Chapter 401: Enlightened Being

More than ten thousand Feng members applauded in a furor, having witnessed the true power of the Grand Gale Art. No one could calm their boiling blood. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could reach this level one day? They could rampage across the world without anyone capable of stopping them.

The cultivators from the Seventh Hall were speechless, including the ten supreme elders, the four Giants, and the remaining Vice Lord. It was impossible to describe their feeling with words. They have met an impenetrable wall, there was no chance for victory.

The ones who wanted to take advantage of the situation felt something was wrong. For example, the Qin Clan Master, the Giant from First Heaven, Violetcloud Sect Master, Yue Chongzi from the Grand Development Gate; they all wanted to leave.

“Boom!” An expanse of water ran across the sky like a river. A middle-aged man wearing a black-dragon robe with a crest led a group of old men closer.

This was the Seventh Hall Lord.

This was his first time showing himself to the public. Only a formidable character would be capable of becoming a heretical Hall Lord.

All the heretical cultivators prostrated to greet him, including the Giants and supreme elders, as if they were meeting a king.

The strong rules with strict hierarchy in the heretical faction. A Hall Lord was a supreme existence so all the other cultivators needed to kneel.

“Seventh Hall, heed my order. Everyone, follow my lead!” The members followed his command. Waves of evil energy soared to the sky and turned into an expense of billowing black clouds. Where they went, the cultivators nearby were annihilated by their aura. Their flesh exploded instantly.

The Hall Lord, Vice Lord, four Giants, and the supreme elders led the unit to kill Feng Chi.

Feng Chi stood there proudly with his armor as white as snow. His expression was one of loneliness like a broken-hearted man standing in winter.

It has been many years since the last magnificent scene of this level. Many Giants were fighting at the same time. Just the murderous bloodthirst alone could be sensed thousands of miles away.

Half of the sky turned dark to the dismay of the crowd.

Suddenly, an ominous and ancient voice whispered into everyone’s ears: “From today henceforth, the Senluo Temple shall only have nine halls.”

“Thump.” The first clan master standing next to Feiyun took a step forward and soared into the sky. His hair became black and grew more than ten meters long. His eyes were fierce; just his evil energy alone was denser than all of the experts from the Seventh Hall combined.

Imagine this scene, a great sun in the sky overshadowing all the stars nearby.

People still couldn’t tell who he was but he had already taken action. He unleashed a single palm with a hint of softness and unquestionable authority. It had the power to change the landscape of the world.

This ultimate palm strike descended from above and blew all the heretical experts flying.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The sixteen supreme elders of the half-step Giant level were instantly disintegrated. They couldn’t even scream in time.

The four Giants were torn to pieces from the power of the palm. Their blood began to burn the air so they became balls of fire slamming into the ground, a truly calamitous scene.

The Vice Lord also faced death. His flesh turned into bloody grains from the impact. Only his bones remained, as shiny as white jade. It fell into the ground and issued some clicking noises.

Only the Seventh Lord survived but he was filled with holes. Many parts of his body have been blown away by the wind and required immediate mending.

Feng Mo hovered in the sky with black clouds increasingly gathering above his head. His bloodthirst truly made the world tremble. So many people uncontrollably dropped to the ground.

His aura was simply too powerful, just like an invincible Godfiend.

The sun disappeared and replaced by the moon. The stars started to move as a nefarious image appeared in the sky.

A gigantic full moon floated above Feng Mo with stars rotating around it.

“This is a change of the sun and moon, a distortion of the stars.” Feng Feiyun stared at the nefarious image.

The last time when an image like this appeared was the emergence of the Evil Woman. One must go back more than six thousand years for the one before that, during the night before the formation of the Jin Dynasty.

This type of celestial image would only show up when a great saint or devil came out.

The top experts all over the Jin Dynasty could sense this nefarious energy coming from the south. Cultivators that have been in isolated training all woke up.

Back at the Beastmaster Camp in a distant mountain range, Monk Jiu Rou was holding a large jar of wine inside a temple. He looked southward and lamented: “One Evil Woman isn’t enough, another nefarious being has come out. The time of chaos has arrived, no one will be able to stop this unprecedented turmoil. Mountains of corpses and oceans of blood, countless shall be buried.”

