Chapter 400: Undefeated Legend

Flowers of blood fell from the sky with a sanguine stench. The Feng children, the cultivators at the central peak, and the Giants from the Senluo Temple looked like they were struck by thunder.

Just a wave of the palm was enough to kill a Giant - how many people in the contemporary were capable of this?

“Is this a forgotten hero from the Feng?” Many people had this question.

The Jin Dynasty was truly large. Not to mention a prefecture, just a county alone was boundless. No one could walk through the entire place.

Many powerful monsters in their old age would leave their clan and sect. They would travel to the wild marshes or a random city in order to comprehend the immortal ways in hope of breaking through. Success would grant them a renewed life while failure would end with a peaceful death.

This was the reason why it was relatively normal to find seclusive experts in the caves. A street beggar could once be a sect master as well. They were using different method in order to find the profundity of the heavenly path.

This was the reason why that after hundreds of years, these awesome characters gaining a thousand years of life would return to their clan after breaking through. However, too many years have passed and no one would recognized them.

The Feng had more than a thousand years of history. It was understandable for them to have an expert returning after several hundred years.

“Could… could it be our legend coming back?” A member of the clan stared at Feng Chi’s majestic figure and stirringly said.

“The invincible hero that had cultivated the Grand Gale Art to the ninth level, the ultimate genius, Feng Chi?”

“It has to be, he looks just like him!” 


The children recalled the portrait of their ancestor. There was truly a striking resemblance. However, the portrait was even sharper and more heroic. This man in white armor was cold with a hint of vicissitudes and stiffness.

Feng Feiyun was quite curious. Feng Chi was already a Corpse Evil, how did Little Demoness bring him here? Could it be that there was still a strand of soul within him, a little hint of consciousness?

“Meow!” Whitey was rubbing on Feng Chi’s knee.

Perhaps it wasn’t Little Demoness but Whitey. This was a cat that had run out from the Feng Clan’s ancestral hall. Who knows how many years it had lived for?

Feiyun thought that there was a chance that it was Feng Chi’s cat. It waited in the ancestral hall for a thousand years for its master to come back.

However, it couldn’t wait till Feng Chi came back since Little Demoness took it out instead.

“Hmph, only a dead man. No matter how strong his cultivation is, it’s still only a Corpse Evil.” A burly man with a straw hat and long beard jumped off the central peak while riding a black hawk.

His legs were muscular while his body had a bronze luster. He had a thick iron armor with six iron spears hanging behind him. A fierce and honest temperament resided in him.

His black hawk also had armor made from Black Tortoise Steel. It weighed more than a thousand pounds.

It skirted down the mountain like a Kun Peng on top of an immortal peak. Its screech stirred the souls of the spectators.

Wu Jingfu was another Giant of the Seventh Hall. His ordinary bell-like eyes had a chilling glint. He noticed the faint corpse energy around Feng Chi and realized that the man was dead.

The biggest advantage for these corpses was their terrifying strength while their biggest weakness was their lack of intelligence and reaction time.

This was the reason why Wu Jingfu dared to come out and fight.

The corpses indeed lacked intelligence but this was limited to the first and second levels of transformation. At the third, their intelligence was relatively high and comparable to an eight-year-old child.

At the fourth transformation, they were as smart as regular people. For example, the Evil Woman was no different from the top human cultivators.

Feng Chi noticed Jingfu’s hostility. He glanced over and slowly took a step forward.

In a blink of an eye, he was already standing before Jingfu.

‘So fast!’ Jingfu was shocked. This corpse could actually sense his hostility.

Nevertheless, he was still an experienced Giant and had met all types of experts before. Despite the initial shock, he wasn’t afraid at all. He channeled a dragon-tiger power with both hands. Nine shadows of this beast appeared like nine floating mountains, resulting in an indescribable power. Who knows how many pounds of force were about to be unleashed?

Only those capable of unleashing nine dragon-tiger shadows were considered Giant. This was an ability reserved to them, capable of toppling rivers and mountains with just one move.

