Chapter 440: Divine King’s Mansion

The Beiming Clan had prepared cultivators at the nine gates and seventy-two towns but they didn’t see a trace of Feiyun. Meanwhile, he had already entered the capital.

This city was gargantuan with many layers of walls. A large street was more than 1,200 meters wide and could accommodate ten lanes of carriages at the same time. This was his first time seeing this street.

Last time, he sat inside a carriage to get to the Feng mansion so he had a hard time finding it again despite using his divine intents. Every thousand meters in the cities had carved runes that could stop divine intents from prying.

“That’s the best city in the Jin Dynasty for you.” Feiyun wasn’t in a rush since Ye Xiaoxiang had left. He could take his time strolling through this famous capital.

Cultivators from the eight prefectures all gathered in this place. Each of them had a unique culture, hence the disparity in dressing styles.

It didn’t take long before Wan Xiangcen found him.

Feiyun was a bit surprised and smiled: “My beautiful Wan, how did you know I was in the capital?”

“At least ten great powers knew the moment you took your first step into the capital. Where is Ye Xiaoxiang?” Xiangcen was still chillingly beautiful as she said with a slightly arrogant tone.

The great powers had spies everywhere in the capital. For example, it would be too easy for the four great clans to find someone in this city.

However, Feiyun purposely wanted to be found so he chose this conspicuous path. If he couldn’t find the way back, he wanted Xiangcen to come and find him. It wouldn’t be hard for the Feng Clan to do so, given their current power here.

“She left.” Feiyun sighed.

“She can’t, you are underestimating the power of Beauty’s Smile. It won’t take much effort for them to catch her again.” Xiangcen said.

Feiyun replied: “I used a special technique to hide all divination and aura from her. Even a wisdom master can’t find her whereabouts. If she wants freedom, I will let her go. She is very different from you.” 

“Can’t believe this is coming from you.” Xiangcen smiled sarcastically.

“Where is Wolong Sheng?” He asked.

“He’s still outside the city looking for you and Xiaoxiang. After knowing that you are here, I have already sent a jade talisman to him. He’ll be back within two days.”

A light appeared in her palm and a talisman emerged. She handed it to Feiyun and said: “The clan master has a message for you.”

Feiyun took it before going back to the Feng mansion with Xiangcen.

At the same time, Nangong Hongyan and Ye Xiaoxiang have also entered the capital again with their carriage. They were heading for the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.


Back at the Feng mansion.

Feiyun stood on top of a seven-story red pavilion with both hands behind his back. He looked forward and saw the buildings at the capital. There were palaces, platforms, trees, and gardens in the air with waterfalls pouring down.

He had looked at the content of the talisman and thought to himself: ‘What the hell is Feng Mo planning, why does he want me to become the successor of the Divine King at all cost?’

At this time, a servant girl went up to him and kneeled: “Young Lord, someone from the Divine King mansion wishes to meet you. Will you grant them an audience?”

So fast? Feng Mo was quite shrewd to read this ahead.

Feiyun slightly fixed his attire and asked: “Who is it?”

“The Chief Eunuch of that faction, Attendant Gui.” The girl said respectfully.

“I will go receive him myself.” Feiyun jumped into the sky with each step traveling one hundred meters. The kneeling girl became such a big fan and thought that her Young Lord was so powerful, truly on the same level as the other young kings.

Attendant Gui was an old eunuch with a short stature, only around five feet tall. However, his waist was thick enough to nearly rip his black dove-gown apart.

The old eunuch immediately performed a greeting ceremony: “Your servant greets you, Young Lord.”

Feiyun was impressed at this old man’s cultivation at first glance. There was an indiscernible glint within his muddled eyes. Even though Feiyun couldn’t see the exact level, this eunuch was at least a half-step Giant or even stronger.

He must be an extraordinary man to become the Chief Attendant of the Divine King’s faction.

“Sir, please don’t be so polite. How can a brat like me accept your gesture?” Feiyun said.

