Chapter 432: Beiming Potian

Ye Xiaoxiang stopped playing her flute with an obvious flash of happiness in her eyes. ‘He’s finally back from hell.’

Spirit energy returned to Ling Donglai’s group but not their composure. Everyone seemed to be waking up from a long dream and found Xiaoxiang to be even more frightening than Feiyun.

Despite her weak cultivation, she could rob the young kings of their power with her flute.

They have never expected this scholarly and gentle woman to have this ability.

“If this woman chooses Feiyun, we have to kill her.” A murderous intent flashed in the crevices of Donglai’s eyes.

However, they had an opponent to take care of right now and had no time to deal with Xiaoxiang.

Feiyun was brought by the Temporal Flower to a spatial trap, not hell. If it was hell, there was no coming back even with his spirit vessel.

It was similar to the beast soul realm back in the Wanxiang Pagoda. Both existed in unstable gaps of space. However, wise sages from the pagoda opened and prepared formations for the beast soul realm.

On the other hand, the space where Feiyun was pulled into had no formations from this world, not even spatial coordinates. He had to use his Minor Change Art to calculate the way to get back. 

He barely made it out with the help of his spirit vessel. Anyone else wouldn’t have been so lucky. They would be trapped inside until only bones were left.

Feiyun’s hair was standing up straight with pride. Yama’s spine on his back emitted a large expanse of black light with a shudder-inducing evil affinity. It was as if he had a black dragon resting on his back.

He no longer used the vessel to suppress the power of the spine.

“Rumble!” Bones started to crack on the spine. A monstrous power engulfed his body.

The spine represented “power” for Yama. It was awakening now as its power channeled to his arms.

“Boom!” Feiyun’s long hair was flying like crazy with his eyes turning golden like a bell. He unleashed a palm attack against Luo Tao. The impact of this attack knocked Luo Tao’s Golden Primal Cage right on his chest. Both he and his treasure fell to the ground.

What kind of power was this? Even a spirit treasure couldn’t stop it.

“Boom!” A second palm strike came about with an even larger energy radius and more evil affinity. Feiyun wanted to kill this young king.

“Tiger-subduing Bottle!” Luo Tao used this awesome dao technique. The bottle floated above him in order to stop this shocking strike.

“Poof!” The bottle shattered into golden energy and Feiyun placed his palm on Luo Tao’s head.

“Bang!” This young king’s legs broke down so his body kneeled on the ground. His internal organs were annihilated into bits. Blood oozed out of his orifices.

There was no sign of life on this kneeling king. A top expert of the young generation had fallen just like that.

“Ugh.” Feiyun also vomited blood due to the backlash from using the power of the spine. He quickly channeled the vessel again in order to suppress the spine. This power quickly receded to his back along with the evil affinity.

The young kings were very powerful. If Feiyun didn’t take this risk, he might not have been able to kill someone like Luo Tao.

He had only reached second-level of Heaven’s Mandate so his battle potential was around the same as these young kings. Of course, this was without using the spirit vessel.

People all stared unblinkingly at Feiyun. “Is this guy really still inflicted with the poisonous blood?’

A young king was just taken down by him.

“What do you want?” Feiyun used his Samsara Steps and emerged right before Ling Donglai. He noticed that the guy was coming towards Ye Xiaoxiang with malicious intention.

Earlier, if it wasn’t for Xiaoxiang’s flute, they would have trapped him in that other world right now by working together.

Someone as careful and smart like Donglai could see that Xiaoxiang was even a bigger threat than Feiyun. He wanted to eliminate her first.

Donglai smiled in response: “Demon’s son, your reputation is rotten. Maestro Ye, on the other hand, is everyone’s fairy. If she stays with you too long, her reputation will be ruined too. I’m sure that’s not something you want to see. Maestro Ye, come with me, I stake my integrity on the line and will guarantee your safe return to the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion.”

Xiaoxiang’s expression changed as she stood behind Feng Feiyun and didn’t know what to do at this moment.

“She’s not coming with you.” Feiyun grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.

Xiaoxiang couldn’t sense the elusive murderous intent on Donglai but he could. If he were to hand Xiaoxiang over, she would be killed along the way.

This so-called staking it on his integrity was only an excuse. Donglai could easily blame it on Feiyun after killing her. Thus, there was no way Feiyun would let something like this happen. 

“Maestro Ye, we’re all your fans. Feng Feiyun, you’re trying to restrain her? Do you want to antagonize everyone here?” Donglai expressed his anger with words.

He was pushing Feiyun to the front of trouble. There were at least fifty young prodigies here. Some among them were overlords and kings.

However, not many were under the Grand Chancellor’s camp so they had no grievances against Feng Feiyun.

Alas, more than half were Ye Xiaoxiang’s fans. Some came specifically to save her so after hearing Donglai, all of them were angry and viewed Feiyun as their enemy. Aggressive auras all focused on Feiyun.

Donglai sneered: ‘Let’s see how you get out of this one, Feiyun.’

“The historical geniuses are indeed extraordinary, not just talented but also smart. Donglai knows how to kill with a borrowed knife.” The golden-robed prince smiled while watching the contest between two historical geniuses.

An eunuch behind him smiled and said: “They’re the third and fourth ranker on the bottom list but their power is virtually equal. In a life-and-death fight, who knows who will come out on top? Both of them surely still have hidden moves.”

“It’s getting more interesting.” “The prince was amused.

Even though Feng Feiyun had just killed a young king just now, this wasn't enough to scare off these music fans.

“Demon’s son, you better release Maestro Ye. You grabbing her hand like that is very disrespectful.”

“Feng Feiyun, I’ll take you on!”

“Feng Feiyun, hand over her to Commander Ling so that he can escort her back to the capital, we won't desecrate your corpse then.”

Feng Feiyun was determined to not hand Xiaoxiang over. He looked back and stared at her to ask: “Do you want to go with me or him?”

She was frightened by his stare and lowered her head while wondering: ‘Why so mean? Don’t you know you should be gentler towards a girl?’

“Do you trust me or him?” Feiyun emphasized again.

“Of course I trust … you.” Her hand was hurting from his tight grip.

Feiyun sneered at the crowd and said: “As you all can see, Maestro Ye doesn’t trust Commander Ling and wants to go with me. I, also stake my life, on taking her back safely to the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion.”

Ling Donglai’s expression darkened and began to channel power into his palms. A maelstrom was forming inside.

Everyone could see that these two geniuses on the bottom list were about to fight. It was going to be a brilliant battle.

Suddenly, a majestic voice interrupted them even when it was still a thousand miles away: “I highly doubt that you’ll be able to take her back to the pavilion.”

On a mountain path, a man was riding a red deer over towards the direction of the ghost village. He had a gigantic sword without a tip. It looked just like a large piece of metal with a hilt.

It looked like a black mountain; who knows how many pounds it actually weighed?

Few have ever seen such a large sword and even fewer could carry it.

It didn’t take long before he reached the river. His presence alone made everyone here waver mentally.

“Beiming Potian!” A young overlord blurted out after seeing this man.

The other prodigies were startled too. Potian has been famous for nearly twenty years. Even young kings would bow their head before him.

Beiming Potian, Dongfang Jingshui, and Long Shenya were known as the Capitals’ Trio of Excellence.

Not only were they incredibly talented but their background was frightening as well.

Potian was the strongest of the Beiming’s young generation.

Jingshui was the best for the Yin Gou Clan.

Long Shenya was the crown prince of the dynasty.

Any of them would stir up the crowd wherever they went. Potian stole the spotlight right away and overshadowed all the other geniuses here. [1]

1. I actually wanted to see a fight between Feiyun and Donglai

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