Chapter 422: Awakened Spirit Vessel

This particular Buddhist mountain was neither large or beautiful. However, it became famous because of Faith Convent on top.

Behind the mountain was a large area full of rolling hills. People rarely came here, not even the disciples of Faith.

Feiyun meditated inside a cave in the middle of a cliff. His body emitted 360 golden lights. All 360 meridians were open and acted like bridges to absorb the spirit energy from the earth.

He held one True Mysterious Spirit Stone in each hand and absorbed the energy there as well. It flowed into his dantian and was converted into violet energy for his internal palace.

‘I must break through to the second level as fast as possible. That’s the only way to deal with the incoming crisis or I won’t ever have the initiative.” Feiyun thought to himself.

Even though he had 2,900 strands of violet energy inside his central palace and was only one step away from the second level, it was still very difficult. Taking this step was akin to walking from one end of the world to the other side. One might not be able to make it this far.

The central palace was boundless like the universe. Cultivators wanted to refine their own “world” within. First-level Heaven’s Mandates only had a tiny land. In order to reach the second level, they must widen this area on top of having 3,000 strands of violet energy.

The energy requirement was the easy part but expanding this area within was exceedingly difficult.

Many cultivators wanted to rush this and eventually failed the expansion before suffering qi deviation.

Of course, Feng Feiyun’s God Base was fortified enough. It was unlikely for something like qi deviation to occur.

‘This guy is really strong. Phoenix hymns and dragon roars are emanating from his body, no wonder why people call him the demon’s son.’ Ye Xiaoxiang was sitting inside with her chin resting on her knees. Her starry eyes quietly watched Feiyun who was now floating in the middle of the cave.

The truth was that this legendary demon’s son wasn’t so fierce-looking. He was actually very handsome with an attractive figure. However, there was a faint evil affinity coming from him, as if he could turn into a murderous monster at any moment.

Her eyes shifted down towards his chest and saw part of a purple flute. This was her beloved flute that had been confiscated by him. What a rude and unreasonable man!

There were invisible formations arranged in the cave entrance. She couldn’t leave and could only watch this man.

“Heaven, please watch over me and help me run away from this evil clutch…”

“Boom!” Suddenly, the energy inside the cave ran amok. Thick strands of energy became visible to the naked eyes and flowed towards Feiyun, like rivers branching into the ocean.

His vitality became even richer. The demonic blood and the Yama’s spine awoke. The demonic blood had an evil affinity while the Yama’s spine unleashed a malefic force. These two types of power were churning as if wanting to turn his body into a chaotic cauldron.

Each increase in level has always been accompanied by the awakening of his demonic blood as well as the spine. They were too strong to be under the control of his current cultivation.

If he let them awaken completely, his current divine intents would be destroyed instantly so he must suppress them.

‘Shit! Reaching level two will stimulate the blood and spine and I won’t be able to suppress them then. Do I have no choice but to stop the breakthrough now even though it is so close?’ Feiyun was thinking about a countermeasure.

At this time, the Azure Spirit Vessel floating in his dantian was also stimulated by the energy inside his violet palace. It suddenly moved a little bit.

“Clank, clank!” The ship issued an ancient yet sonorous sound like the awakening of an ancient god.

It was a very quiet reaction but it resounded in his eyes like the thunder.

He became crazily ecstatic!

‘Looks like once my energy reaches a certain level, I’ll be able to reach out to the vessel.’

The Evil Woman had refined the vessel by half. However, Feiyun was too weak before and couldn’t make the vessel show its true power. Its sudden awakening now meant that he could use a tiny part of its power.

This was a holy artifact. Even a tiny part of its power was much more than ordinary spirit treasures. This vessel could even directly destroy the latter. They were not on the same level.

One of his divine intents turned into a miniature version of him before flying into his dantian.

His miniature avatar floated next to the vessel. It gathered all of its power and poured it into the vessel. The vessel began to absorb this energy for about an hour before it reached a saturated state.

“Bang!” A sound similar to an egg being broken occurred.

A layer of mist slowly receded from the ship to reveal its true shape. If Feiyun’s dantian was an ocean, then this ancient ship spanned for several thousand li just like a mountain range.

The largest ship type of the Jin Dynasty, red ivory, would only look like a speck of dust in comparison.

This was Feiyun’s second time seeing the vessel’s original form. He got a quick glance at the Yellow River the first time around before being knocked away.

He was much more shaken this time. It was really too gigantic, more like a primordial divine vessel traveling through space from one planet to another.

“Damn! Looks like my projection is still off. It’s certainly not just a simple holy artifact.” He became frightened by the aura emitted from the ship despite being a ninth-level Heaven’s Emergence in his previous life. This was his first time seeing something of this magnitude.

It had rusted and the ancient runes carved on the hulls were barely legible. Feiyun had never seen these strange images; they looked like they don’t belong to this world.

He landed on the ship and a sorrowful aura struck his ace. He felt as if he had entered another world. There were white grains of sand everywhere on the ground. However, when Feiyun crouched down, he found that each grain was as heavy as a mountain.

Each grain could crush a first-level Heaven’s Mandate to death and shatter their soul!

‘Damn! How can they be so heavy? Can it be that they were ashes of the saints? That’s the only possible explanation.’

Maybe in a distant era, many saints have fallen on this ship but because it was too long ago, even their corpses have turned to these white ashes?

One wouldn’t be able to see saints in this world any longer but this place was full of their remains. This was a truly frightening thought.

Feiyun was horrified. The body of a saint could last for ten million years. Was this ship even older than that?

The Infinite Spirit Ring was jumping excitedly and emitted a black light. The six carved diagrams were shaking as well before rushing out of the ring. 

The Dragon-horse River Diagram floating on top of the ship also shot out a dazzling light and became connected with the ring. The creature inside seemed to be coming back to life and issued a deafening roar.

“The ring and the ship really have a connection. Perhaps the ring had something to do with the ship bringing me to the Jin Dynasty.” He speculated.

Shui Yueting, Azure Spirit Vessel, Infinite Spirit Ring, the statue by the Jin River, Dongfang Jingyue… All of these, more or less, had some connection to each other. Was all of this really just a coincidence?

‘The previous and current life have too many similarities.’ All of this made him uneasy.

His eyes slowly became serious.

“Boom!” Suddenly, an invisible force pushed him out of the deck. The ship was once shrouded by a layer of light again.

‘My energy can only open the ship for a brief period right now. Connecting with it requires too much energy.’ Feiyun’s divine intent returned to his head.

His spirit energy seemed to be vast right now but it could only empower the ship for up to nine breaths. Any longer and it would deplete completely.

However, this was already powerful enough since he could use the ship nine times. This was enough to destroy even the enemies’ spirit treasures.

At the same time, he found a pleasant surprise. The evil affinity and malefic force from his blood and spine were suppressed.

‘The monstrous aura of the ship must have frightened them. Very well, I can go all out to reach the second level then.’

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