Chapter 431: Temporal Flower Blooms

“That’s the Dragon King’s Saber Art. Hmm, only three at most among the young generation of the imperial clan could cultivate it to this level.” The prince mused and said: “But he isn’t any of those three, so he must be that person.”

“But that art is only for the royal family, how can someone not part of the clan… oh, you’re talking about that guy.”

“Yes, it must be him.”

After people realized that it was Feng Feiyun fighting against Luo Tao, they became frightened. A mortally-poisoned fella was still so strong? They suspected that he had found an antidote.

Luo Tao became increasingly surprised. Feiyun truly looked like he was burning his body but at this point, there should be nothing left of this bastard, but he kept on becoming stronger as the fight waged on. Such trickery!


The evening rays looked like blood, accompanied by the chilling crepuscular breeze.

Night time was near and the ghost village was about to come out. Who knows what will happen then so Luo Tao couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted victory now.

“Tiger-subduing Bottle, make the Temporal Flower bloom!” He raised both hands above his head and gathered all the energy nearby. A large, yellow bottle took form with boundless dao laws inside. It was containing the power of the world.

Feiyun also spread both arms and used his forty divine intents to derive the universe. This gave birth to a black expanse shrouding a hammer. The hammer became larger and larger, from the size of a fist to a skull and didn’t stop until it was several hundred meters long just like a mountain. The entire sky turned black.

This hammer was endowed with an ancient power. Its emerging shape alone already gave an immense feeling. This was a weapon of a thunder god capable of shattering a huge continent.

“Heaven Punishing Hammer!” Feiyun called out the legendary hammer with the Minor Change Art and his forty divine intents. Of course, this was only a faint shadow but it was still enough to freeze the space around it.

Luo Tao’s bottle also has a frightening origin. It belonged to a legendary character and he could only call a faint shadow as well.

“Rumble!” The contest between the two caused the sky to shake. The water in the river was also evaporating.

This was a fight between two young kings. The prodigies nearby felt their blood boiling and wondered when they will be able to reach this level of true power.

“Luo Tao can compete with a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator now.” Donglai thought to himself.

Not many among the young generation could even reach the fourth level.

“Bloom, my Temporal Flower! Make the bottle come back to life!” A yellow energy wave shot out of his mouth. The shattered bottle came out of the Jin River with intertwining runes with an abnormal amount of power.

Feiyun also cried out: “Minor Change Revolution, Heaven Punishing Hammer!” 

The forty divine intents floated on Feiyun’s palm and activated his Minor Change Art. The black hammer came out again.

A sect from Earthchild was amazing indeed. Its disciple could use a dao technique to recreate a sacred artifact from their doctrine that could contend against the hammer.

Feiyun had a newfound respect for these sects. No wonder why they dared to separate from the Jin Dynasty and rebelled against the Jin Emperor.

“Boom!” Both shadows became faint again on the second impact.

This time around, a huge flower came out of the shattered bottle and emitted a powerful suctioning power to absorb Feiyun into its petals.

“Whoosh!” The petals surrounded him and pulled him down the river, all the way through the base.

“The Temporal Flower exists in hell, according to the legends.”

“The broken bottle made the flower bloom in the Yellow River.”

“The flower just dragged Feiyun into hell just now.”

Everyone was shocked by this particular technique. Not to mention the flower, just the first form, the bottle, alone was unstoppable.

The remaining young kings became serious. They all had forbidden techniques that could boost their power by several times to stop the bottle. However, they weren’t so sure against the Temporal Flower.

Even Donglai’s expression changed. He had the best of luck but if the petals were to surround him, he could be taken into hell and die down there.

Rumor has it that there was a special sphere down in hell. After entering, the body would disappear, only the spirit would remain with no way of coming back.

Everyone used their divine intents in order to search underground. There was no sign of life; Feng Feiyun had indeed disappeared from this area.

The dead could enter hell but there was definitely no way of coming back.

“The demon’s son will now be gone from the Jin Dynasty, never to appear again.” Luo Tao declared. That guy was too strong earlier and he had almost fallen to the hammer. But in the end, he emerged as the final victor.

The young cultivators here had complicated feelings. The young kings were frightening indeed. This particular one could even send someone to hell. Later on, even the historical geniuses might need to be wary of him.

“Boom!” Suddenly, the ground began to quake after a loud blast.

What was this sound?

“Boom!” One more resounded. The ground cracked with many lines and the air was affected with ripples and waves.

It seemed that an invisible portal was opening.

“Boom!” The sound became louder and the quaking intensified. A tiny void cracked in the air with black light oozing out. There was a strange and dark aura from another world.

Luo Tao had a cold chill. Did Feng Feiyun not die down there and was making his way back?

The other prodigies were frightened as well. They could sense this otherworldly aura coming from this tiny gap in the air.

“Boom!” The gap didn’t open completely and eventually closed.

“Phew” Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. If hell couldn’t keep Feng Feiyun, who else would be able to kill him.

However, this showed that he couldn’t come back from hell so his death was certain.

“No one can survive a minute in hell. It’s been thirty seconds now, there’s no way he can come back even if he has some heaven-defying means…”

“Boom!” Another ferocious blast resounded with cracks widening on the ground.

Another void the size of a finger emerged again. Eventually, a hand came out of this enlarging gap. It was Feng Feiyun intending to break out of this hell sphere to escape.

“Bang!” One could see a figure through the gap now. He was standing on top of an azure vessel, wishing to break through the spatial wall.

“What the hell? Is he still human? We must stop him from breaking the barrier and returning.” A young overlord attacked the gap with a dao technique.

Luo Tao, Ling Donglai, and other geniuses under the Grand Chancellor shared the same idea. They must not let him come back from hell.

As they were about to unleash their ultimate techniques, a melody of a flute fluttered about. It was beautiful like a song from the world of immortals and bewitched the mind. Everyone’s energy became chaotic and they couldn’t condense it at all.

It had a strange and irresistible charm. Even a historical genius like Donglai and a young king like Luo Tao became slow. The flow of energy stagnated and they couldn’t unleash their moves or even call out their soulbound artifacts from the dantian.

This was naturally Ye Xiaoxiang in action. She stood on top of a peak with her violet dress dancing with the wind just like an immortal during dusk. She held a simple flute and played her heart out.

Her violet flute had been taken by Feng Feiyun so while he was fighting against Luo Tao, she ran into the mountain to make a simple bamboo flute out of a tree. Now, she had the chance to use it against those who were attacking Feiyun.

Dongfang Jingyue had planned on taking action just now but Ye Xiaoxiang was one step ahead of her. Jingyue became even more frustrated with Xiaoxiang, evident by the grudge in her eyes.  

“Boom!” A loud tear quaked the area. Feiyun’s hair was flying just like a devil god as he flew out of the void.

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