Chapter 419: Ye Xiaoxiang

So strong! The guy even had a spirit treasure too.

Beiming Huaji was astonished. His hand felt both pain and numbness so he quickly took out his soulbound artifact. This was a rectangular cauldron but the top was as flat as a mirror without a hollowed inside.

It was a spirit treasure given to him by the clan after surpassing his Earth Tribulation.

Spirit treasures were quite rare and powerful. However, it wasn’t hard for the four great clans to gift a first-rank spirit treasure to their excellency prodigies.

“Boom!” Several dozen lightning bolts rushed out of this cauldron.

The aura of the spirit treasure erupted and made the beasts nearby ran away after feeling the danger. The two peaks ahead were shaking as if on the verge of crumbling.

Feiyun stood there without fear. He raised his hand to the sky and created a large domain with the six diagrams. A force erupted, one that was much more powerful than the cauldron.

He unleashed a palm strike! The six diagrams slammed into the cauldron, causing the cauldron to fiercely shook. Huaji was also pushed more than ten feet back, leaving a trail on the ground.

“Boom!” The second palm strike came and dimmed the cauldron. Huaji was blown into a peak and blood dripped down.

The six diagrams lit up the entire area and six qi images appeared. They directly made Huaji spit out blood and broke both of his legs. He could no longer stand up.

Feiyun forcefully severed the connection between Huaji and the cauldron-like spirit treasure before grabbing it.

Bronze Hob was the name of this spirit treasure. He recalled it into his spatial stone without any hesitation since he could sell it for a sky-high price later.

Tang Ao didn’t dare to take a single step forward about seeing Feiyun’s might. The guy was a monster. However, the six diagrams made him guess who Feiyun was.

“I know who you are now, Third Rank Holder of the lower list, the demon’s son. Aren’t you infected with Yama’s blood?” Tang Ao couldn’t stay calm. This guy was considered the future number one genius in the Jin Dynasty, not someone he could compare to.

“Oh, you recognize me?” Feiyun slightly turned with a murderous intent in his eyes. If someone had recognized him, he must kill everyone here.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, two murderous presences came from the sky. They were still several hundred miles away but the pressure was already there and made Feiyun take three steps back.

“Daring to oppose our Beiming Clan? You’re courting death!” An old voice came about with a soundwave as sonorous as surging thunders in the sky.

“Whoosh!” An old sword flew through the sky to start the battle.

It was more than one hundred meters long and ten meters wide, just like the legendary Titanic Crescent that could slay dragons and immortals. Runes were woven on the blade and emitted lightning sparks. The wind hissed as the sword flew by.

“Clank!” Feiyun lowered his center of gravity and fortified his legs. He straightened the six diagrams into a line and turned them into six illusory worlds to protect his front.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The ring and six diagrams couldn’t stop this sword. A huge, bloody wound appeared on his shoulder. It almost severed his arm completely.

“Haha! Our experts are here, the demon’s son will die today!” Beiming Huaji guffawed.

Feiyun quickly glanced at the sky. Two cyan greens were coming. These were two experts that were at least at the third-level Heaven’s Mandate.

He couldn’t kill everyone here now and directly jumped back to the chariot. He severed the irons chains and released the bulls. Before everyone’s eyes, he raised the gigantic chariot and flew to the sky.

The way out of Jiluo had been blocked by the two masters so Feiyun had to go back deeper into the mountain range. He quickly disappeared into the clouds.

Tang Ao was astounded and couldn’t speak.

“Thump! Thump!” Two figures landed. One was from the Beiming Clan while the other was from the Dark Realm. Both were at third-level Heaven’s Mandate.

“Third Uncle, the demon’s son ambushed us and took away Ye Xiaoxiang!” Huaji cried out.

“He won’t get away.” The two older cultivators gave chase into the mountain. They have been at the third-level for multiple decades so they were much stronger than ordinary third-level.

Feiyun’s speed was as fast as a half-step Giant. Despite carrying the huge chariot, the two old men still couldn’t catch up with him.

He got all the way out and finally stopped after seeing a lack of pursuers. This chariot was completely covered with many needle-sized holes on top for ventilation.

It took a while before he could erase the formations on top. He then used his stone saber to carefully open the roof by cutting in a deep mark.

A slender figure flew up with a purple flute aiming straight for Feiyun’s throat. She was quite fast and the cold energy from the flute made it to his skin.

“Whoosh!” A sweet fragrance also skirted by him.

Feiyun was even faster. He grabbed the purple flute and pulled on it, causing the girl to lose her balance and stumble to the front.

His hand moved up the flute and grabbed her hand. It was slender and long while being extremely soft without a feel of bones. There was a cold sensation as if he was holding onto a piece of jade.

He turned his hand to twist hers and shattered the spirit energy on her fingers.

“Ah!” She issued a painful cry and fell uncontrollably into Feiyun’s chest. 

“Who are you? Why are you kidnapping me?” She couldn’t escape from his arms and felt that she was bumping against a muscular chest. A masculine smell assaulted her nose with a touch of blood stench.

Her hand was severely aching, almost driving her to tears.

“The Beiming Clan wants to capture you, I’m the one who saved you just now.” Feiyun loosened his grip and gently pushed her out.

The famous Fairy Ye, sixth-rank beauty of the Jin Dynasty, was too weak at peak Immortal Foundation. It was nothing before Feng Feiyun, like a quail facing a ferocious eagle.

He took off his top to reveal his muscular and well-shaped body, quite a work of art.

This action scared Ye Xiaoxiang into retreating. She was lamenting her fate: ‘And he says he’s not the bad guy? What good guy undresses before a girl like this?’

Feiyun didn’t care about her thoughts. He walked to the lake nearby to wash the wound on his shoulder. It was caused by the third-level Heaven’s Mandate from the Beiming Clan with his sword-controlling art. It almost cut off his arm completely.

‘That’s a master from a great clan for you, an ordinary third-level might not be my match but that sword controller’s battle prowess is more than just one step higher than me.’

‘Hmph! So what?! If I reach second-level, killing him won’t be a problem.’

As he was washing his wounds, he moved his divine intents into his dantian and found that there were more than 2,900 strands of violet energy inside, just one step away from second-level.

Once he cultivated 3,000 strands, he would be able to break through.

A five-colored spirit wave emerged from his finger. He directed it towards his shoulder and the wound began to close with a speed discernible to the naked eyes. It didn’t take long before it disappeared completely.

After this, he finally changed his clothes and found that there was no one next to the chariot.

“She’s fast as running.” He smirked before giving chase, only leaving remnant shadows behind.

‘Faster, faster, faster!’ Xiaoxiang ran through the forest to escape. She felt that the man earlier was not a good person. However, when she looked up again, that man was standing before her.

“Ah.” She stopped with a flash of astonishment in her eyes.

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