“You can, you can. Young Lord, you are the venerable Divine King’s successor while I’m a servant of this faction. Of course you can accept my ceremony.” The eunuch looked up and respectfully said while pulling up his sleeves: “The Divine King wishes to meet you, please board the imperial palanquin.”

Only the carriages of the royal clan could have the word “imperial” as the prefix.

The Divine King’s mansion was next to the palace itself, separated by only one wall.

This place was full of tall architectures and buildings floating in the air with rivers running upward for several hundred meters. There were stone stairs and bridges on the water surface. One could even hear the singing of dancers coming from the cloud.

It looked as if there was a heavenly palace awaiting at the very top.

This was nine hundred miles from the Feng mansion. Ultimately, it was still only a small corner of the capital.

“This particular place houses the royal family. The twelve mansions of the marquises are all here. More than one hundred princes and three hundred princesses lived here too. Same with the Grand Chancellor, the Crown Prince, and Princess Luofu.” Attendant Gui explained along the way.

Feiyun nodded and could see that this place was extraordinary. Even the streets were different from others, decorated with lamps made from white wood-oil trees.

Some of these mansions were as big as a city with soldiers patrolling the walls night and day on their beasts.

“The smallest mansion here still has 1,000 plots of land and several hundred servants and slaves. For example, the largest mansion is the Grand Chancellor’s. It has a few hundred thousand plots, every year, three thousand young girls would be sent there from all over the dynasty.”

“The other lords of the provinces and even governors, in order to please the Grand Chancellor, send tributes of spirit medicines and woman every year, even more than they would to the national treasury.”

Feiyun had already heard about the debaucherous and extravagant lifestyle of the noble clans here but he couldn’t imagine it just yet. Now, just looking at their mansions left him sighing.

He looked up at the palaces and rivers in the sky and could see them drinking and having fun with dance and songs in the background.

After going through thirty-four different main streets, the imperial carriage has finally reached the Divine King’s mansion.

This was the second largest mansion in this area. Just its walls alone with twenty-meter thick and one hundred and eighty-meter high. A thirty-meter wide moat was right outside this home that looked just like a city. Spirit grasses and white flowers were growing on this defensive river.

This was the home for generations of Divine Kings. It was majestic and dignified with an oppressive aura even before entering. It was as if there was a primal beast looming ahead, instilling chills into the intruders.

Two Ancient Jiang warriors opened the gate with loud metallic clankings.

The imperial carriage entered the mansion without being stopped at all and rode along a grand path paved with white jade.

“Attendant Gui, do you know why the venerable Divine King wishes to see me?” Feiyun asked.

The attendant happily laughed, causing his eyes to squint: “Young Lord, you are the future successor, does the king need a reason to see you?”


The attendant noticed Feiyun’s strange expression and quietly explained: “Some news recently came about your poisonous blood being cured. The Divine King might wants to verify this before deciding who to bring into the royal sacred ground.”

“Elaborate.” Feiyun’s eyes became serious.

“After Young Lord was infected, the Divine King gave up in dejection and picked three talents from the clan to be the backups. But now, since you are back, there will be a different plan.” Attendant Gui had a mysterious smile.

Feiyun didn’t care much about becoming the successor but he had no choice but to come here, after receiving Feng Mo’s message.

They have finally reached the living quarters of the Divine King so they got off the carriage.

Attendant Gui told a beautiful palace maid: “Go inform the Divine King that the Young Lord is here.”

The maid performed a greeting ceremony towards the eunuch before whispering: “Earlier, Princess Luofu brought a 5,000 year Mystical Golden Ginseng and wanted to see the king. He is receiving her right now.”

“Princess Luofu…” A glimmer flashed in the attendant’s profound eyes.

Feiyun also heard the two of them talking and became quite surprised. The princess brought such a grand gift just to see the king? It looked like this ambitious princess had a favor to ask.

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