Chapter 416: Wolong Sheng

The Divine Capital had everything, ranging from the richest and most powerful nobles to slaves and the lowliest of commoners.

Even cultivators were no exceptions. Without powerful cultivation and strong background, they were only servants at the capital.

The east side had many people like that. 

The stipulated meeting place between Feiyun and Wolong Sheng was a peach mountain to the east. There were few people here, resulting in the deserted cities.

This peach mountain was in the middle of a city with peach trees everywhere. Many tourists came during spring. However, it was the end of fall. Not to mention peach blossoms, even the leaves were gone.

It was late at night so the place should have been empty. Suddenly, two shadows emerged in the night sky. They were as fast as ghosts with an evil aura.

“Poof!” The first one landed next to a pavilion. He looked around the age of twenty and wore all black. However, the guy was more like a phantom. No one could really see his appearance as if his body was made out of fog.

Just a moment ago, the pavilion was empty but now, another youth with messy hair was already lying down on a chair inside.

Two more shadows soared through the night sky; one male and one female. They left behind remnant images before landing outside the pavilion.

“Hu Ying, Ce Nanfeng, the master of the Dark Realm actually sent the two of you here?” The man said with slight astonishment.

Hu Ying was the man standing next to the pavilion. Ce Nanfeng was the person resting on the long chair.

Who knows why these four ghost-like shadows would appear in this desolate place? 

Hu Ying’s voice was quite hoarse: “Was the convent’s business a success?”

The man answered: “We sent twelve men so it was a sure win. Ye Xiaoxiang is in our hands now, we’re taking her back to the capital.”

The man that was resting in the pagoda got up after hearing the name “Ye Xiaoxiang”. His messy hair hid his face as he laughed and said: “I heard Dongfang Jinshui, third-rank holder of the upper list, was also an escort? Looks like these historical geniuses aren’t much, can’t even protect a woman.”

The woman shook her head: “That’s not the case at all. Seven of our men died to him but the strength of one is limited, we still got her in the end.”

The man continued: “In order to hide from everyone, our experts are bringing her back via land. The two of you and we will meet them along the way to avoid any complication.”

Water route was the main transportation method between the convent and the capital. It would be too easy to be spotted on those rivers.

They didn’t know that Feiyun and Xiangcen were also on top of the peach mountain and saw everything unraveling down below. They heard every single word.

“What is that Wolong Sheng doing? Told us to meet here early but he’s late!” Feiyun’s patience was limited.

Xianceng stood there with her eyes as beautiful as the moon and devilish curves. She smiled and replied: “It’s still fine. At least we heard about an earth-shattering matter. Fairy Ye has been captured? That will be a fantastic story. I’m sure the capital will go wild because of this.”

Meanwhile, the four in black were about to leave. Suddenly, there was a rumble underground.

A terrifying death aura engulfed the entire mountain. A corpse warrior jumped out from the peach forest and blocked their way.

It wore a golden armor with a circular seal in front. A large talisman resembling a stone tablet hovered above its head and emitted strands of white light. It had become one with the corpse.

The group of four glanced at each other with confusion.

Where did this corpse come from?

The man’s eyes gleamed coldly through the night sky and raised his voice: “Who wants to play here?!”

There was no response.

Ce Nanfeng sneered: “Just a corpse, I’ll take care of him.”

Despite his young age, his methods were quite exceptional. Violet energy flowed through his body; he waved his sleeve and a group of violet clouds flew out, intending on dragging this corpse closer.

“Rumble!” The majestic violet energy had immense power.

There were more than 3,800 strands. They have turned into spirit serpents lying in the clouds.

This youth was actually a second-level Heaven’s Mandate. His battle techniques were nefarious and bizarre. Even Feng Feiyun became serious while watching. All four of them must have a great background since their cultivation was at the top of the young generation.

The corpse seemed quite heavy, unmoved by the clouds. Death flashed in its eyes as it raised a sword as large as a door. With one single slash, it shattered all the violet energy.

“Pluff!” Ce Nanfeng fell on his back with a line of blood on his face. It wasn’t until he touched the ground did his head split into two halves. Blood gushed out with white brain matters.

Just a single slash was all the corpse needed to take down this second-level Heaven’s Mandate.

The other three took a deep breath and took one step back at the same time. Their cultivation was similar to Ce Nanfeng and this was enough to reign over the young generation. They had never experienced something as strange as tonight.

“Please show yourself, senior from a corpse cave.” The man in black cautiously said.

There was only the sound of fluttering leaves on the mountain answering him.

“We can’t stay here, go!” The three decided and leaped towards three different directions.

They knew that the matter has been leaked today. A top expert was hiding in the shadows and wanted to take care of them. Only by running separately would some of them be able to make it out of this mountain alive.


“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Three loud explosions shook the sky. In just one second, three shadows fell down to the pavilion like three geese.

The group of three vomited blood with wounds everywhere as if they were cut by a thousand blades. They writhed on the ground, no longer able to get up.

“Who… who the hell is it?”

“So powerful…”

“I only saw a shadow… cough!”

Unknowingly, there was a robust man sitting in the pavilion in a leisure manner.

He had a cold aura to him. Just a glance would make people chill. His small and gray lips gave a brutal and evil impression. This was definitely an evil fella.

At the same time, a wooden table, a wine jade, and two cups appeared out of nowhere inside. They weren’t here before.

“Brother Feng, you have seen enough? Want to come down for a drink?” The man smirked and said.

Feiyun and Xiangcen floated down from the peak. They stood outside the pavilion and glanced at the three people on the ground before entering.

Feiyun wasn’t reserved at all. He sat to the front of this man and smiled: “You are indeed the top expert of the young generation in the Destruction Cave.”

Even though he had never seen this person or Wolong Sheng before, intuition told him that this was the case.

Other people wouldn’t dare to look at Wolong Sheng’s eyes but Feiyun found out that he only had one eye, his right. His left eye was inside a black leather pouch hanging behind his head from an iron chain.

This made him look even more ferocious.

Sheng looked at Feiyun before asking: “Do you know why I asked to meet earlier?”

“Looks like it has to do with those guys?” Feiyun’s eyes darted at the three lying on the ground outside.

How could there be such a coincidence in the world? Wolong Sheng had clearly caught of winds of this and knew that these four would come here for a secret meeting tonight. He told Feiyun to come early so that he could take care of these fours in order to posture before Feiyun, letting the guy see the power of the Destruction Cave.

Sheng nodded: “They all have relatively strong backgrounds. Ce Nanfeng and Hu Ying are young experts from the Dark Realm. As for the other two, they’re top heaven-defying geniuses from one of the four great clans, Beiming Que and Beiming Jing.”

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