Chapter 430: Battle Between Kings

“Not good, something might actually happen to Feng Feiyun. I can sense the power in his body scattering away at a quick pace. Not to mention Ling Donglai, even Xun You can kill him now. Are you really not going to do anything?” Jingshui became serious and stared at his little sister.

“Wait a bit.” Jingyue’s eyes had an ethereal spirituality to them as she gazed at the battle. 

‘Feng Feiyun, if this is all you can do, I will be sorely disappointed. Even if you have to lose, at least lose to someone of Ling Donglai’s level, how can you lose to his servant?’

Ling Donglai had personally visited the dragon lake to meet the Clan Master of the Yin Gou and earned a high evaluation from the clan master. The clan master said that he was the most talented youth the clan master had ever seen and liked the young man very much.

The clan master had talked to Dongfang Jingyue about this. Even though he didn’t directly say it outright, he implicitly stated his intention of wanting to pair them together.

After all, a supreme genius with boundless potential would become a formidable master that can look down on the world in the future, provided that he doesn’t die an early death.

The clan master was visionary and naturally wanted to recruit someone so gifted. The best method was through marriage.

However, the entire clan knew that Dongfang Jingyue had feelings for Feng Feiyun. Plus, Feiyun was the successor of the Divine King and the current greatest genius in the world. His potential was even higher than Donglai’s. This was the reason why the clan master didn’t agree right away.

However, this was no longer the case. Feiyun was poisoned by Yama’s blood with not long to live. The difference between Feiyun and Donglai was the gap between the heaven and earth. If Donglai were to visit the dragon lake again, the clan master might be the one to initiate a marriage talk.

Because the clan master kept on harping to her about his name, Jingyue took note of Ling Donglai. If Feiyun were to lose to him, another historical genius, it wouldn’t be shameful at all.

But if he were to lose to Donglai’s follower, then the world would mock him till death.

“The heavenly dao is vast and unpredictable but same with one’s life. If all of you must force me, then I shall use this heaven-defying forbidden art to stimulate my remaining power. Even if I have to die, I’ll take several of you down with me!” Feiyun landed on the shore and slightly bend his body to channel his power. A blazing flame ignited on his body with a tragic yet moving aura. 

For other people, it looked as if he was burning his cultivation and blood in order to obtain his final power in order to take the enemy down with him. However, Feiyun was the only one who knew that this was a different form of the Immortal Phoenix Physique to give him a power boost.

“Feng Feiyun is about to perform his final move.” Everyone could sense his surging power.

However, they weren’t afraid at all and were even sneering at him because the guy didn’t have long to live. His blood was about to stain the Jin River.

“Feng Feiyun, only blame the heavenly dao for being ruthless towards you. If you are burning your vitality, then I shall use my strongest sword art to send you to the next life.” Xun You’s body became black and white. His energy also was half black and half white.

His sword grew several dozen meters larger, brimming with a daoist glow. He slashed downward as if wanting to separate the earth into two halves.

“Rumble!” Feiyun’s ignited body seemed to have a faint phoenix shadow flying around and emitting a majestic presence.

“Pluff!” A broken sound about with blood raining down.

The dual-chromatic sky shattered, seemingly separated into two halves just like Xun You’s body. It was torn apart by Feng Feiyun’s bare hands and crashed into the ground.

Such violent carnage! A young overlord had just met his demise!

“Feng Feiyun is a desperate dog at its end now, he will want to drag us down with him. Let me suppress him.” A king of the young generation leaped above Feiyun’s head.

His sleeves trembled in the air and became larger just like two large clouds. The spirit energy there was frighteningly thick.

This young king wasn’t a noble from the capital. He was a successor of a sect from Earthchild. He came to the capital because of the Princess Luofu’s husband selection and became friend with Ling Donglai.

Donglai had an austere expression and felt that something was amiss. This scene ahead was too serious so he warned: “Feng Feiyun is not that weak, don’t be tricked by him.”

Xun You was his capable follower. His death made Donglai much more cautious. This Feng Feiyun had successfully tricked too many people before.

“Why won’t you all spare me a path?! Fine, let my final light becomes even more resplendent!” Feiyun acted indignant by the shore and lamented at the surging river.

The two clouds created by the young king sucked Feng Feiyun into his sleeve.

This was a top technique named “Universal Sleeve”, one of the best of the daoist order. It used one’s sleeves to create a spatial sphere that could suck in the opponent then refined them inside with spirit energy.

This young king used this technique to imprison Feng Feiyun.

“Haha, I got him, just wait, I'll refine him into blood. This is too easy.” He laughed.

Donglai became rest assured and thought to himself: “Looks like I needlessly worried.”

“Refined into blood…” Ye Xiaoxiang’s wondrous face became slightly pale. ‘Is he really dead?’

“Boom!” The young king was startled with his hands wildly shaking out of his control. His sleeves were becoming bigger… ‘The guy still isn’t dead?! How can this be?!’  

The shaking became more violent and moved the young king with it. Suddenly, his sleeves shattered and a fiery ray flew out.

It was Feng Feiyun with a fierce glare holding his oversized stone saber with both hands. He slashed straight at the foe and unleashed a white dragon.

Dragon King’s First Slash!

There was still blood dripping down the naked arms of the young king. He had an ugly expression on since he failed to take care of this sickly demon’s son. How could he stand for this?!

“Primal Golden Cage!” A golden glow appeared in his hand. This was a spirit treasure made from golden threads woven together, carrying a massive power.

It began to channel spirit energy inside a formation with an awakened spirituality and turned this whole area into a jail.

“Boom!” The saber slash slammed into the cage. The metallic ringing echoed across the world.

Young kings were at third-level Heaven’s Mandate and even stronger than many monsters that have lived for hundreds of years. These prodigies were exceedingly rare, almost like the leaves during autumn.

They naturally had methods and secret techniques in order to reign against their peers; the young overlords were no match for them.

This was finally an even fight between two kings of the young generation.

Their spirit treasures pierced through the earth while their best attacks crushed the sky.

The combat kept on moving from shore to the river and back again. This drove the current of the river crazy with waves towering for dozens of feet, almost sweeping away the clouds in the sky.

Feiyun couldn’t go easy at all against someone of this level. He channeled all of his energy into the saber and made white dragons dance above the river.

The place looked like a river of demonic dragons rushing everywhere.

This young king was completely frightened but he didn’t let it show. ‘This guy is as firm as a mountain, I can’t shake him at all. That’s why people say the demon’s son is the number one genius of the Jin Dynasty. He can still keep up with me despite being poisoned but how? He’s already burning his blood for power so he can’t last much longer. He’ll definitely fall tonight.’ 

This battle started at noon and didn’t end even at dusk.

Many cultivators have run over from the small town. They initially came for the ghost village.

“That move is called Daoist Origin Exchange, one of the top techniques of the Tiger Subduing Sect. It must be Luo Tao.” A prince dressed in a golden robe from the royal family watched with four eunuchs behind him.

“There are too many sects at Earthchild with cultivators as numerous as the fish in the river. However, only five or six sects can train a youth to this level. But who is this guy fighting against Luo Tao?” A different daughter from a marquis faction wore a white satin dress and landed elegantly like a speck of snow.

Energies kept on ravaging the Jin River. People only saw faint shadows and indiscernible techniques, not their real location.



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