Chapter 403: Woman In Love

Under the waning crescent moon, the moonlight draped down on the mountain range like a soft dress.

At the entrance of the Celestial Paradise were two stone doors piercing through a mountain. Two statues of old men were erected right outside. They contained the rhythm of the dao and a black-white glimmer just like two immortals.

Two youths with pretty jade swords were guarding the entrance. They stood straight facing forward with a hint of haughtiness.

Given the Feng’s current status, they naturally could keep their head up high and looked down on others.

The breeze from the mountain range was quite refreshing with red leaves fluttering into the entrance.

A faint flame was flickering in the air before disappearing completely. It was flying towards the prison inside the Celestial Paradise.

There was an old man wearing a purple daoist robe standing at the entrance. A glimmer flashed in his eyes as he stared at the foggy night: “Miss, come on out.”

A ripple appeared in the air and a fiery plume floated in the air next to the cliff. Nangong Hongyan said: “How did you detect me when I’m wearing the Cloak Of Invisibility?”

After listening to Ji Cangyue, she was in disarray. After confirming about Feiyun being struck by the poison and imprisoned in this place, she immediately traveled through the night lest she wouldn’t be able to see him one last time.

No matter how smart a woman might be, when she fell in the ocean of love, she must be ready to drown. 

Along the way, she understood that there were countless experts at the paradise. There was even an Enlightened Being here so she was certain of the danger; death was virtually assured. Nevertheless, this didn’t deter her.

One shouldn’t think too much when in love. Over-thinking everything makes one too afraid to love.

Without thinking, on the contrary, one would be able to feel what they want and must do.

Despite being the most beautiful woman in the world, she was also the loneliest person. Men loved her and women were jealous of her. Only Feiyun saw the fear in her heart, the fear of old age, death, and loneliness. That’s why he took out the phoenix bone from his body and gave it to her, dispelling all her fears.

Feng Feiyun also made her feel less lonely. At the very least, when she was at her most vulnerable and fatigued, there was someone to think about in her heart.

If Feiyun were to die, she wouldn’t have anyone to yearn for.

If one didn’t even have someone to care for, they would be no different from a walking corpse.

That’s how she used to live in the past and she no longer wanted to do so. If Feiyun wanted to see her one last time, how could she refuse?

“Haha! Someone had told us long ago that the most beautiful woman in the world wants to break into our prison. I have been waiting here for a long time now.” The old man smiled coldly.

He was a half-step Giant from the Violetcloud Cave and infinitely close to being a Giant.

The cloak could hide her aura completely. Even a Giant wouldn’t be able to detect her. That’s why she was able to kill Giants with only the power of a half-step.

She thought that she could use this unique ability to easily infiltrate the prison. However, someone had actually informed them ahead of time about her plan. Who could this be?

Another three half-step Giants flew out; their body shimmered like stars and surrounded Nangong Hongyan in three different directions. These were seniors several hundred years of age. All of them closed their eyes and used their divine intent instead.

They were aware that she could kill with her beautiful face so they were prepared enough to not look straight at her.

“Boom!” A formation fell down from above and suppressed the area like a star.

They knew that she had the cloak and Giants wouldn’t be able to find her. Thus, they utilized this formation in order to stop her from going invisible.

Two half-steps took action first. One was the old man in purple; the other was a middle-aged man with a mole on his forehead. They were excellent cultivators so their mind was tough. There was no problem for them killing the world’s most beautiful.

Though their eyes were closed, their movement was strangely fast.

“Ten Thousand Swords, One Origin!” The middle-aged man used a supreme sword art. More than one thousand sword shadows rush outside and turned into a rain of swords.

“Righteous Violet Energy!” Purple clouds floated behind the old man’s back. His momentum soared and the sky shook because of his attack.

The other two half-steps joined in with their heaven-defying arts, showing no mercy.

Under this formation, Hongyan had to fight against four half-steps. It was a real fight to the death, strategies and schemes weren’t of use here.

