Chapter 426: Devil Dao Cultivation

“Fastest movement technique?” Feiyun replied with contempt: “I’m also at the second level of Heaven’s Mandate, we’ll see who is faster.”

After he finished speaking, he was already standing in front of Gu Zhuanfeng. Zhuanfeng became startled at Feiyun’s astonishing speed.

Despite panicking, he was still a battle-hardened combatant with great reaction speed. He used his Flowing Throne technique to swiftly retreat and became at ease when he was several thousand meters away from Feiyun.

“This is the fastest movement technique at the same cultivation level.” Feiyun’s voice came behind him.

Zhuanfeng’s face was drained of blood. He quickly channeled his violet energy in order to activate his soulbound artifact and suppress Feiyun.

“Boom!” Feiyun unleashed a palm strike on his back and shattered his energy. His internal organs slammed into each other; he felt something sweet on his throat before spewing out a mouthful of blood.

So what if he was a young marquis at second-level Heaven’s Mandate? No one was Feiyun’s match at the same level.

“Feiyun, how are you still so strong?! You can’t have that much longer to live because of the poisonous blood!” He had never lost so badly before. Moreover, the guy was on the same level as him. It was a cruel blow to his confidence.

Feiyun kicked his butts and sent him flying down the surging Jin River.

“Yes, I’m still poisoned but it’s too easy fighting someone like you.” Feiyun pretended to cough a couple of times and acted as if he was still sick.

Zhuanfeng got hurt psychologically again. He was always praised as a heaven-defying genius since youth but couldn’t even take on this sickly fella. ‘Am I really this weak?’

He climbed up to the shore and was unwilling to accept this: “Feiyun, we go again!”

“Who said you can get up? Kneel.” Feiyun had no interest in fighting again. He unleashed his devastating phoenix soul and forty divine intents.

“Bang!” Zhuanfeng was already wounded so he couldn’t resist this powerful momentum at all. His legs bent down and made him kneel.

A young marquis like him grew up pampered and never had to face such humiliation. He mustered all of his strength in order to stand up. Alas, blood seeped out of his knees from his straining but this pressure was insurmountable.

Those who treated other like trash should experience this treatment. Only then would their air of arrogance disappear and be replaced with respect.

“Feng Feiyun, you dare to make me kneel?! Don’t you know I’m the oldest son of the Throne Marquis, the successor of the title in the future?! Offending me is offending the entire marquis faction in the capital!” His face was red but nothing he did could make him stand up.

“Oh? I was only going to make you kneel for one day but I’ve changed my mind, three days and three nights then.” Feiyun said.

Zhuanfeng’s eyes were full of hatred and murderous intent as he answered: “You won’t be laughing for long. All the youths at the capital want to kill you now and they’ll be running here, some of them are kings of the young generation, ten times stronger than me.”

Feiyun frowned, not expecting the level of hatred. He had only visited the capital recently. Even if he had offended people, it should only be the Beiming Clan and the Furious Marquis Faction. Why did all the young ones hate him now?

He didn’t fully realize it was because of the rumor spread by the Beiming about him kidnapping Maestro Ye. All the young prodigies wanted to be her heroes and rushed out of the capital to find him.

However, they had no clues of his whereabouts but some will be coming here because of the ghost village’s legend. The most powerful ones will be coming.

“Sigh, A’Lang, A’Sang, I knew you two would be here when I didn’t see you at home. This place is too dangerous, don’t be so adventurous.” Suddenly, an old woman was running and yelling from the distant. She quickly ran over and stared angrily at Feiyun and Xiaoxiang.

A’Lang and A’Sang were Feiyun and Xiaoxiang’s fake name.

Feiyun apologized with a smile: “Aunt, no need to worry about us, no nasty things will be here during the day.”

He might have been affected by Xiaoxiang and started caring about ordinary people’s feelings, not wanting the old woman to worry.

“Right, right, with A’Lang protecting me, ghosts and devils won’t come close.” Xiaoxiang slightly shook the old woman’s arm back and forth while issuing bell-like laughter.

The old woman took a deep breath and finally saw Zhuanfeng kneeling by the shore. She asked curiously: “Why is that person kneeling over there?”

“He…” Xiaoxiang hesitated.

“He is kneeling and praying for the Jin River Goddess to protect your small town, hoping that the evil apparitions from the ghost village won’t appear again. It’s rare to see such a pious young man nowadays.”

The old woman nodded and told the two to come back before night time before heading back for the village. Feiyun and Xiaoxiang respectfully agreed several times.

After she left, Zhuanfeng vomited blood out of rage because of Feng Feiyun’s comment.

Feiyun looked at Xiaoxiang and said: “You’re really playing your role this time.”

“I’m only thinking for the villagers. If you can really send away these evil things forever, then I’ll truly believe that you’re a good person. Give me back my flute.” She stretched out her hand and said.

“For what?” Feiyun became cautious. Her flute was no joke, even a Giant would fall into a deep slumber because of her melodies. He still became dazed for a bit despite his phoenix soul.

Her eyes were as clear as water: “I want to use my song to cleanse this evil place.”

Feiyun stared carefully at her eyes with a faint purple glow in order to see if she was telling the truth. He took out the flute and played with it in the process but suddenly, something behind her captured his attention.

Xiaoxiang was surprised too and looked back to see two young people standing in the distance; the male was heroic while the woman beautiful.

They were Dongfang Jingshui and Jingyue. The two siblings were dragon and phoenix among men. There was a natural and extraordinary aura to them so normal people didn’t dare to come too close.

“Haha, you’re amazing, Feng Feiyun is really near this village. How did you know?” Jingshui laughed and asked his prideful yet pure sister.

So it turned out that Jingyue had felt Feiyun back at the village. It was a strange feeling; she herself couldn’t describe it.

Jingshui initially didn’t believe it but after seeing Feiyun right now, he had no other choice. The two have met back at the base of Faith Convent but he didn’t recognize Feiyun there.

“There’s a wretched hoodlum smell on him, I can smell it from ten thousand miles away.” Jingyue insipidly replied.

‘This damned woman, I guess she’s still mad about the punch back then.’ Feiyun became cautious. Even though he was strong enough to be a king among the young generation, it wasn’t enough to face both of the siblings at once.

Nevertheless, he didn’t let it show on his face: “Oh? The famous young lord of the Jin Gou Clan, Dongfang Jingshui, I’ve heard of your name long ago, it’s my pleasure.” 

He didn’t bother looking at Jingyue at all and treated her like air.

Jingshui stood there coolly like an immovable mountain. The laws of the world seemed to be rotating around him as he crossed his arms before his chest with a slightly dark expression: “Who would have thought that the boy who got chased around by my sister back then had grown up to become the famous demon's son, the future number one genius of the Jin Dynasty. Not bad at all.”

Jingshui was a cultivator who specialized in both the dao and the devil arts. He coincidentally obtained an incomplete devil law in an ancient sect during an adventure.

Devil cultivators have long disappeared in the Jin Dynasty, same with their cultivation manuals and scriptures. Perhaps Dongfang Jingshui was the only devil cultivator left in this land.

As for the Evil Woman, Little Demoness, and Feng Feiyun; they weren’t really devil cultivators and only had a natural evil affinity. Their merit laws weren’t of the devil branch.

Jingshui was a doting brother and as bright as the sun towards his little sister. However, against outsiders, his murderous evil temperament surged. An ethereal evil city formed above his head as if he was a devil king.

Just this immense energy alone was domineering enough and could kill anyone below Heaven’s Mandate instantly. Few could match him at the same cultivation level.

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