Chapter 408: Journey To The Capital

Feng Mo nonchalantly said: “If the Jin Dynasty was ranked first, then how could the prefectures dare to announce their independence and forsaking the government? Of course, the astronomical phenomenon was the biggest reason.”

This was abnormal. Keep in mind that the dynasty has lasted for six thousand years so it had great resources and accumulation. Some shocking events had happened before too.

In one of them, all seven prefectures fell and the government only protected the Central Royal Prefecture. Later on, a supreme genius came out from the royal family and suppressed the chaos.

It was the Empress Long Jiangling.

So many heroes were slain by her during that generation, even several Enlightened Beings. In the end, she became invincible.

The Jin Dynasty has seen times of turmoil so they were vigilant about current events.

Feng Mo shook his head and said: “The dynasty isn’t afraid of challenges, but it is wary of that astronomical phenomenon since it represents the will of the heaven. Even if the dynasty were to suppress the two rebellious prefectures, other foes will pop up.”

“So are they going to ignore the rebellions?” Feiyun asked.

Feng Mo smiled in response: “The dynasty is waiting for the 'Supreme’ to show up.”

“The dragons will devour the sky while the Supreme protects!” Feiyun recalled. 

Feng Mo nodded: “No one can go against the will of the heavens! The Jin Emperor is most likely frustrated because of this so he has to find the ‘Supreme’ right away.”

“Only with this would he be able to calm the dragons, just like Long Jiangling back then. The power of one was enough to defend the dynasty.” Feiyun said.

Feng Mo grew increasingly fond of Feiyun. The boy had great talents and a quick mind. He said: “The dynasty is not waiting to fail. They have already made plans.” 

Feiyun pondered for a bit before speaking: “They are taking advantage Great Powers Ranking.”

“That’s right. It wasn’t created by the government but it created quite a stir in the cultivation world. Cultivators are still humans and they care about reputation and fame. Some are naturally elated to be at a high rank. Even their servants can walk with their head held high as if they are better than other people.”

“Of course, the lower ranking ones or those excluded from the list wouldn’t accept this. It’s definitely a nice strategy.” Feng Mo continued.

Feiyun agreed: “Indeed. Who knows which is stronger of the two top. Plus, the sixth-ranked wouldn’t think it is inferior to the fifth and the fifth wouldn’t be convinced of the fourth’s superiority…”

“Just a list alone is enough to cause these great powers to go wild with each other. It makes it much easier for the government.” Feng Mo concluded.

Feiyun shook his head: “Not necessarily though. After all, each sect certainly has an intelligent wisdom master. They can see through the government’s trick. Plus, the dynasty itself is too vast. These great powers are countless miles away. The conflicts shouldn’t escalate too fiercely.”

Feng Mo smiled and said: “Because of that, the Jin Emperor is provoking the crowd by gathering everyone. There will be a groom selection for Princess Luo Fu.”

“What?!” Feiyun was surprised.

Princess Luo Fu was the emperor’s favorite daughter and one of the most excellent women in the world. Some of her highlights were being the fourth prettiest beauty in the dynasty, a Grand Historical Genius, the daughter of Imperial Consort Hua, someone who has left her name on the sacred tablet…

Just one of these was enough for any woman in the world. Such a beauty was coveted by all so this competition would invite many prodigies.

Feiyun took a while before regaining his composure: “Now that’s a good move, getting five different goals in one.”

“Elaborate.” Feng Mo said.

Feiyun explained: “First, if all of the prodigies show up, one of them will certainly be the ‘Supreme’. This might be the imperial family’s intention.”

“Second, with this gathering, the great powers will certainly have conflicts with each other, especially due to the list.”

“Third, I have met the princess several times. This is a gifted and crafty woman. I’m afraid no prodigy can actually hold her back due to her great intelligence and schemes, but her pride is the biggest reason. Even if one were to marry her, she would be the one in charge.”

“Fourth, a successful marriage would mean gaining a powerful ally for the court.”

“Fifth, and this is the most important, will all these prodigies… leave the capital alive?”

Feng Mo’s smile grew wider as he was content with Feiyun’s thorough analysis. He said: “Everyone knows about it but they still have to go. There is a competition between the crown prince and the princess right now. After leaving her name on the tablet, many powers in the court have begun to support her so she seemingly has the upper hand at the moment. If she were to eliminate the crown prince, it wouldn’t only be a princess they’re marrying but a future empress.”

After all, the dynasty was still tough at the moment. It was easier said than done to destroy it. All the powers were still considering the Jin Dynasty as the leader. If they could curry favor from it, they naturally would.

“Who can say that Long Luofu won’t become the next Long Jiangling?” Feiyun said.

“That’s why all the prodigies will have to try their best to bring her home.” Feng Mo stared intensely at Feng Feiyun.

“Ancestor, you want me to go to the capital?”

“Naturally, but I won’t force you into that groom competition. There’s something else I want you to do.” 

Feiyun felt a weight being lifted off of his shoulder and asked: “What is it?”

Wan Xiangcen came in at this moment with enchanting and elegant steps. She stopped next to him.

Feng Mo raised his finger. A light came out from the tip, containing a black box made out of jade around one meter long. This coffin-like box fell before Feiyun.

It was full of forbidden runes depicting two ghosts. Even though it had been sealed, Feiyun could still sense a monstrous evil energy from within due to his heightened spiritual awareness.

Feng Mo said: “Go to the capital with this gift and talk to Wolong Sheng of the Destruction Cave about an alliance.”

The Destruction Corpse Cave was one of the oldest lineages in the northern region, just like the Yinvoid and Violetsea Caves, feared by all due to their strong history.

“Where?” Feiyun asked.

Clearly, the Feng and the Destruction Cave have known each other before and came up with an agreement. Feiyun’s trip was only the meeting between the young generation and to exchange an alliance gift or sign a pact.

Feng Mo said: “Xiangcen will take care of it for you.”

Feiyun slightly frowned. There has been rumors of her being the bastard daughter of a cave lord. Destruction seemed to be the one then.

However, he was still skeptical. The Feng was all the way south while Destruction was north, two extreme ends. There seemed to be more than meet the eyes here.

But Feiyun didn’t pry any further. He put the box into his spatial stone and left the palace.

He was excited to leave this place after one year. The prodigies were gathering at the capital, signaling a brewing storm.

Friends and enemies together, what kind of friction was going to happen?

Friends… Feiyun thought about Young Noble Flawless and Bi Ningshuai. He wondered if they were coming or not?

“Bi Ningshuai is definitely coming if he can manage to run from his fiancee. How could a thief like him miss such a fun show?”

He then thought about Nangong Hongyan and whether he would see her there.

It was a long journey from the southern region to the capital, completely away from home. Feiyun went to say goodbye to his grandfather and uncles before leaving the Celestial Paradise.

He also saw Third Boss in his red trousers and found out that the guy was his grandfather’s grandfather.

He finally made it out of the paradise during nightfall. Only Wan Xiangcen, two maids, and four armored guards came with him.

These six were distinguished characters as well. The two maids, Zi Luolan and Zi Luoxin, were successors from the Violetcloud sect, a pair of twins currently at perfect God Base.

The four guards were chosen from the Feng Clan’s elites; all were at first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

Though the Feng didn’t have much at the moment, they still needed to keep up their appearance. After all, they were going to the capital and couldn’t afford to lose face as the nineteenth-ranked power.

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