Chapter 418: Beast Mount Jiluo

One must work once given a particular position. Even though Feng Feiyun didn’t want to be the young lord and especially didn’t want to do something for Feng Mo, he had no choice because his relatives were still in the Feng Clan.

He needed to do a good job in this matter for the sake of the alliance with Destruction.

Beast Mount Jiluo was ten thousand miles to the east of the capital. The geography there was narrow and full of forest. Among the valleys were many poisonous swamps. Due to the naturally dangerous environment, many strange beasts gathered here. Some were strong enough to stop half-step Giants.

There were even spirit beasts capable of taking on Giants!

The Beiming Clan naturally couldn’t take Ye Xiaoxiang up from the southern route of the convent. If they made a detour using the eastern route, there were three possible paths. The longest and most dangerous one was this mountain range.

It was the next morning when Feiyun made it to the mountain range. The place had a refreshing and quiet atmosphere, like a virgin during her wedding night.

He stood on top of a snow-ladened peak and felt the rough winds. Several dozen meter long condors hovered in the sky while issuing deafening screeches. Nevertheless, they didn’t dare to get close to the youth. He resembled a sword pinned up on this peak.

He shot out two powerful flames from his eyes. Every blade of grass and many beasts within a thousand mile radius was within his sight. There were several monstrous auras with auspicious clouds floating above. They were clearly the dwellings of beasts that have nearly cultivated for a millennium.

“They probably aren’t going from this direction… oh?” He withdrew his gaze and released his gigantic divine intents towards the east. He felt a group of people crossing the mountain range from far away.

There was a change in plan. Beiming Que’s people didn’t choose the eastern canyon but the long way through Jiluo instead.

Cold mist filled the morning air. One could only hear the birds chirping across the white forest. Suddenly, the rolling of a carriage broke the early serenity.

A group of around one hundred martial soldiers was marching on the path. They defended a bronze chariot that was more than ten feet high in the center. There was a black banner placed on top with a gold engraving of the word, “Furious”.

They belonged to the Furious Marquis Faction. Any cultivator who saw the banner on this chariot would quickly make ways.

The marquis was directly under the Grand Chancellor and had military power. He could destroy several cultivation sects.

“Brother Beiming, why are we taking the long way around? If we went from the eastern canyon, we would have entered the eastern gate at the capital by now.” Tang Ao was wearing a black armor and riding a strange beast. He was opening the way with another mighty, tall youth.

Even though Tang Ao was the Young Marquis of the furious faction and had a high status, so was this other man. He was one of the four strongest youths in the Beiming Clan; the four of them were called “Beiming Four Prodigies”.

Beiming Huaji. Beiming Que who self-destructed at the peach mountain was also one of the four.

With a serious expression and flashing eyes, Huaji stood on top of a qilin bull’s head and said: “This matter is too important and we can’t afford the slightest mistake. This mountain range is farther away and dangerous, but we can avoid Dongfang Jingshui’s pursuit. This is one of the reasons.”

“Dongfang Jingshui is really too strong, worthy of his ranking on the upper list. He alone stopped seven different attacking units. More than half of the heretical experts from the Dark Realm died to him.” Tang Ao felt a chill while recalling the battle on the mountain. A king of the young generation was scary indeed.

“Secondly, there’s a camp from the furious faction here so we can use this as a shield and follow the army back to the capital.” Huaji’s cold eyes slightly glanced back at the huge chariot. It looked like he didn’t fail the kidnapping mission this time. If he could take the target back to the clan, he would receive an amazing reward, perhaps even a third-rank spirit pill.

The soldiers here naturally weren’t real. Each of them had a powerful aura with a hidden glint in their eyes. More than half were experts from the Dark Realm; the rest were chosen elites from the Beiming Clan.

This group continued through the mountain range while the chariot left behind two deep wheel marks on the path.

Feiyun stepped out from the mist and stared at the approaching army: “So many experts. Hmm, a bit troublesome. I’ll tail them and find a chance.”

His body turned into smoke as he disappeared into the mist again.

Up ahead were two peaks resembling two standing giants. After crossing them, they would be out of Jiluo.

“Strange, where is the reinforcement from Beiming Que?” Beiming Huaji pulled on the iron chain to stop the bull.

The entire group stopped.

“Boom!” After a loud explosion, strange beasts began to howl. The ground rumbled with loud stomps. The beast roars were louder and denser as if they were everywhere.

The atmosphere became serious.

“Not good, packs of golden-fur lions, everyone, get ready!” Huaji’s expression slightly shifted as he gave the command.

All the soldiers formed a circular defensive formation to protect the chariot.

The scariest thing about this route was suffering an ambush from the strange beasts. They had a peaceful journey so far and didn’t expect for an ambush right before they made it out.

There were several dozen lions jumping out from the two peaks. Each of them was four to five meter high and seven meter long and covered with a slightly dazzling golden glow. Their legs covered by golden fur were gigantic.

These beasts have cultivated for seven hundred years and had a certain level of intelligence. When they slightly opened their mouth, embers were belched out.

“Strange, this is the border of the mountain range, why are there so many powerful lions gathered here?” Tang Ao had an ominous feeling.

Of course, these lions came from Feng Feiyun. He had the Myriad Beast Physique and had more than eight thousand beast souls in his body. Even though the physique wasn’t finished, it wasn’t hard for him to mobilize a few beasts like this.

“Rawr!” Loud lion roars echoed across the mountain. The lions spewed out a golden flame before leaping at army.

These were all experts with great cultivation but they became a bit flustered before so many lions.

“Bang!” Huaji unleashed a fist shadow spanning for three meters and knocked away a six-hundred-year lion. The beast’s stomach was shattered while its organs were crushed into a pulp.

“Everyone, maintain formation and protect the chariot. Reinforcement is coming!” Tang Ao took out a white spear and smashed the head of a lion. Golden blood gushed out but this only fueled the primal rage of its kind. They started an even fiercer assault.

“Pluff!” One heretical expert wearing the army uniform was pushed down by a lion. It tore him apart before swallowing him.

Feiyun saw everything while standing on top of a peak before whistling.

This whistle had an unquestionable charm. Any strange beast that heard it came running. The entire mountain range became chaotic as if a flood of beasts was coming to attack Beiming Huaji and Tang Ao’s group.

“Shit, more beasts are coming.” Tang Ao was surrounded by dozens of beasts.

More than twenty of the disguised soldiers were killed as well. They became food for the beasts and the formation had been broken through. Some began to slam into the chariot.

This was the moment! 

“Whoosh!” Feiyun jumped off the peak and landed on top of the great chariot. A powerful wave shot out from his body and directly blew away the ten beasts and eight experts nearby.

Tang Ao and Huaji noticed this guy coming out of nowhere. Huaji yelled: “Who are you?!”

“It’s you!” Tang Ao said with aggression.

Feiyun slowly rolled up his sleeves and smiled: “Young Marquis, we meet again.”

Tang Ao was defeated in one move back at the Ask Buddha Platform and also knew that Feiyun was a Grand Historical Genius so he was quite afraid. However, Beiming Huaji wasn’t aware and raised his glowing spear to attack.

Huaji was almost on par with Beiming Que as a second-level Heaven’s Mandate. The violet energy in his body was surging like a lake from his dantian to his hands before jumping into the spear.

“Boom!” A plume of violet cloud at the tip of the spear distorted the air nearby.

Feiyun had the six diagrams floating around his palm. A majestic force came with a palm strike and shattered Huaji’s spear completely. All the violet energy dispersed.

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