Chapter 427: Miss Dongfang

A frightening and nefarious aura emerged from Feiyun’s back. His spine issued some cracking noises while a fiery plume rushed out of his body to form the shadow of a gigantic phoenix. It towered for one hundred meters with fan-like fiery wings. The bird’s screech could be heard for a thousand miles.

After sensing Dongfang Jingshui’s evil energy, both Yama’s spine and the phoenix soul uncontrollably activated and worked together to stop their foe.

“You aren’t poisoned anymore.” Jingshui gauged Feng Feiyun’s cultivation successfully and recalled his evil aura.

Everything calmed down again.

After hearing Jingshui, Gu Zhuanfeng kneeling by the river shore was shocked. Feiyun being well again was an earth-shattering news. Many people wouldn’t be able to sit tight after finding out.

A cruel glint emerged in his eyes. ‘Feiyun, you made me kneel today. As long as I can come back to the capital alive, I will tell everyone. We’ll see if you can act all that for much longer.’

Feiyun once again suppressed the spine using the vessel’s power. He sighed and thought to himself: ‘This guy’s cultivation is quite something, worthy of being third on the upper list. I can’t fight him until I reach third-level. However, he can’t do anything to me either.’

Feiyun could even escape from half-step Giants. Jingshui might be strong but there was still a gap between him and half-steps.

Jingshui’s eyes became gentle as he slightly bowed towards Ye Xiaoxiang: “Maestro, this madman dared to disrespect you like this, would you like me to teach him a lesson?”

His cultivation manual was incomplete so he had lost control of his evil heart before and it almost self-immolated. However, a calming melody from her saved his life. This was the reason why a crazy fella like him was so respectful towards her.

“Well, the truth is that he didn’t kidnap me that day at Faith Convent. Someone else did it, he was actually the one who saved me, but…”

“But what?” Jingyue who had been silent the entire time uttered coldly. She seemed to notice her inappropriate tone and calmly added: “Maestro, no need to be afraid of him. Just tell us, if that scoundrel dares to touch a finger of yours, I’ll break his hand.”

Feiyun was sweating inside: ‘What does this have to do with you, damned woman!’

He slightly glared at Xiaoxiang as a warning as if wanting to say, ‘Girl, watch your mouth. Don’t say anything unnecessary.’

Xiaoxiang replied: “It’s just that he took my flute and won’t give it back.”

“Feng Feiyun, you would even do something so lowly and shameless? I truly despise you.” Jingyue coldly uttered but found everyone here staring at her afterward, including her brother.

‘What, isn’t it just taking away her flute, why is that so lowly and shameless now?’ Feng Feiyun felt that she still hated him. This woman sure knew how to hold a grudge.

Xiaoxiang was slightly taken aback and said: “Well… it’s just a flute, not quite that serious.”

“Not serious? This is a perverted behavior, you think men would just take a woman’s flute for no reason and refuse to return it?” Jingyue told her before rolling her eyes at Feiyun: “Yes, Feiyun, why did you take her flute?”

Jingshui wanted to fan the fire even more: “Only when you like someone would you try to collect their items. It’s a sign of love.”

Xiaoxiang was shocked and became empty-headed. She slightly turned and stared at Feiyun with a complicated look. She seemed to be saying - you really took my flute because you like me?

Her beautiful face turned red from ear to ear. A woman would always feel a strange happiness whenever they heard from someone else that a man was quietly crushing on them. It didn’t matter whether the man was handsome or ugly, rich or poor. Ye Xiaoxiang was truly wearing her emotions on her sleeve this time around.

Meanwhile, Feiyun was cursing Jingshui’s eighteen generations of ancestors. ‘Your grandmother! Why are you teasing this innocent and borderline foolish woman?’

The guy was clearly trying to incite trouble.

Jingyue’s face might be covered by a white veil but her eyes have been fixated on Xiaoxiang the whole time. This wasn’t her first time seeing the famous maestro but it was definitely her most meticulous stare.

