Chapter 437: The Shrine’s Collapse

Under a cliff in the village was a lonely, tiny shrine made out of rocks.

A lamp was burning for an eternity under the shrine. It flickered back and forth due to the cool breezes. This painted an even sadder atmosphere. Who knows what had happened to make all the villagers disappear, leaving behind only this shrine.

After finding the village named Duo from ten thousand years ago, they were able to find the shrine of the Jin River Goddess.

There have been many stories from the other villagers around this area but no one had ever seen Duo and this shrine before, until now with Feiyun.

It confirmed that his speculation was correct. ‘Shui Yueting! On what basis do you justify being worshipped by others! Have you earned your title of goddess!? Get the hell out here for me!”

Feiyun screamed with a ferocious expression. His stone saber flew into his hand and a destructive force came out with a crescent slash, aiming straight for the shrine.

“Boom!” A holy light shot out from the statue and expelled the saber.

It was as if he had tried to cut a mountain of steel. His hands suffered the backlash and became numb while feeling that his bones were about to break.

His inner palms bled with blood spurting everywhere as the saber spun several times in the air before pinning vertically on the ground.

He tumbled several steps backward before stabilizing with his eyes still fixated on the shrine. He saw her beautiful face on top of the holy temperament; it looked to be laughing at his wretchedness. This only further enraged his hatred.

“You’re still laughing?! Is it that funny? BItch, I will make you stop!” Feiyun gritted his teeth and directly rushed forward to punch the shrine. Each punch carried more than ten million pounds of force, capable of destroying mountains. The earth kept quaking before his might but the shrine was impervious. The white aura from the statue itself easily stopped his onslaught.

There were ripping waves emanating from the impact point but the aura remained strong.

Feiyun was normally a calm person but all of his rationality turned into thin air after seeing Shui Yueting.

There was only one thing on his mind… hatred. “Die! Die! Die!”

 Jingyue felt an indescribable bitterness while watching Feiyun’s current appearance.

How much hatred built up in order to lose all rationality and became a madman like this? Most importantly, this statue was virtually identical to her.

“No wonder why he punched instantly the first time we met.” Jingyue didn’t try to stop him. On the other hand, she was afraid that he was lost in a frenzy. If she didn’t tread carefully, he might mistake her for Shui Yueting.

Meanwhile, a cold pair of eyes flashed in the darkness.

Ling Donglai had been tracing the two the whole time. He was also stunned after seeing the tiny statue in the shrine.

“The mythical shrine of the goddess is actually in the ghost village? The goddess is truly as beautiful as an immortal but her aura is so similar to Jingyue.” He thought to himself as his gaze became austere: “Why is this Feng Feiyun doing? Why is he attacking the shrine for no reason why calling out this name of a woman? Shui Yueting? Who the hell is that?”

Donglai had never seen Jingyue’s features so he didn’t know about their similarities outside of their auras.

“Feiyun, who would have thought that you have such a big weakness. Keke.” He took out a silver mask and wore it. Now, he looked like a white-faced phantom and mutter: “The best time to kill you is now!”

“Whoosh!” He flew over.

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, Feiyun continued to unleash barrages on the shrine with both fists. His knuckles were in shambles with blood dripping down his fingers. However, this was no stopping his fury.

A person in black, shrouded by a silver mask, hurriedly aimed for his back with a saber.

“Who?!” Jingyue’s eyes turned cold with her hair flying. She flicked the string on her pia with one finger. A ten-meter long soundwave flew outside and struck the saber, stopping the assailant.

This newcomer slightly glanced at her before attacking Feiyun with even more ferocity than before. Sparks erupted on his blade before engulfing it completely with a flame. This was a frightening attack.

“How brave.” Jingyue sharply danced with four fingers on the strings now in a gentle yet harsh manner.

“A sad song for all, where to find a friend waiting in the edge of the world?”

“Boom!” The soundwave turned into a sword with a heavenly ray flying outside to slash the mysterious combatant.

Startled he was from this attack and condensed a maelstrom with his other palm into a taiji diagram to stop the soundwave.

“This person is quite strong, capable of using the purest art of the daoist doctrine. This can be a king in the young generation.’ Jingyue’s dress was as white as snow and hid her slender and lovely figure. A round moon resembling a jade plate floated above her and poured down clear flashes of light.

This was the Haotian Spirit Mirror. She pointed forward and a plume of light shot out from the mirror to break the taiji diagram. It struck and blew the combatant flying into the black of the night. After several spins in the air, this mysterious person was nowhere to be found.

“Jingyue is actually so strong, can’t be any weaker than Feiyun but few in the cultivation world know her name. She must have a big secret.” Donglai took off his mask and stared at Jingyue with a complicated glimmer before retreating back to the village.

He was afraid of revealing his identity so there was no using his full strength. Retreating was the only option.

Under her command, the mirror came back and floated on her fair palm. She wanted to use it to chase after that silver-mask assailant but a loud blast came from behind.

“Boom!” Feiyun actually took out a gigantic bronze vessel and smashed the shrine into a pile of rubbles. Even the statue inside was turned into dust.

Right after its destruction, nefarious gales chilled the entire village. Black clouds hid the moon and the entire place was shrouded in total darkness.

All of the lamps inside the houses turned off at the same time. Only the lamp in what’s left of the shrine was still burning with a flickering dot.

Feiyun recalled his vessel and was lying flat on the ground while continuously panting. His wits were coming back: “Still can’t get past this demon, always losing control after seeing Shui Yueting.”

The huge statue by the river was very similar to Shui Yueting but it was still a rough carving. It wasn’t like the tiny statue inside that was molded to near perfection. Even the items of clothing on it were the same.

Jingyue came behind him with a tinge of gentleness in her eyes yet she pretended to be cold: “You’re alive, still?

“Can’t die before you.” Feiyun slowly pushed himself off the ground and took the pinned saber from the mud.

She sarcastically smiled back: “You actually hate me that much? Going crazy after seeing a statue that looks like me.”

“Little girl, stop dreaming, I don’t have that much interest in you.” Feiyun smiled and said.

“So you are only interested in Shui Yueting.” She retorted.

His expression changed to coldness after hearing this name: “You better not say this name in front of me again or you’ll suffer a very ugly death.”

How could she be scared by this? Derision rose in her glance: “Feiyun, who would have thought that you would be so scared of someone?”

“Haha, who says I’m afraid of her?” He found this statement ridiculous.

She continued: “If you’re not afraid, then why do you not even dare to hear her name?”

“I…” Feiyun became silent for a bit: “Little Dongfang, you’re better off not sticking your nose into this or it will only bring you trouble.”

Jingyue naturally didn’t listen and wanted to retort again. However, her heart skipped a beat after sensing a fatal danger ahead.

Feiyun was shocked after feeling this too. A monstrous thing was rising from below the earth.

“Get back now.” Feiyun lunged forward and pushed her down to the ground.

The spot they were standing on earlier had a gap with blinding light oozing out.

Anything that was touched by this light turned into ashes completely.

This ray shot into the sky and destroyed the black clouds. It looked like it was heading for space.

Jingyue kicked the guy who was on top of her flying before floating up again. Her eyes glimmered with astonishment as she stared at the light coming from below. It really looked like something wanted to get out.

Feiyun suffered no damage from the kick and landed elegantly on the ground. ‘This damned woman always has a hot temper.’ He rubbed his chest with a footprint still on it.

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