Chapter 412: Ask Buddha Platform

Tang Huanzhen was a talent from the Furious Marquis’ faction. The four well-dressed youths next to him were nobles as well. Though their background wasn’t as great as Huanzhen, they were still quite prestigious.

Fengxin was startled as well. Huanzhen wasn’t someone an ordinary person could afford to offend. It was fine for him to butt heads with the guy but anyone else would be at a great disadvantage and could even pay with their life.

But it was too late for him to stop Feng Feiyun.

Huanzhen raised his chin and smiled: “What do you want then?”

“Apologize to my friends right now on top of personally coming to the Supreme Beauty Pavilion and compensating with one million gold.” Feiyun’s eyes were merciless. Huanzhen didn’t only insult Yu Chan but also Hongyan since she was from the pavilion as well.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiaoxiang was still climbing the mountain, a while off from the platform. The prodigies here were eager to watch something else instead.

Meanwhile, her other fans shared the same belief as Huanzhen and looked down on Yu Chan. In their eyes, Ye Xiaoxiang was a maestro. Other girls couldn’t even compare to a finger of her, let alone claiming the title of maestro.

“I’ve heard of Supreme Beauty before. They have three hot ladies right now but they’re no match for Maestro Ye.”

“Who is that guy?! Quite bold for talking to Huanzhen like that.”

“He should be capable since he’s with Fengxin and Zhu Ming. Plus, that Miss Yu Chan looks like an elegant and sweet beauty. It’s normal for her to have an expert following.”

Huanzhen couldn’t help but laugh. He found this whole thing hilarious: “Li Fengxin, you need to take care of your dog, don’t let it bite people randomly. How can I, Tang Huanzhen, apologize to a prostitute? So senseless.”

The four youths behind him guffawed before glaring at Feiyun. One of the youths even mocked Yu Chan: “Miss, name the price. How much for one night, huh?” 

“Miss, name the price already!”

This made Yu Chan and Lan’er lower their head even more. The two girls felt wronged so tears started to flow. Yu Chan was biting her lips and almost started to run but Feiyun grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

His expression became unsightly with a cold glint in his eyes.

“Fellow Daoist, let me take care of this!” Fengxin took one step forward and raised his voice: “Huanzhen, he is my friend. Due to your lack of consideration towards me today, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

A powerful light emanated from his hands with a faint thunder noise. He stepped on the ground to gain momentum before rushing forward like a fierce tiger shrouded in a golden aura. This was a fist attack aiming for Huanzhen.

His cultivation was at peak grand completion God Base.

Huanzhen became serious because Fengxin’s cultivation was stronger. He activated his 330 meridians and spirit energy gushed out of his dantian like a river.

“Boom!” The two were evenly matched after the first exchanged! After a brief pause, they attacked again with their strongest attack. Shadows rushed all over the place with rampant auras. The prodigies near the platform kept on retreating.

“Huanzhen is indeed a heaven-defying prodigy from the Furious Marquis Faction. Looks like in another half a year at most, he’ll be able to undergo the Earth Tribulation to reach Heaven’s Mandate. If he can do it successfully, he’ll be quite great.”

“Fengxin is at the heaven-defying level too but he’s a bit inferior. After all, the Furious Marquis Faction is the first branch of the Grand Chancellor. The cultivation resource there must be greater than the Tiger Marquis Faction.”

“Boom!” Shortly after, Huanzhen unleashed a Seven-layers Furious Fist. This was one of the defining techniques of his faction. There were a total of six techniques with the name, Furious Six Variations.

He had learned one of them successfully. This attack was accompanied by seven layers of explosiveness. It exploded one by one and forced Fengxin back by seven steps. His palms started bleeding.

Huanzhen coolly waved his sleeve and smiled: “Fengxin, you have lost.”

“You win this time, didn’t think you have successfully cultivated that fist. But it’s not over yet, a different expert from our faction will come for you to demand justice.” Fengxin naturally was unwilling but what he could do? Only power could win someone’s respect at the capital.

After a defeat, one would just come back later after some more training. This was an ordinary occurrence. One shouldn’t give up after losing just once.

