Chapter 428: Kings Of The Young Generation

Some waves were several meters high and swept through the vapor and mist for many miles.

Dongfang Jingyue recalled her four white wings and landed on the other shore like a pure flower.

She looked towards the other side with a pair of eyes as calm as water. However, tidal waves were unceasingly running through her mind.

“What now, can’t leave?” Jingshui landed with his black cloud and stood next to her with a smile on his face.

“Hmph, I only want to see how the two of them will die. That geezer Beiming Cang wants Ye Xiaoxiang so he sent out heretical experts from the Dark Realm to kidnap her but that idiot Feiyun interfered along the way. It’s interesting now, Beiming Cang is a fool but Beiming Moshou is a wily fox. Since he had placed all the blame on Feng Feiyun, he will definitely try and silence the two of them. ” She said.

Jingyue was exceedingly intelligent and saw through everything with just a few clues. There were some slightly off details but it was as if she had witnessed everything in person.

Jingshui’s analysis skill was no match for his little sister.

She continued: “If that fox wants to kill someone at the capital, who can actually survive?”

“Right, but if you, the beloved daughter of the Dongfang, want to protect someone, no one can kill them either. Feiyun is really an idiot. If he had just asked you for help, maybe he’ll be able to survive.”

“I have nothing to do with him, it’s useless even if he were to beg me.” She slightly frowned while still staring at the other shore.

Jingshui chuckled: “Why do I smell some jealousy here?”

“Because there’s something wrong with your nose.” She retorted.

“Well, who told me that they were going to laugh at Feiyun but after seeing him flirting with another girl, they couldn’t handle it and left right away yet still sneaking on this side to watch over them. Can you tell me what this person is thinking?” He didn’t let up.

“Who says I’m watching them?” Jingyue turned back at her brother while feeling very annoyed: “I’m waiting for the ghost village to appear again. I have zero interest in this demon’s son and Maestro Ye.”

“But it’s still too early so the ghost village won’t appear any time soon. Why don’t we go to the town first for a look?” He smiled.

“Go yourself then.” She could tell that he was teasing her but she really couldn’t leave.

Jingshui naturally didn’t leave either and stay by her side.

After a long contemplation, she asked him: “Who is prettier, Ye Xiaoxiang or me? Do not laugh.”

“Fine, fine, I won’t laugh. Of course, you are prettier. There are many beauties in the world but none compare to my little sister.” Jingshui was telling the truth, not just to please her.

Jingyue’s features were too similar to the Jin River Goddess so, in order to avoid needless troubles, she always wore a white veil. Fewer than few have seen her real appearance; her brother was naturally one of the lucky ones.

“Then is our clan the richest in the world?” Jingyue asked again.

“Of course, even the national treasury isn’t as great as ours.” Jingshui answered.

“Is my cultivation better or hers?” She continued.

“Not only is your cultivation better, you are also smarter than her.” He replied.

After a brief lull, she concluded: “I see, that fool must be in love of her talents, thinking that her musical gift is the best in the world.”

Jingshui nodded and sighed: “That’s indeed the case, her music is matchless, especially her flute. It is enough to make someone wants to live during the worst despair, enough for a Giant to forget themselves, enough to affect everyone’s emotions and causing them to laugh or cry with her melodies…”

“Then do you think my pipa can match her flute?” She asked.

Jingshui was startled: “Well, sis, what are you thinking?”

“Just asking.” A flash appeared in her eyes. [1]

Suddenly, several monstrous qi images rushed to the sky with the momentum resembling a great army.

Jingshui smirked and said: “Some young kings are here, Feiyun won’t get off without a fight today.”

Feiyun on the other side also sensed the brewing storm.

At this moment, certain prodigies of the young generation have just landed on the river shore.

The group consisted of one historical genius from the lower list and one young king.

What people referred to as young kings were prodigies at the third-level of Heaven’s Mandate. They were only weaker than historical geniuses from the upper list. Even some of the new historical geniuses from the lower list might not be their match.

These kings of the young generation have made their debut for several decades now. For example, the best genius of the Destruction Cave, Wolong Sheng, was one of these kings.

“What a coincidence, meeting two old friends.” Ling Donglai had his regular armor, looking quite mighty. There was also a powerful lady luck accompanying him.

After a long parting, this youngest Divine Commander of the Jin Martial Army has grown even stronger.

Standing next to him was a king with an extraordinary yet faint presence as if he was lost in the mist.

There were three more top geniuses behind them. They wore expensive embroidered robes, indicative of their amazing wealth. These were big shots no matter the location and fell under the category of “young overlords”.

Overlords were heaven-defying geniuses at second-level Heaven’s Mandate. In the next few decades, they could break through this level and eventually become Giants.

More importantly, they had a powerful background and more often than not, they were the successor of their sects or clans. Thus, they had quite a force that could be mobilized behind them.

One historical genius, one king, and three overlords; this team could sweep through any location.

However, Feng Feiyun wasn’t scared at all and smiled: “Commander Ling, long time no see.”

In the Jin Dynasty, Feng Feiyun could be considered to have the best talents but in terms of luck and providence, Ling Donglai was number one.

He could be the favorite son of the heavens with perfect luck at birth. He could randomly dig a site and grab a spirit stone, randomly stroll into a cave and find an ancient lineage. Even just by drinking from a clear river, he could find some gold below.

His six spirit treasures were all found by chance. Someone with an amazing luck like him was quite frightening since no one could actually defeat him. Even when he met a character of the Giant level, the crisis would always strangely be resolved in his favor.

Someone with such incredible providence couldn’t possibly lose.

“Indeed, I can’t believe that you’re still alive after being poisoned by Yama’s blood.” Donglai let out an exasperated sigh.

Feiyun sighed back: “One year has passed out of the two, I won’t be living for much longer.”

A divine glow flashed in Donglai’s eyes. He wanted to use a dao gaze to see through Feng Feiyun. However, the guy’s body had a mysterious power that helped him hide everything. Donglai couldn’t see any clues.

“Feng Feiyun, you are quite bold, daring to kidnap Maestro Ye. If I let you off today, I will change my name!” Wang Sanwang leaped out of the crowd and turned into a shadow.

He was a young overlord from the Eagle Marquis Faction. His father was an uneducated warrior named Wang Ba and only few four words: “Yi, Er, San, and his last name, Wang.” 

Thus, he named his sons in a very simple manner. The oldest was Yiwang, the second was Erwang, and the third, Sanwang. [2]

This particular marquis had a hard time even writing his name each time. He still didn’t know how to write the word, “Ba”. [3]

This made everyone quite worried. If this marquis were to have a fourth child, he would feel a great pressure naming the kid.

Eagle Marquis Faction, Furious Marquis Faction, and Throne Marquis Faction were all under the Grand Chancellor. They had a close relationship with the Beiming Clan. All of these young prodigies under these factions have received a message to kill Feng Feiyun on sight, no need for a reason.

Wang Sanwang had a love for martial arts and had cultivated the Eagle King Physique to the level where his skin and bones were as tough as steel. When he stepped on the ground for momentum, a huge hole was left behind as he leaped forward like a cannonball.

“Boom!” His palm grew ten meters longer. Each finger was as large as a pillar. This was not just an energy palm strike but his hand actually became that large. Who knows the devastating force this attack contained?

“Boom!” A ten-meter pit was left on the ground after the attack.

1. Honestly, Jingyue is so cute

2. Yi = one, Er = two, San = three

3. Ba means domination/domineering, like Di Ba for Emperor’s Domination

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