansion might not be on the same level as the Jin Dynasty’s national treasury, but it isn’t hard to find several longevity-boosting medicines, even those at the same level at this ginseng. If I give it to you, just take it.”

Feiyun carefully accepted the yellow bottle. Just holding it alone made his bones crackle with energy from the aura seeping out. 

After storing it in his spatial pouch, Feiyun took out two jade boxes sealed with spirit energy, each one had one leaf as red as blood inside.

“Your disciple also has a gift for you. I hope you will take it.” Feiyun said.

The king smiled, pleased with his little disciple’s social sense, and accepted the two jade boxes.

He had seen all types of treasures before and had no hope of Feiyung handing over something amazing. This was only the goodwill of his disciple and it would be rude for him to refuse. This was more symbolic than anything.

However, his expression froze the moment he opened the box and spoke with shock: “This… this is the legendary Daomization Leaf!”

A Daomization Leaf could help people in understanding the dao and break through bottlenecks. This was a way of escaping the shackles of cultivation.

It was difficult for the king to go up at his current realm since this was the limit of his own talents. The only way now was to have an epiphany or wait for death from old age.

However, this was no longer the case. This leaf could help him cultivate even further. If he could break through that perilous gate, then his lifespan would nearly double and he could even become young again.

Thus, he was naturally stirred after seeing the leaf.

Feiyun nodded and said: “I found these two leaves in an ancient ruin but they’re not that effective right now for me. You, on the other hand, need it more.”

Everyone knew that the Divine King didn’t have long left to live. This was the reason for the rush to find the next successor.

The Divine King had shown great kindness to Feiyun; these two leaves alone still weren’t enough to repay it.

Of course, Feiyun didn’t tell him that he found it at the Feng ancestral ground. This was a secret of the clan and he couldn’t tell others.

The king emotionally nodded and put the two leaves away. He planned to immediately go into isolated cultivation after dealing with this successor’s problem. With these two leaves, his path towards the grand dao became more hopeful.

He was too right in taking in this disciple. He felt that he had done many ridiculous things in his life but the most correct thing was picking Feng Feiyun.

“I will tell the Jin Emperor about the urgency of picking the successor for the Divine King’s position. Outside of anything unexpected, you four candidates will come with me to the royal sacred ground within a month in order to be tested. During this period, you need to cultivate hard and absorb the entire ginseng. Take your cultivation as high as it can go.” The king said.

Feiyun also planned to do this. After seeing Beiming Potian and Dongfang Jingshui, he realized that there was still a big gap between him and them.

The king suddenly called him back before he left and said: “If you want to become the Divine King, you must marry a princess and become a prince-in-law. I’m sure the consorts in the palace will come to see you soon. You can handle it.”

Feiyun was slightly surprised, marrying a princess?

He saw a dark future ahead. This wasn’t a small issue since marrying a princess meant he couldn’t marry anyone else.

This was too big of a sacrifice to become the Divine King.

‘I guess I can only take one step at a time and see.’ Feiyun came out of the mansion in the imperial carriage with many thoughts looming in his mind. The dynasty had several hundred princesses and even more consorts in the palace. It would be a headache dealing with them.

After returning to the Feng mansion, he ordered his old housekeeper: “From today on for one month, tell any visitor that I am in closed cultivation and will not see anyone.”

This was indeed the truth since he wanted to absorb the entire ginseng. It was a bit wasteful to use it as a cultivation booster. This was meant for those at the end of their lifespan since it could increase life by fifty years. Using it to boost cultivation was only fifty years of training.

Nevertheless, this was still the fastest method. There were pros and cons to using it in this manner.

He took out the yellow bottle and poured out the ginseng inside. He used a jade knife to cut off a piece and placed it in his mouth. A cold energy crazily started from his throat and emanated to the rest of his body.

It took three days for him to absorb this piece completely. The violet energy in his body increased to 5,000 strands.

Being able to cultivate violet energy in the palace was considered first-level of Heaven’s Mandate.

Second-level required 3,000 strands of energy.

Third-level required 100,000 strands. In order to reach this level, people relied on a huge amount of resources. Just relying on absorbing the energy from the world and changing it to violet energy would be impossible. Even a few thousand years wasn’t enough to create 100,000 strands.

Each level of Heaven’s Mandate had a huge discrepancy in power. This was apparent in the amount of violet energy required.

Feiyun was at the historical genius level but he could only fight against the young kings, unable to defeat foes at several levels higher.

He was consolidating his second-level cultivation and increasing the number of violet energies using an amazing treasure like the Mystical Golden Ginseng. The consolidation process would be complete the moment he reached 10,000 strands.

 In just three days, he had created 2,000 strands. This was quite an incredible feat already.

“Still got a long way to go.” Feiyun cut out another piece from the root and placed it in his mouth again.

He needed two days for full absorption. However, his violet energy only increased by 1,500 strands.

He was at 6,500 strands right now.

“The higher the cultivation, the faster the absorption speed. It's becoming less effective though.” 

There were two sides to everything.

Feiyun cut down a piece twice the size of the previous. The worldly energy contained within the ginseng was too pure and suitable for cultivation. It made the process as easy as drinking water.

No wonder why the children from the big clans could reach Heaven’s Mandate at a young age. They had access to amazing treasures from the earth.

For example, a fetus could have their spirit channels opened while still in the womb.

After being born, they could consume medicines to reach Immortal Foundation.

Around five or six, they could begin to cultivate their God Base.

At grand achievement God Base, they would be able to rely on spirit stones and medicines to open the meridians and break the shackles.

At Heaven’s Mandate, there was an even bigger need for resources.

For Feiyun right now, without the help of the ginseng, he would still need three to five years to consolidate his second-level cultivation despite his amazing talents. In order to reach the third level, he would need nearly one hundred years under the conditions of an ordinary historical genius.

But now, he only used half a month to consolidate his second-level since he had reached 10,000 strands of energy.

This was why people said that without resources, no powerful cultivators would exist.

Only through plundering and competition would one become increasingly powerful. Other historical geniuses would be slow in cultivating without sufficient resources.

“Using one-fourth of the ginseng has consolidated my cultivation. I should be 20% stronger now.” Feiyun didn’t continue on cultivating and put away the rest of the ginseng.

He walked outside and asked the housekeeper: “Did anyone come to find me recently?”

“My Lord, the Divine King’s messenger came to let you know that the trip to the royal sacred ground will be the first of next month or five days from now.”

“The best disciple from the Destruction Cave, Wolong Sheng, also came to see you but he left after hearing about your cultivation session. He told me to tell you that he is staying at the Blissful Flower Palace.” 

“Seven eunuchs from the inner palace also sent cards. These are the trusted servants of seven consorts. Do you want to read them, My Lord?”

The old housekeeper took out a bunch of cards with the royal seal on the surface hiding the content. 

Feiyun smirked and naturally knew what these consorts were thinking: “No need, burn them all.

“But… one of the cards is from a Divine Consort.” The housekeeper articulated carefully.

 Feiyun was surprised: “Which one?”

“Consort Ji Lingxuan.” The old man said.

“I see.” Feiyun became serious. ‘That woman from the Ji Clan.’

He said with a cold glint in his eyes: “Give me her card. I’ve been wanting to meet this Divine Consort for a while now. Also, prepare a carriage and a servant that knows the road well. No need to tell Miss Wang, I want to go alone.” 

The old man handed a card over before going to prepare a carriage.

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