Chapter 399: The Return Of The Feng Experts

The old man stumbled about as if he had one foot in the grave already. Nevertheless, he still dressed very freely in the style of a bandit.

Feng Feiyun almost spat in astonishment. This was Third Boss from the Huangfeng Ridge.

Back when he was a bandit, he had already guessed that this old geezer had something to do with the Feng Clan. Sure enough, he climbed out of his cave the moment something happened to the Feng.

Feiyun didn’t know that this person named Feng Dugu was his grandfather’s grandfather, four levels of seniority higher than him.

Third Boss used to be a supreme genius from the clan, the next successor even. However, he went to the capital in order to save his good friend so he left the clan first. After saving the friend, he hid in the southern border and became a bandit. Alas, when the Feng’s survival was hanging on a thread, he still came out as its member.

He held his walking stick while trembling to say: “What’s the Seventh Hall? Never heard of it.”

“Old geezer, I’ll show you what it is.” The skinny old man took out a spear and cut through the sky with lightning speed.

Third Boss threw away the half-eaten pear and grabbed his blade. He slashed the old man into two halves. The guy’s innards fell outside onto the puddle of blood.

“Oh? Didn’t put in any strength?!” Isn’t the legendary Senluo Temple really badass?” Dugu laughed, revealing his lack of teeth.

Despite being an old geezer, he was a bully and resembled a mountain bandit that had committed many heinous crimes.

A half-step Giant became livid and shouted: “Ignorant fool!”

“Boom!” He made a cross with both hands. A cold energy oozed out and made the temperature go down. Snowflakes fell from the sky with this bleakness.

A gigantic slash the size of a mountain range made out of ice divided the clouds in the sky.

“Rumble!” This was an attack from a half-step Giant. Just the momentum of the slash alone forced more than one thousand Feng members to drop to the ground. His power even made many of them vomit blood.

Third Boss used his blade to shatter the gigantic ice mountain in the sky. He laughed and leaped upward to slash at the half-step Giant.

It was a strike strong enough to sweep the half-step Giant off his feet.

“Keke, here’s another one.” He unleashed the second slash and knocked the Giant’s soundbound artifact away.

A third slash came downward.

“Pluff!” This half-step Giant was severed into two pieces as well. Blood flowed from his corpse on the ground.

This scene shocked everyone. Who the hell was this stick-like old man, to actually kill a half-step in just three slashes? Even the Seventh Hall would feel pain after losing a member at this level.

One old cultivator from the Feng Clan shouted: “Father, is it you?”

Third Boss dressed very freely in his red trousers. He replied: “I’m here to kill today, not for a family reunion.”

The Qin Ancestor on top of the central peak smiled hoarsely: “The last Giant of the Feng is back. Feng Dugu was gone for 180 years, who would have thought he would come back to die today?”

The Qin and Feng have always been enemies. That’s why the ancestor was able to recognize Feng Dugu.

“If he’s the last Giant, I’ll send him off.” A dark voice came about. The speaker flew out of the Feng’s ancestral temple and soared down the peak.

At the Celestial Paradise right now, outside of the two Vice Hall Lords outside, there were six other Giants from the Seventh Hall. The attacker was the strongest of the six, Lu Kuang.

He didn’t waste time at all and immediately attacked Feng Dugu. Both were Giants so each technique was earth-shattering.

Third Boss landed on a peak far away with Lu Kuang chasing right behind him. Lu Kuang destroyed the peak with a single punch. This battle capability was truly fierce. Even the sky shook in response.

“Haha, the cultivation laws of the Feng Clan are too low-level like the Grand Gale Art. Even though you are a Giant, your battle capabilities are no match for our Seventh Hall’s Giants.”

Lu Kuang unleashed a palm attack with the reverberating power of a dragon-tiger. Two more large mountains collapsed like dried branches. His abilities were indeed frightening, nearly on the verge of becoming a Super Giant. This Boss’ blade was shattered by his strikes. He became crazier and more powerful as the battle waged on. [1]

“The Feng shall face extinction today. Men shall be sold as slaves and women, prostitutes. Show no mercy to the ones who dare to rebel!” A different Giant from the temple said.

