Chapter 414: Third Rank Holder

Two prodigies have fallen and no one could have stopped Feiyun.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Tang Huanzhen kneeled from the pressure and the other two followed suit. They apologized towards Yu Chan while quivering with fear.

“Miss Yu Chan, it was our wretched mouth’s fault for offending you. We deserve death!”

“Miss Yu Chan, please forgives us! We won’t run our mouth any longer.”

“Please, we beg you…”

These three were always imperious but they were scared out of their mind at this moment. They kept on bobbing their head on the ground while crying.

Feng Feiyun said: “You know what to do next?”

“Yes, yes, we’ll gather one million gold and will personally bring it to the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.” Huanzhen was terrified.

“Amitabha.” Monk Yi Fan closed his eyes and chanted.

Tang Ao was furious due to the humiliation. The prodigies from his faction were actually kneeling before a woman. They have thrown away all face and pride.

All of this was because of the youth ahead. Tang Ao wiped the blood off the corner of his lips and asked: “Who are you?”

“None of your business.” Feiyun waved his sleeve before leaving the platform with Yu Chan, Lan’er, and his four guards. 

He had offended all the nobles here because they were fans of Ye Xiaoxiang while Feng Feiyun was supporting Yu Chan. If he had continued to stay, it would only incite further conflicts. Thus, it was better to leave.

After his departure, there was an uproar at the platform. People finally dared to breathe while guessing the identity of this youth who dared to trample on the dignity of a marquis’ faction. Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to be so bold.

“Maybe a young lord from a sect in Earthchild or the successor of a corpse cave up north?”

Both Earthchild and Northern Frontier have announced their independence. The youths from these prefectures naturally wouldn’t care for the nobles from the Jin Dynasty.

“Even though he only forced Huanzhen to kneel, this had offended pretty much all prodigies at the capital. They would never let this go.”

The numerous noble clans here had many geniuses. Even though Tang Ao was the young marquis, he couldn’t be considered a top prodigy among the nobles.

Tang Ao looked at the amused Li Fengxian and asked: “Who is hell is he?”

Fengxian was the only one who had a friendly conversation with the youth. They were clearly old friends so he might be the only one who was aware of the guy’s identity.

Fengxian smiled and said: “I’m not one to sell a friend. I can only say that he is someone on the Lower Historical List. You can guess yourself!”

Everyone gasped in response. So it was a new Grand Historical Genius, a king among the young generation. No wonder why he could defeat Aotian. But which one was he?

“Thank you, Young Noble Feng.” Yu Chan suddenly stopped and slightly bowed with a feminine gesture towards Feiyun.

Her eyes were slightly teary. Feiyun was willing to offend a marquis’ faction just to win back her honor. How many men would do such a thing in this world?

Feiyun helped her up and smiled: “I was the one who invited you up there so it was my responsibility. If I didn’t do so, others would make fun of me, Feng Feiyun, for not doing anything when people bully my friends. If this were to spread, how could I stay at the Jin Dynasty any longer?”

Yu Chan sniffled and smiled. No wonder why Sister Hongyan was in love with this playboy. The truth was that he was pretty cute sometimes and knew how to make a girl happy.

After hearing his name, Lan'er lovable face suddenly looked up with her mouth wide opened. She excitedly asked: “You are the Third Rank Holder of the lower list, the son of the demon, Feng Feiyun?! Is it really you?”

Her enthusiasm caught him off guard. He answered: “Well… I’m indeed Feng Feiyun, but what is this Third Rank Holder thing?”

After receiving a confirmation, Lan’er was even more touched like a girl in love. She explained: “This is one of the two new lists written recently about the top twenty historical geniuses in the Jin Dynasty, divided into an upper and a lower list with ten spots each.”

“The upper includes the older historical geniuses. Of course, they weren’t that old since the oldest one is not even forty yet. They’re relatively young for cultivators but nevertheless, they have been famous for around twenty years so they are known as the older historical geniuses.”

“The lower list is for ten newer ones. They’re all around twenty or below. Even though they’re not as powerful as the older ones just yet, they’re still quite famous. Many of them are supreme talents and can’t be that much weaker than the members of the upper list.”

Lan’er had fun elaborating. She was at the age where love was starting to blossom in her mind or the age where she had a blind fanaticism for idols. The grand historical geniuses were her targets.

Feiyun asked: “I’m ranked third on the lower list?”

“Yes! The two lists are arranged based on overall power and cultivation, not talents. Otherwise, you would surely be in first place on the lower list.” Lan’er was worried about Feiyun being unhappy with his ranking.

Feiyun inquired: “Who is in first and second place for the lower list?”

She replied: “The first place holder is Princess Luofu. After leaving her name on the tablet, her cultivation and talents soared. She can’t be weaker than anyone on the upper list but due to her young age, she was listed at number one for the lower list.”

Feiyun expected this. Even before carving her name, her cultivation was already unfathomable. After borrowing the power of the tablet, her cultivation broke through again. She might be on the same level as Young Noble Flawless or Yan Ziyu.

“In second place is Little Demoness. I heard she’s the youngest in the lower list but her cultivation is already on the same level as the upper list’s members. Because she rarely fought others, it’s too hard to gauge her power. That’s why she is after Princess Luofu.”

Feiyun couldn’t help but smile. Little Demoness was indeed an aberration. She was the laziest person he had met yet also had the fastest cultivation speed.

The truth was that he harbored no ill-will towards her. Even though the little girl was quite nefarious at times and ignored conventional morals, she acted like a blood sister to him when he was imprisoned. She kept on entertaining him by singing while giving him good food and wine.

She was indeed two to three levels higher than him in terms of cultivation. It was logical for her to be above him in rankings.

Suddenly, a terrorizing power came quickly from the base of the mountain and headed for the peak.

Feiyun looked over and saw a beastly aura in the horizon. There were a yellow dragon and tiger playing with each other. They created a regal aura that would frighten anyone. This qi image was called the Regal Supreme Physique, like a king ruling over his subjects. It could suppress other cultivators’ qi images.

This qi image came even before the person. It was clear who he was.

“Only Dongfang Jingshui has this qi image.” Feiyun thought to himself and stared down the mountain with a serious glare. 

More pressure soared from the base of the mountain and slammed into everyone’s face.

Dongfang Jingshui, the number one young expert of the Yin Gou Clan. At the age of eight, he was able to lift a huge cauldron. Ten was when he started cultivating; twelve was when he picked the heretical art; fourteen was when he found success with his sinister and murderous techniques. Later on, he has never been defeated.

The two of them met four years ago. Jingshui was already extremely strong at that point. A single fist of his was capable of shattering a huge peak. Who knows how strong he was now after four years?

Feiyun converged his aura and stood to the side of the road. He looked over and saw Jingshui wearing a flexible armor made out of rhino leather. He covered it with a pure-white fox fur coat and a conspicuous red cloak on top of that. 

His approach made the winds howl and the falling leaves scatter.

Behind him was a purple carriage flying in the sky, pulled by four spiritual cranes. It was heading for the peak.

Six or seven powerful prodigies, all at Heaven’s Mandate, were right behind the carriage. They were all elites of the young generation.

Just what kind of amazing woman was inside the carriage? So many young elites were in love with her.

The purple carriage drew closer and closer.

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