When a woman stared at another woman in this manner, there could only be two explanations, either homosexuality or she considered the other woman a love rival.

Feiyun really couldn’t handle the “implicative and tender” stare from Xiaoxiang so he said: “Well, I just think that this flute is very special so I want to play with it for a few days. Of course, if Maestro Ye really wants it back, I’ll just return it then.”

He approached with the flute. Xiaoxiang became a bit awkward as her cherry lips trembled: “If… if you like it, then you can keep it for a few more days.”

Her cheeks blushed even more after saying this.

Feiyun stood there frozen with his hand holding the flute in the air. He didn’t know whether to keep it or give it back at all.

Jingyue was already fuming with no place to let it out and had to watch these two flirt. Her delicate fingers clenched tight as she coldly uttered: “Feng Feiyun, she told you to keep it already, don’t be useless and put it away. Does Maestro Ye have to kneel and beg for you to keep it? Who do you think you are?”

“Calm down.” Jingshui rubbed his forehead exasperatedly and quietly reminded her. ‘Women! Truly inscrutable creatures.’

“Let’s go.” Jingyue took a deep breath, bit her lips, and turned to leave.

This surprised Jingshui: “Where? If we leave, what’s going to happen to Maestro Ye?”

“Does it look like she needs to be rescued? If you take her back to the capital now, you’re separating those two lovers!” Her tone was still as calm and cold as before. However, any listener could tell her current mood.

“Well…” Jingshui said.

“Are you going or not? I’ll leave by myself then.” Jingyue’s pretty eyes turned cold and didn’t want to stay here for a second longer.

With that, four feathery white wings grew from her back. They were four feet long and made her look holy like a flying goddess. She quickly disappeared from the river shore.

“Young Miss, wait for me!” Jingshui sarcastically said before taking a good look at the two. He rushed after Jingyue with a powerful aura in the form of an evil cloud.

The current of the Jin River continued to flow unceasingly and assaulted the reeds below. The wind grew colder and made the grass whistle. Even though it wasn’t night, it was still very cold near the river. 

Feiyun stood there for a long time in the same position with the flute in his hand. Meanwhile, Xiaoxiang’s body slightly tilted with her head hanging low. She wasn’t a bashful woman, this type wouldn’t shine at a place like the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion.

She recalled when he took her flying in the sky. Even though she was afraid of him doing something unpleasant, she also felt an unforgettable sense of freedom and relaxation.

Because of her identity, she had never been embraced by a man before, let alone one that carried her to the sky flying.

“Feng Feiyun, well, you’re a good person.” She eventually said.

Feiyun coughed in response since he wasn’t used to being called a “good person”, especially when it came from a woman’s mouth.

‘Is there something wrong with her? A rapist demon’s son is a good person?’ Feiyun found the whole thing too funny.

“I’m serious, at least in the last several days when we were together, you’re not like the rumors at all, not completely incurable, you still tried to exorcize the ghosts for the villagers.” She blinked and said.

“I’m really a good person. For example, when I was ten, I bedded a maid. At twelve, I played around and bullied innocent women with my servants before bringing them back to my mansion, and then… no need to tell you the rest.”

“It wasn’t until I was fourteen until I did something really shocking, punching the young miss of the Yin Gou and got expelled from the Feng. I fled everywhere and even became a bandit that frequented brothels; I even raped someone else’s fiancee and killed people I didn’t like, causing trouble everywhere. And now, you call me a good person? Lady, you don’t know this young master’s past.”

Even though Feiyun wouldn’t refuse a woman, he didn’t want to mess with Xiaoxiang because this was Nangong Hongyan’s good sister. He could toy with anyone else except her so he purposely tried to scare her at this moment.

Xiaoxiang was indeed scared but her expression quickly softened. She felt that he wasn’t who he said he was.

She didn’t know that he was telling the truth. However, there were some unfortunate circumstances behind the stories that he couldn’t tell anyone.

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