The flame burning on her body became even stronger and grew in size. It covered half of the sky like a terrible sun

“Boom! Boom!” The four half-steps were blown out of the ocean of fire and became heavily injured. Their robes were on fire so they looked just like four fireballs. 

When they extinguished the fire on their body, Hongyan had disappeared inside the prison.

“She still made it inside.” 

“It’s fine, I got her with an energy slash through her divine gown’s protection. Surely she is wounded.”

“My Heavenmist Bracelet broke her bones, she’s definitely not feeling well.”

“Even if she meets Feiyun, she won’t be able to escape with all the injuries. Just wait here and directly kill them once they come out. That’s the clan master’s wish.”

The four half-steps were heavily wounded as well. They sat down in the meditative pose and guarded outside the prison for recovery.

Hongyan rushed into the dark cave with cells on both sides. They were full of skeletons, some still chained to the wall. These were people that have committed great crimes and were imprisoned for more than one hundred years then eventually died here.

“I have been waiting here under the order of the clan master.” Yue Chongzi jumped down from the top of a burning pillar. He had a Voidbreaking Sword on his back as he entered the hallway on the bottom of the prison.

The power of a Giant emanated from his body. Winds ravaged the closed cave and blew away the embers on the pillar. They looked just like fireflies.

Nangong Honyan’s fire disappeared. She walked on the cold ground; each step would leave behind an extremely red, bloody footprint.

Her white dress was stained with blood. A sword had pierced through her undergarment and was stuck on her body. Blood drops were running down the blade and touched the ground.

There were also spots of blood on the veil covering her wondrous face, like roses among the snow.

Yue Chongzi frowned and sighed as he watched her take each step forward. If it wasn’t for the clan master’s order, he would want to be a good guy for once and let her past. After all, few people in this world were so deeply in love, especially one that was willing to lose her life.

That would be one less in the world.

“Miss Nangong, you won’t be able to see Feng Feiyun today. Don’t blame me for being merciless if you take one more step forward.” Chongzi held his middle and index fingers together. A sword seal appeared and the sword on his back began to scream like a qilin.

“I only want to see him one last time since I must tell him something.” Hongyan’s pretty eyes were dazed. She didn’t stop at all because she was afraid Feiyun would die if she were to linger around. Who would she talk to then? Herself?

Chongzi took out his sword and began. He had no other choice since she must die if he were to live.

A sword technique shot out with sharp energies. They cut the prison like a tornado, wishing to destroy everything.

Several bloody holes appeared on Hongyan’s body but she didn’t fall down just yet. The sword technique inside her pupils became even larger. This ferocious attack was about to tear her to countless pieces.

“No!” A beastly scream came from deeper inside the prison.

Feiyun sensed the fluctuation above and stood up. He channeled his phoenix gaze through the iron layers to see Nangong Hongyan fighting against Yue Chongzi.

“Pluff! Pluff!” The sword energy of a Giant was too powerful. Even her two gowns couldn’t stop it completely.

Feiyuns’ eyes turned red as an evil energy exploded out of the Yama’s spine. It looked like a pillar slowly raising towards the formation above.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The formation was slowly being pushed up.

Feiyun was forced to go crazy and didn’t hesitate in using the power of the spine in order to break out. ‘Hongyan can’t die! She mustn’t!’


The moon became slightly red as if foreboding the departure of a supreme beauty from this world.

Ji Cangyue stood on a hill far away, wearing her loose black robe. She laughed happily: “Nangong Hongyan, who would have thought that you would be foolish like this. If you die tonight, do not blame me, blame Feng Feiyun instead.”

The best way to make someone suffer was to let them watch their most beloved die. Feiyun cared too little about women but Hongyan was definitely someone he loved.

If Nangong Hongyan were to die, wouldn’t Feiyun feel a wrenching pain?

Just imaging Feiyun crying while hugging her corpse left Ji Cangyue satisfied after obtaining revenge. She laughed, full of hatred.

Never underestimate women’s vengefulness. They hid like scorpions, ready to sting at any moment to deliver a painful blow.

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