Fengxin bitterly turned and told Feng Feiyun: “Fellow Daoist, today’s matter…”

Feng Feiyun gave an order: “It’s no problem. Bu Jun, go play with Young Noble Tang for a bit. Take it easy on him, don't kill him by accident.”

“Affirmative, Young Lord!” The armored man with a yellow spear walked out. His name was Bu Jun.

He carried his spear over with a chilling flash in his eyes. A billowing group of violet clouds rushed out of his body and changed the spear into a violet color. He rushed over like an evil dragon.

This was an impressive momentum that caused a great gale. All the cultivators nearby were directly blown away.

Huanzhen was scared out of his mind. The opponent’s momentum was quite mighty, just like a god of death.

“Pluff!” Bu Jun’s spear pierced Huanzhen’s armpit before spinning his spear to rip out some flesh. Blood spurted and Huanzhen rolled on the ground like a bottle gourd.

The four well-dressed youths all shouted. Each of them used their best technique and turned into four lightning rays.

Bu Jun retaliated with a palm attack with the faint shadow of one dragon-tiger. It roared and alarmed the entire mountain.

Even before the direct impact, the four youths vomited blood from the shockwave and fluttered backward like leaves.

“Boom! Boom!” A monk in black jumped out from the mountain. This was a young talent from the Arhat Hall, handsome and stately. He raised his index and middle fingers towards the sky. A blue ripple of water emerged and turned into a mountain to stop the dragon-tiger power.

“Amitabha, the convent is a serene place, Benefactors, please don’t have murderous thoughts.” The monk placed his palms together and stood in between Bu Jun and Huanzhen. There was a transcending and sacred green aura coming from him, just like a lotus flower.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. When the spectators could react again, they saw Huanzhen and the four youths all lying on the ground.

“This is definitely a first-level Heaven’s Mandate! Damn! Looks like Huanzhen has messed with the wrong person this time.”

“He’s lucky that Monk Yi Fan is saving him, just who is that youth then?”

The prodigies here couldn’t stay calm at all. First-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators weren’t that common; these people capable of living up to five hundred years were all big shot. This was doubly true for someone so young.

But now, one of them was here and acted with wanton regards for life, even towards a member of the Furious Marquis Faction.

Huanzhen and his entourage were scared this time. Just a guard alone was so powerful already. Perhaps only the Young Furious Marquis would be able to handle this.

Lan’er almost became slack-jawed. She didn’t have a good impression of Feng Feiyun at all but even his guard was so powerful. Could this mean that the young lord was even more amazing?

Fengxin and Zhu Ming were swallowing their saliva like crazy at this hustler. If they knew that Feiyun’s group was so strong, they wouldn’t have bothered interfering and acting cool while making a fool out of themselves. 

Bu Jun carried his bright spear and said sternly: “Monk, scram to the side. These sons of bitches insulted our Young Lord. No one can protect them today.”

Monk Yi Fan stood there, as still as a pine tree and as serene as a lamp in the night. He had no intention of backing off.

Bu Jun scowled and emitted his violet energy again. He flashed and disappeared before appearing above. His spear screamed and came thrusting down with murderous intent.

“Boom!” The monk used his fingers again. A screen of blue waves rose from his fingertips and stopped the spear.

Bu Jun thrusted again with increasing speed. More than ten violet dragons rushed out but the monk easily stopped him.

Bu Jun had ragged breathing with less intention to fight. Meanwhile, the monk was still as cool as before with his robe fluttering in the wind. His demeanor was as calm as the clear sky.

Huanzhen and his entourage heaved a sigh of relief to see the monk able to stop the aggressive guard. This was a top talent in Faith Convent. No need to worry about their lives now with him here.

The noble men, women, and top cultivators all nodded approvingly. The convent is indeed a sacred ground for the Buddhist belief. Yi Chan’s cultivation was enough to be at the top of the young generation.

“Bu Jun, get back here. You’re not a match for the monk.” Feiyun never had any love for monks. They only reminded him of that bald donkey, Monk Jiu Rou.

Bu Jun came back furiously before bowing: “Young Lord, I have failed my mission.”

Feiyun chuckled before a dark glint appeared in his eyes. He stared at the monk and said: “It’s fine. Monk, you should know that Huanzhen insulted my friends. All of them must kneel and apologize or I can guarantee you that many will die here today!”

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