Chapter 429: Weak Act

Feng Feiyun simply channeled his Swift Samsara and easily dodged the gigantic palm.

“That’s the Eagle King Physique at the sixth level, allowing Wang Sanwang to change his frame. That strike earlier had the power of three dragon-tigers. That could seriously injure me if it connects.” A young overlord sighed.

“No one at the same level can compete with Feiyun’s speed.” Donglai had fought against Feiyun before so he was aware of both Feiyun’s strong and weak points and considered him to be his greatest rival.

On the lower list, he was ranked fourth while Feiyun occupied the third position. Only by defeating Feiyun would he be able to prove that he is stronger.

“But he’s poisoned now and won’t be able to fight for long. His vitality and power can’t support it.” The young king stated.

Donglai nodded in agreement but he still didn’t underestimate Feiyun.

“Haha, this is the legendary demon’s son? Feng Feiyun, did the poisonous blood make you even weaker than a woman?!” Wang Sanwang continued his barrage, leaving more pits in the shape of a palm on the ground while forcing Feiyun backward.

Feiyun sneered and suddenly stopped to unleash a palm strike straight for Sanwang.

It carried the power of the five elements with a black, red, white, green, and yellow shade. This palm shadow was ten meters large and directly slammed into Sanwang’s palm.

“Boom!” It was an even exchange.

Sanwang faltered one step backward and felt pain in his palm. No one could contest him in terms of pure strength at the same level but Feiyun did it just now.

“Alright, the demon’s son is not that bad. Eat this kick!” His left leg grew thirty meters longer and ripped through his pants. It was four meter thick and people could even see the enlarged pores with a metallic glow shining on the surface.

He jumped up before trampling down with his leg.

Feiyun didn’t want others to know that his poisonous blood had been cured so he didn’t go all out from start to finish. That palm strike earlier was only 30% of his real power.

How could this “Eagle King Physique” compare to the Immortal Phoenix Physique?

Feiyun’s complexion turned pale with beads of sweat as if he was frightened by this incoming attack.

“Thunderfire Jewel.” He took out his second-rank spirit treasure. It flew out from his palm and turned into a plume of fire with more than one thousand lightning rays dancing inside. The power of the treasure directly burned the skin of Sanwang’s foot and blew him flying. The resulting impact made him bleed all over the place.

The situation was instantly changed.

“Boom!” Sanwang fell by the river and left behind a huge pit. His internal organs were wounded by the jewel while his skin was burnt to a crisp. His hair was standing on end with smoke coming out.

He climbed up from the pit and heaved out some black smoke from his mouth. Some lightning rays were still running on his tongue.

“Kneel for me!” Feiyun used his treasure to force Sanwang down on his knees right next to Gu Zhuanfeng.

“The demon’s son deserves his reputation. Even a young overlord like Sanwang is no match for him.” A different overlord commented.

Meanwhile, Donglai was smirking while thinking to himself: ‘Feiyun’s vitality has really decreased to a sad level, needing to use a second-rank spirit treasure against Sanwang. If it was me, I wouldn’t even need to use 50% of my power. Feiyun, are you really this weak now?’

The two siblings of the Dongfang were also watching the fight from the other side.

Jingshui slightly frowned and said: “What’s going on? Feiyun shouldn’t be this weak. Did I sense it wrong? His body is still infected by Yama’s blood then?”

Even the intelligent Jingyue became serious. If the poisonous blood was still present, then it wasn’t looking good for Feiyun today.

Ye Xiaoxiang recognized these prodigies here today but for some reasons, she was worried a bit about Feng Feiyun. Of course, it wasn’t because she liked him or anything; it was a type of sympathy for the weak.

After all, if the poor fella was “bullied” by these young experts, her compassionate and kind soul would actually speak up for his sake.

She went over to Ling Donglai and said: “Everyone, this is a misunderstanding. I wasn’t kidnapped by Feng Feiyun. It was someone else.”

The prodigies here were all under the Grand Chancellor and have received the must-kill order. It didn’t matter whether he was the kidnapper or not, they would go all out in killing him today.

Donglai smile and said: “Maestro Ye, no need to be afraid of this heinous demon. He won’t touch a finger of yours today with us here.”

Xun You added: “We all know that you’re only saying that because he threatened you. Commander Ling is right, we’ll force him into submission. Maestro, just stay here and watch the fun.”

Xiaoxiang wanted to speak again but Xun You has already flown above her to attack Feng Feiyun.

He was another overlord of the young generation and felt quite confident after watching the fight, thinking that he had seen through Feiyun’s abilities. ‘I can beat him by myself!’

“Feng Feiyun, you’re only relying on that second-rank spirit treasure but I brought one too, how are you going to stop me?” He laughed as he hovered above Feiyun.

Feiyun coughed twice and slightly quivered but he still uttered coldly: “I’ll make you kneel.”

“Hmph, no need for posturing, don’t think I don’t see that your vitality is done for after fighting Sanwang earlier. You can’t even exert 70% of your strength now, how are you going to fight me?” Xun You didn’t waste time any longer. 

His hands began to glow, one side black and the other white. An ancient sword flew out of his dantian. It was also half black and half white with a dao symbol carved on the hilt. It emitted a pure power of the daoist doctrine.

He was Ling Donglai’s most loyal follower and cultivated a sword technique of the daoists taught by Donglai. It was derived from the Dao Ancestor’s three mantras. Even his sword was given to him by Donglai.

The power of the daoist combined with a spirit treasure was indeed amazing. The sky was divided into the black and white color as well.

Xun You followed Donglai to all the battlefields as the vanguard. He had more actual battle experience than anyone on top of a battle-hardened bloodthirst.

When he took out his sword, thousands of lost souls floated around the blade. They were its victims.

The sword rushed forward like a rampaging army.

Despite using the Thunderfire Jewel, Feiyun still couldn’t stop this power and was continuously pushed backward.

“Haha, you can’t even take me on, how are you ranked before my commander. How senseless.” Xun You was lost in a frenzy as the battle waged on with a yin-yang diagram below his feet. It empowered him even more.

The ray of the sword grew larger with a speed as fast as a dragon. It nearly split Feiyun into two halves several times already.

Xun You was elated in this process. If he could kill the demon’s son, then he would instantly be world-renowned. This gave him all the fuel necessary to fight on.

Feiyun also took out his Infinite Spirit Ring. It floated to the sky with the jewel but this was still not enough to stop Xun You’s onslaught.

“Feiyun’s strength is dispersing more and more, just look at his aura.” A young king’s eyes were dazzlingly bright like two stars. He could see the current condition of Feiyun.

Donglai lamented: “I thought he would be an opponent worthy of beating so that I could prove my dao. What a shame that he is growing weaker like this, even my follower can defeat him. Truly disappointing.”

Another young overlord was full of regrets about being one step late compared to Xun You. If he were the one to rush forward first and defeat Feng Feiyun, he could have been the famous one instead.

However, Xiaoxiang was feeling the most remorseful. She might be simple but certainly not stupid. She naturally could see that these prodigies wanted to kill Feiyun today.

Ultimately, she owed Feiyun a debt because without him, she would be ravaged by a wretched old man in the Grand Chancellor’s mansion right now.

‘I shouldn’t have forced him to come to this small town and exercise the ghost village. If he didn’t come here, these people wouldn’t have found him and he wouldn’t be bullied like this. It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault…’ She became quite upset with self-blaming.

‘The people here are all famous young lords of the capital while he is poisoned, he can’t take them on…’ If he were to die today, she would feel responsible for the rest of her life.

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