The Seventh Hall wanted to win as fast as possible. Two Giants began to team up against the Third Boss.

Feiyun became worried and glanced at the first clan master. ‘Why is this old geezer still just watching?’

Meanwhile, the first clan master was staring at the southern horizon. Feiyun followed his gaze as well and saw a huge white cat flying in the sky. There was a fourteen-year-old girl sitting on its back. Who else could it be but Little Demoness?

However, the thing that really shocked him was the stalwart man standing next to her. He wore a white armor with an extremely tattered red cloak.

On top of his armor was a shield with a large character, “Feng”.

Feng Chi stood there proudly like a pine tree floating in the middle of the sky. His eyes were deep as he stared at the mountains ahead.

“Feng Chi!” Feiyun blurted out. 

Little Demoness had actually brought Feng Chi from Mount Banda to this place. This little girl still cared about the clan and brought this mythical character back here.

Despite being dead for more than one thousand years, he was still as strong as ever. He alone scared the Giants stiff from the Violetsea Cave and the Senluo Temple. 

Feiyun still hasn’t forgotten the scene of him alone holding the gate and deterring the crowd.

A fun show was about to happen. The strongest members of the Feng were back. If the Seventh Hall was to underestimate them, this sect wouldn’t be able to leave the Celestial Paradise alive.

Little Demoness’ starry eyes were searching through the crowd. She finally found Feiyun and her lips started moving. Who knows what no good she was up to?

Meanwhile, Feng Chi looked like a statue and stared at this familiar place. A wave of emotion rippled through his eyes.

He stiffly stretched out a finger. A white ray shot out towards the sky.

A miserable scream sounded instantly with blood pouring down.

Lu Kuang’s arm was severed by the ray earlier. He flew out from the clouds with fear on his face and quickly stopped the bleeding. He landed on the hillside and stared at the armored man to the south.

Third Boss and the other Giant also stopped, alarmed by the sudden development.

That attack earlier resembled a light from the heavenly dao. The three felt a terrible and irresistible power within.

Little Demoness laughed with a voice as clear as the wind: “Cultivators from the Seventh Hall, listen up. Our strongest expert, a Supreme Giant, has returned. Scram right now or get ready for a beating!”

Everyone became confused since Feng Chi had died a long time ago. No one knew him right now.

The big shots on top of the central peak were startled and started to think about the identity of this armored man that came out of nowhere. Just the lift of his finger was enough to sever Lu Kuang’s arm.

Even the Qin Ancestor became puzzled this time. How could the Feng produce such a terrible expert? If they had someone like this, they would have long been the hegemon of the Grand Southern Prefecture.

“Hmph, one can count the number of Supreme Giants in the Jin Dynasty with one’s hand. Little girl, who are you trying to fool?” Despite being crippled, Lu Kuang was still as ready to fight as ever. He was unconvinced and thought that the enemy was only successful due to the sneak attack. If it was a direct fight, he wouldn’t necessarily be the loser.

Little Demoness’ pretty face became angry. She pouted and said: “I’m a good girl, not a liar!”

Lu Kuang snorted and took out a grindstone of a bloody color. It towered at one hundred meter high. He moved the axle of the grindstone and it issued a screeching sound.

This was a spirit treasure!

Lu Kuang was aware of Feng Chi’s strength so he didn’t dare to take it easy. He took out a spirit treasure but Feng Chi still stood there in a daze without moving.

This enraged Lu Kuang since he thought the guy was looking down on him. He used his full power to attack with the grindstone. Thunders resounded everywhere with a majestic aura; this resembled the fury of a thunder god.

“Rumble!” Feng Chi stretched out his hand this time and casually waved it. The huge grindstone shattered and created eight huge pits on the ground.

The guy had actually crushed a spirit treasure with his bare hand just now!

That was too much to take for Lu Kuang. He had an ominous feeling and turned to run…

“Boom!” A huge palm seal descended from the sky and pushed Lu Kuang down to the ground, crushing him to a pulp.

Feng Chi withdrew his hand and stood there motionlessly again like an everlasting tablet among the winds.

The entire place was shocked. No one could stay calm.

1. Kuang means crazy. He fights just like his name.

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