Chapter 425: Young Throne Marquis

“Strange, did this Feiyun take Ye Xiaoxiang into a rat hole or something, all of the young experts of the capital can’t find them.” Dongfang Jingyue was carrying her red pipa and approached slowly from the village’s entrance. She had a transcendent aura; the white veil couldn’t hide her elegance at all.

The villagers quickly retreated to the side after seeing them. Some even kneeled on the ground.

Dongfang Jingshui said: “Ignore the youths, I heard the Beiming even invited a ninth-ranked wisdom master in order to calculate Feiyun’s location but nothing came out of it.”

“Hah, this guy’s escaping skill is first-rate. He’s lucky or Beiming Potian would have found him. With his little skills, he would probably be beaten like a dog right now.” Jingshui stood on the street like a crane among a flock of chickens. A complicated gleam appeared in her eyes as if she was thinking about where Feiyun was right now.

Jingshui spoke again: “I heard an ancient village has reappeared again close to here. The clan master has given us the order to check it out but I saw some top geniuses earlier as well. I suppose they have received some news too.”

“This village is really not simple, there are even traces of an Enlightened Being here. Who knows what kind of trouble will come this time around?” Jingyue added.

The two of them eventually disappeared into the village while heading for the river shore ahead.

“So this place isn’t completely unknown, just another secret location of the cultivation world, many ancient clans know about its existence.” Feiyun’s divine intents carefully seeped out and permeated across the entire village. He found that there were several powerful auras around, all from the top members of the young generation.

Even the Jin Gou Clan was alarmed this time. Looks like many experts will come around.

“Why are you standing near  the door?” Ye Xiaoxiang had a purple nightgown on with a white ribbon covering her fair neck. The bun on her hair was still a bit messy but that didn’t lessen her purity just like an orchid.

Just by standing there, she already gave off an enchanting feeling like a female immortal.

Feiyun slightly lost his focus while staring at her and mentally scolded himself in his mind. It was fortunate that she was innocent. Otherwise, if she had taken advantage of his momentary lapse of concentration, she could have made something out of it.

This was indeed the sixth-ranked beauty of the Jin Dynasty, a potential femme fatale.

“You are really pretty today.” He smilingly teased.

Ye Xiaoxiang heard this countless times and had grown immune to it. Her cherry lips slightly opened: “Let’s go, didn’t you want to visit the ghost village today? Exorcists have to help people get rid of ghosts, right?”

She winked and walked forward, leaving a sweet breeze behind.

Feiyun wanted to tell her that it was very dangerous right now because many young prodigies were there. Maybe even experts from the Beiming and Dark Realm were present as well. But for some unknown reasons, he couldn’t refuse her.

It was a strange feeling and of course, non-romantic feeling. To be apter, it was a feeling of appreciation and admiration.

She pursued freedom but still had the courage to help others with no sign of arrogance. Contrary to her slender figure, she had a courageous heart that wanted to move forward.

Feiyun hasn’t met a beauty like her before who deserved so much respect.

“Oh lord, don’t tell me I’ve also become a fan.” Feiyun suddenly realized why so many people were crazy about her and called her goddess. It wasn’t completely senseless.

The two of them came to the shore for the second time at the same location as last night. However, it was an empty field this time.

Feiyun used his phoenix gaze to check the surrounding in order to find some clues. Nothing came of it.

He leaned on the ground again to listen with his ear next to the ground. The strange sounds underground have disappeared.

“Did you find anything?” She asked softly as her eyes sparkled.

Feiyun stood up and shook his head but then, he noticed something. He started digging and took out a rusting vajra scepter from the mud. It was full of yellow rust so the Buddhist words have become faint. Nevertheless one could still read them: “Faith Convent.”

This was a pseudo spirit treasure but the spirituality inside has corroded completely. It was scrap metals now.

“What is that?” Ye Xiaoxiang saw him being absorbed in observation and asked.

Feiyun spoke with astonishment: “This is a Buddhist artifact the three monks used last night, a vajra scepter.”

“No way, this scepter must have been buried for several thousand years, how could it belong to the three monks last night?” She said.

Feiyun shook his head and explained: “I’m right, texts would change with time. After several thousand years it would be completely different but look at these two words, Faith Convent. This is the modern style of the Jin Dynasty.”

She was dumbstruck after seeing the words. Feiyun used his Minor Change Art to calculate and began to dig some more.

He found a Buddhist mirror, another treasure that had almost decayed back to the soil. It also belonged to the three monks last night.

Who knows what happened after the three monks entered the village last night? Their treasures were buried underground for several thousand years after.

“Haha, wasted all this time searching only to find you here by chance, Feng Feiyun, where will you run off now?!” A young prodigy came out of the forest with two fairly-old men behind him.

This was a heaven-defying genius that came because of the ghost village. He didn’t expect to see Feiyun and Xiaoxang here.

Feiyun threw the two tools on the ground before looking over and smiled: “Who are you?”

“Throne Marquis Faction, Gu Zhuanfeng.” The young prodigy had a cool pose on top of a small mound. A thick wave of spirit energy covered him along with the image of a divine bull sitting in the sky and absorbing the power of the celestials.

The Throne Faction also was also subservient to the Beiming Clan. Gu Zhuanfeng was their Young Marquis with a second-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivation. He was relatively famous at the capital.

He used to be training in the frontier with his army and had only recently returned.

Feiyun smiled: “We have nothing between us, why do you want to fight me?”

“Because you have kidnapped Maestro Ye, we are now mortal enemies.” Zhuanfeng coldly said: “You better release the maestro and I’ll leave your corpse intact.”

The Beiming had ordered a must-kill writ on Feiyun. Even if Feiyun didn’t have Xiaoxiang with him, Zhuanfeng would still go all out against him.

Feiyun glanced at Xiaoxiang and asked: “Do you know him?”

She slightly shook her head.

Zhuanfeng rarely returned to the capital since he was an army’s commander. He had only seen her picture and never been to the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion. It would be strange if she were to know him.

Feiyun smiled: “Look, even Maestro Ye doesn’t know you, how can I hand her over?”

“Ignorant bastard, daring to go against our Young Marquis?!” One of the old men behind him flew into the sky like a white bird. He did a circular motion with both hands and created a huge formation spanning for one hundred meters.

This was a third-ranked water formation with more than one thousand runic seals.

Zhuanfeng smiled coldly. He was aware of Feiyun’s position on the lower list but he had no fear due to the Yama’s blood weakening Feiyun.

‘What’s this about the future number one genius of the dynasty? I will kill him and become famous today!’

“Boom!” Feiyun stretched out his hand towards the sky before patting downward. A palm came out and crushed the formation and dismembered the old man. Blood flew everywhere.

A first -level Heaven’s Mandate follower was killed so easily. Zhuanfeng became alarmed and full of hatred.

Feiyun shot out two fiery waves with his eyes straight for Zhuanfeng; one could hear a phoenix’s screech. 

“Whoosh!” Zhuanfeng was still a Young Marquis so he had all of his faction’s supreme arts. He rode a throne made out of light and escaped the phoenix gaze.

However, the second old man behind him wasn’t so lucky. The two waves pierced his body and left behind two fist-sized holes by his heart. The guy died instantly.

“You run really fast.” Feiyun sneered.

Zhuanfeng spoke with a dark expression: “The Flowing Throne is the fastest movement technique at the same cultivation level.”

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