Chapter 420: Run

Feiyun stood facing the woman. This was his first time truly assessing the sixth beauty of the Jin Dynasty. His first impression was that she wasn’t that beautiful, not as incredible as he imagined. On the contrary, she exuded a very common feeling.

However, when one saw her for the second time, they would find that within this common appearance was a breathtaking beauty. For example, her delicate and lovable eyes, innocent lips, tall and slender figure, and her beautiful curves that were half-hidden.

When they looked at her for the third time, they couldn’t avert their gaze any longer.

Feiyun had seen too many beauties. However, they were the type that would grab a man’s heart at first sight; one could get bored eventually. This wasn’t the case for the woman ahead; further interaction and observation would only increase her beauty. One could never get enough and would want nothing more than to keep her by their side, to stare at her daily and always. Just staring alone was enjoyable enough.

Even a great power like the Beiming Clan that could get any women still spent so much effort and planning just to capture her.

No wonder why so many prodigies in the capital treated her like a goddess and called her maestro. Many would be willing to give up their lives if she were to say the word.

However, Feiyun was still underestimating her. If she had only relied on her beautiful face, she wouldn’t be enjoying her current status and position at the capital.

She took out her purple flute and gently placed it next to her lips before playing. The tune was “Queen of the Night in the Rain”. [1]

The quiet flute with a touch of resentment echoed in the forest. It became even more serene along with Feiyun’s mind. He was immersed in this wondrous tune, a better pleasure than sleeping with a woman.

Rain descended from the sky and touched the ground. These cactus flowers began to blossom and emitted their sweet fragrance.

The drizzling rain carried wondrous flashes like decorative curtains between the heaven and earth and blocked people from seeing ahead of them.

“Such a beautiful tune…” When Feiyun opened his eyes again, the flowers and rain shattered instantly and disappeared without a trace, along with Ye Xiaoxiang.

“Shit, this woman just won’t give up.” He exasperatedly rubbed his forehead. It was a good thing that his soul was powerful enough to notice that something was amiss. Anyone else with a weak mind would sleep forever. The more powerful would sleep for several days.

Of course, Xiaoxiang’s cultivation was too weak and was instantly captured again. Feiyun got smarter this time and took away her flute.

“Ah! He’s a molester! Someone save me! Let me go!” She had her wrist grabbed by him with no way of escaping.

Feiyun said: “If you keep on shouting, some bad guys will really come here.”

She was quite influential at the capital where there were many fans of music. Among them were famous big shots. Just secretly trying to kidnap her was already dangerous enough. Her fans would crazily attack if this was exposed.

Of course, many of them were quite powerful and had no fear of facing the Beiming Clan. They were willing to die for their maestro.

Thus, the person from the Beiming Clan was certain panicking right now due to the potential public outcry. They would never allow for such a thing to happen. Once the news of the demon's son taking away Ye Xiaoxiang returned to the capital, this big shot would send elite forces to block off all the paths into the capital and try to kill him on sight.

Moreover, this person had even asked the heretical experts from the Dark Realm to find Feng Feiyun's whereabouts in the shortest time to kill him and get Ye Xiaoxiang back.

"I don't believe you, you're the bad guy!" She said.

"I'm not."

"If you're not a bad guy, then why aren't you letting me go?" She asked.

"You can't escape even if I were to let you go. Afterward, you'll be captured and become a sex slave for certain people." 

Despite being innocent, she wasn't completely naive. Her eyes flashed and asked: "Who are you talking about?"

Feiyun was about to answer but three rays with mighty auras were approaching with intense speed from the horizon. 

Feiyun stomped on the ground and created a circular formation. It sank into the ground for three meters and made the two disappear. The area was shrouded by this formation.

“Bump!” Not long later, three old men in black landed right above them.

“Oh? Someone was clearly here earlier. Nothing here now, Am I seeing things?” One of them had a white beard and instantly released his divine intents but couldn’t find anyone.

"Hmph! The Beiming Clan had released a must-capture order. We must kill the demon's son and if necessary, kill Ye Xiaoxiang too. This matter cannot be made public." A different coarse voice answered.

"Don't worry, the seventy-two cities and nine gates around the capital have all received the message. Top experts are there. It's one thing if they don't go to the capital but once they try to, they'll be killed along the way."

"Go, keep searching."

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!" The three old men flew to the sky. Feiyun and Xiaoxiang didn't come back up until their auras have disappeared completely.

"Let me go!" She finally broke free from his grasp and stared at him in horror: "You... you're the Third Rank Holder of the lower list, the demon's son!"

Feiyun chuckled and said: “Now, do you believe that I’m not the bad guy here?!”

“Oh lord, I heard any woman captured by you will always end up badly.” Ye Xiaoxiang had naturally heard about Feiyun’s past exploits with women.

“Uh…” Feiyun said.

She turned to run and felt that Feiyun was a bad guy just like the rest of them. Of course, she failed again since Feiyun drifted by and picked her up again. He used Swift Samsara to jump into the clouds while she screamed and continued to punch him to no avail.

This matter was even more serious than he had expected. All the main towns and entrances to the capital were blocked off. It was indeed suicidal to try and go there.

Even if the Beiming Clan and the Dark Realm didn’t use any half-step Giant, just several third or fourth-level Heaven’s Mandates were enough to deal with Feiyun. Plus, he also had Ye Xiaoxiang with him.

‘Looks like I have to find a place to break through to the second level first. Then I can try to go to the capital. It doesn’t matter how big the clan is, they won’t there to do anything in the city, at least not publicly.’

Meanwhile, Xiaoxiang gave up and frowned: “The Beiming Clan is very influential at the capital, no, even across the entire Central Royal Prefecture. They can mobilize enough experts and since all the entrances are sealed, it’s only a matter of time before they find us.”

She also heard the three men talking earlier and could guess who was trying to capture her. Wanting to escape from that person’s grasp was prohibitively difficult.

“I know.” Feiyun embraced her and continued forward with increasing speed and a determined gaze.

“Then where can we go now?” She lamented in her mind. All she wanted was freedom but people have always kept her in a “cage”.

The Beiming Clan will be a cage, but the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion was also one as well.

After leaving the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, she wanted to be free and live a reclusive life on the mountain, no longer having to sell her laughter and make others happy. However, someone still sold her to the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion to play a big role. 

Women like her were destined to be caged like a canary for others’ enjoyment. Even if she had fans and supporters, she still had to live for others, not for herself.

As she was being embraced by a stranger flying through the clouds, she had this unprecedented sense of freedom. She wished that they could fly forever and leave the capital, to a completely deserted place.

But she knew that this was only a fool’s hope. They would have to stop eventually.

“This is it! They would never expect us to hide at the place where you got captured.” Feiyun could see the gigantic statue by the river shore.

He didn’t fly all the way up to the convent. There were too many disciples at this Buddhist holy ground and surely, the Beiming Clan had some informers there as well.

He chose a place behind the convent. It was covered with thick forest and the surging Jin River while facing the large statue. It was a good place to hide.

“We’re stopping already?” She said with a sense of loss.

Feiyun naturally didn’t understand her sentiment. He replied: “This is the safest place. The people from the Dark Realm will not dare to come here again. Hide here for now, after the storm is over, I’ll take you back to the capital.”

His focus was on the statue on the river and lamented the fact that he had to see her again.


1. A type of cactus, also known as night-blooming cereus

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