“One palm killing five Giants… this, this isn’t a power available to Heaven’s Mandate cultivators. It must be an Enlightened Being at the Nirvana level.”

Those on the central peaks felt a cold chill as they stared in horror at the old man floating in the sky. Even Giants dropped to their knees.

Only ten people in the entire Jin Dynasty have reached the Nirvana level. All of them were called Enlightened Beings.

Some of them were characters from several thousand years ago. A few have not shown up for more than a thousand years now. Many people assumed that they have died in some remote and unknown places.

After all, even Enlightened Beings would die eventually.

Thus, only five or less Enlightened Beings were confirmed to be living. This was the reason why these Giants were in awe of Feng Mo.

“That’s the patriarch…” A random member of the Feng suddenly screamed: “Oh god, that’s the patriarch! He looks exactly like the portrait!”

“Our patriarch is still alive! The heaven blesses us! The heaven blesses us!” Many members of the clan started to cry.

This was Feng Mo’s goal, to either go big or not do it at all. He wanted to show the world that the Feng wasn’t so easily bullied. The Feng must gain some benefits in this incoming chaos.

Feng Mo carried back the wounded Seventh Hall Lord and threw him to the ground like a dead dog: “Feng Feiyun, kill him!”

The Seventh Lord was still a hero. Despite his injuries, he still stood up proudly. His robe was completely tattered but he didn’t look downtrodden at all. His eyes were still unyielding and dignified.

Feng Mo had long considered Feng Feiyun to be his successor. He would be the next clan master so Feiyun needed to follow his plan and become merciless and stern.

But this wasn’t Feiyun’s style. He had no plan on coming back after being expelled. No one could make him submit or force him to violate his own creeds.

Feiyun seemed to not have heard Feng Mo. He ran directly towards Feng Wanli lying in a pool of blood. He held him up and said with concern: “Second Uncle, Second Uncle…”

The palm strike earlier from Feng Mo didn’t only kill all the experts from the Seventh Hall but it also affected many innocent people. Feng Wanli who was captured by the four female guards was one of them.

The four guards were killed by the shockwave emanating from the strike. Feng Wanli was also bloodied with his internal organs broken. He was on the verge of death.

Feiyun moved the violet spirit energy in his body to Feng Wanli to cure his wounds and protect his veins. He was extremely unhappy with Feng Mo. This evil old man was too cruel and didn’t care for the lives of people on his side.

That palm earlier killed so many children from the Feng Clan. If he had any loving sentiments, an expert of his level could have masterfully avoided this!

It was more apt to say that the Feng Clan was about to be his stepping stone for world hegemony.

After turning evil, Feng Mo had lost certain emotions that a man should have.

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t become his friend. His option was to run away right now since he was not a match for Feng Mo. Submitting was not a choice at all.

Feng Mo was livid. His most hopeful descendant didn’t listen to him. A cruel glint appeared in his eyes as he raised his hand and directly tore the Seventh Hall Lord to pieces.

“Feng Feiyun, how bold, you dare not listening to the ancestor? You are indeed a traitor, deserving of death!” The current clan master of the Feng jumped out and said.

Before Feng Chi and Feng Mo came out, this clan master was hiding inside the crowd and didn’t dare to say a single word. He only came out after all the experts from the Seventh Hall were killed.

This clan master could see that the ancestor favored Feng Feiyun. Remember that expelling and sending people to kill Feng Feiyun were all his ideas. If Feng Feiyun were to gain power, he would be the next to die.

“Shut up! No need for you to tell me what to do!” Feng Mo slapped the clan master into a rain of blood before glaring at Feiyun: “Listen up, take Feiyun back into the clan’s prison.”

Despite losing certain emotions after turning evil, Feng Mo still used to be the first clan master. He naturally knew that one person alone, regardless of how strong they might be, couldn’t build a dynasty. He needed supreme talents under his banner. Feng Feiyun was the most suitable candidate.

Feiyun definitely couldn’t die. He still had some uses for the guy.

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