“Crack!” Feng Chi reached out and formed a fist with his gray hand. A green light surrounded his hand before a gale rushed out through his entire arm. It directly shattered the armor on Jingfu’s arm before breaking his bones as well. Keep in mind that these bones have been trained to an unbelievable level and looked just like divine jade.

Jingfu was aghast. This corpse’s reaction was not only slow but even faster than his own.

“Supreme Mount Wuzhi!” Jingfu’s hand turned into a golden color. His fist alone could shoulder the heaven. The winds and clouds changed with thunders blaring everywhere. A mountain came crashing down from above with five peaks. It looked just like a giant’s palm.

This was one of the Senluo Temple’s twelve grand evil techniques, created by their third generation lord. This person cultivated both heretical arts and buddhism at the same time due to his great talents. This technique, in particular, was extremely destructive.

All twelve evil techniques were top arts. Just cultivating one alone would allow one to reign against cultivators at the same level.

Feng Chi sighed and let the mountain slam on his body. His body disappeared inside.

“Whoosh!” A white ray flew out of the mountain and curved back down.

“Boom!” Feng Chi placed his palm on top of Jingfu’s forehead.

“Crack!” This Giant’s head exploded like a watermelon with blood gushing out. The air and the soil began to burn. A heat wave assaulted the area.

“Clank!” Jingfu’s armor and six spear fell down and turned red from being burned in the fire.

Another Giant had fallen!

This scene wasn’t too shocking to Feng Feiyun but others were quivering in astonishment. Two Giants have fallen just like two great mountains crumbling down.

The cultivators from the Seventh Hall were even more shaken. Some screamed because these Giants were their ancestors. They rarely saw them normally and considered these ancestors to be unstoppable deities. But now, their blood was staining this entire place. This felt like a nightmare.

No one could stay calm as they stared at Feng Chi as if he was a ghost. This man stood there so inconspicuously but when he took action, he turned the place into hell.

Flowers fluttered down from the sky like the rain with a strange sweet fragrance. A huge, black poppy flower blossomed in the middle of everything. It was bright enough to resemble a black sun.

Two suns were in the sky now. One was dazzling while the other a boundless circle of darkness.

A beautiful woman came out of the poppy flower. Her dress was tight fitting, revealing her slender body. Her cloud red shoes, strangely enough, were worn out. She looked arrogant and murderous.

A hint of heroism was situated in the middle of her forehead. Her arms were covered with a thin cloth with a lace pattern. Her weapon of choice was a short sword with a sharpness deterring others from looking straight at it.

“Vice Hall Lord Ying Su, this is a top three existence at the Seventh Hall, definitely a Super Giant. Liu Kuang and Wu Jingfu are only her subordinates.”

Ying Su had a frightening cultivation as a top member of the heretical faction. She was also a lady with notorious fame.

She was even more merciless compared to the other two Giants earlier like the sharpest of swords.

She pointed forward and unleashed a sword ray spanning for a thousand meters.

This was a fight between top experts so many cultivators were accidentally wounded. Just a single strand of remnant energy could cut down a mountain side.

Feng Chi stood against the sword attack without moving. His tattered red cloak was fluttering in the wind, issuing some noises.

Ying Su became serious after seeing the ineffective first move. She shot out the Heaven Restoration Evil Gaze, one of the twelve grand evil techniques. Two black rays flew out of her eyes, aiming for Feng Chi’s own.




Feng Chi’s lips slightly moved and whispered the three words. He stretched out his finger and a wind-breaking noise came from his fingertip.

The atmosphere of the area was broken and turned into a force of the wind affinity. It took the shape of an enraged serpent.

This wind serpent crushed all the flowers in the sky and pierced through her body. This alluring beauty shuddered like crazy with a pale expression before her body disappeared with the wind. Her left shoulder disintegrated and her head turned into blood. Her chest became powder and her legs became a victim to the wind as well.

A great beauty, a Super Giant, the Vice Lord of the heretical faction had been blown away by the wind without leaving anything left. What’s left of her body scattered all over the place.


Everyone knew about her notoriety and two Giants of the Feng were taken down by her. However, she was rendered into dust by a single finger from Feng Chi.

Who would dare to say that the Feng’s cultivation law was useless? Who would dare to say that their Giants were weak now?

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