Chapter 396: Cause And Effects

A gray cloud floated up from the peak of a mountain with three shadows standing inside. It was drifting towards the north.

“Rumble!” After the three left, a great change happened at the Feng cemetery. The energy of death reversed back into the mountain and disappeared completely.

The nearby vicinity was a land of death but now, some signs of life began again.

Only the top of the mountain was still full of miasma and flowing blood on top of screeching crows.

Of course, Feiyun didn’t know all of these changes. They were already a thousand miles away.

The first clan master became young again with his transcending aura and kind expression like a loving senior. He stood above the clouds as his purple robe fluttered in the wind. An auspicious light gathered above his head.

A ray formed beneath the cloud as it soared across the sky. Feng Feiyun didn’t speak a word and showed an emotionless appearance. After all, the guy’s cultivation was too high. He couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

“Yama’s Corpse was taken from a Heaven’s Emergence tomb. It was only a half skeleton when it was excavated with a spine, left hand, right thigh, three ribs, a heart, and a skull. Eight in total.” The clan master said.

Feiyun didn’t know why the guy was speaking about this matter. It was clearly a secret to the upper echelon of this cultivation world. Ordinary people weren’t privy to this information.

Feiyun didn’t interrupt and let him continued.

Sure enough, he went on: “Yama’s body contained a monstrous power, a thousand times stronger than a Giant. Just one drop of decay blood alone could slay one of them. This power was contained in all eight parts. Those who could obtain one of them would be able to gain a peerless strength.”

Feiyun finally asked: “That skeleton hanging on the Daomization Tree is Yama?”

“Yes.” The old man nodded.

“Why is there only a spine and a right thigh left?”

The old man answered: “Let me tell you an old story. Initially, Yama’s corpse was sealed by the four great kings at the Violetsea Cave. However, around 1,500 years ago, several big shots from a couple of great powers wanted to steal it from the cave before dividing it with each other. The intruders all died in the cave; they didn’t even get to see Yama’s corpse before being eliminated by the corpse controllers. Finally, this group came up with a method to take the corpse without letting anyone know it was them.”

“What method?” Feiyun asked.

“Using the Yang Soul Holy Embryo’s blood to open a Yang Soul Trigram to summon a Divine Yang Behemoth. This god wasn’t a creature from this world so it wasn’t afraid of Yama’s evil energy. Moreover, it was 374 meters tall with immense power. Giants couldn’t stop it at all.” The old man said.

A Divine Yang Behemoth!

Feiyun thought about the giant slumbering beneath the river of blood. The image of one that could wear the sky with a terrifying shout, causing birds to flee…

The old man saw Feiyun’s expression and smiled: “That’s’ right. The skeleton below that river is the Divine Yang Behemoth!

“It might not belong in this world but it still had a body made out of flesh and blood. This body simply couldn’t handle the evil energy from yama. Its body melted into that river of blood while its bones slumbered beneath. Only by using the blood of the Yang Soul Holy Embryo would one be able to wake it up for the second time.”

This behemoth could slay a Giant with one punch. It ferociously rushed into the cave and broke the four kings’ seal before taking Yama’s remains away.

Such an existence, if woken up, would be an incalculable destructive force.

Feiyun was startled: “The Yang Soul Holy Embryo is essential in waking it up?”

The old man nodded: “Have to borrow the Yang Soul Trigram from the Ji Clan too.”

The Yang Soul Holy Embryo was a type of Abnormality twins, not just Ji Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu. No wonder why the Ji Clan and the Yang World wanted to capture them again. It turned out their blood could activate the trigram to wake up this behemoth.

Anyone who could wake it up would gain an invincible general that could sweep through the world.

Feiyun said: “Then which powers were involved in stealing Yama from the cave?”

The old man didn’t hold anything back: “Yang World’s Monarch, Yin World’s Mother, Ji Clan, and the First Hall of the Senluo Temple.”

Feiyun took a deep breath. These were all super-level sects! The leaders of the Yang and Yin Worlds on top of the First Hall.

Only the First Hall had yet to show itself among the ten. It seemed particularly mysterious.

He was still curious: “If these big shots stole the skeleton from the cave, why would it be here at the Feng Clan’s tomb?”

The old man smiled mockingly: “The eight parts of Yama are all powerful. They couldn’t divide them evenly and started fighting.”

“This gave our Feng Clan a chance. Even though it was stealing food before the tigers’ jaw, we still managed to steal some parts of the skeleton. Alas, during the battle at Mount Banda back then, the ultimate genius of the Feng Clan was buried there. His talents were just as magnificent as yours.”

A glimmer of sadness flashed in the clan master’s eyes. Feiyun felt that this was a genuine expression from a real person, not an animated corpse.

The genius this old man was talking about was the Feng Clan’s legend, Feng Chi.

Feiyun really wanted to tell him that Feng Chi had crawled out of the ground as a Corpse Evil, no longer the unbeatable hero back then.

“The two eyes were taken by the Ji.”

“Skull was taken by the Yang World’s Monarch.”

“Left hand was taken by the Yin World’s Mother.”

“The First Hall got the three ribs.”

“We got the heart, spine, and right thigh.”

Originally, there were only eight parts, but someone took out the two eyes from the skull so there were ten instead.

The old man continued: “The strongest ones are still the eyes, spine, and heart. The spine, in particular, represents endless strength. It can push a mountain and create a new generation. Feiyun, it has fused with you. Once you grasp this source of power, just your fists alone will be unbeatable.”

Feiyun didn’t really care about this power. It didn’t matter how powerful the spine is, how could it compare to a perfect Immortal Phoenix Physique?

He inquired: “The heart should represent Yama’s evil life energy, where is it?”

The old man revealed a sinister smile while slightly rubbing his chest. He revealed a non-beating heart. It would only jump after he devoured the body of a Giant.

He spent more than one thousand years to fuse with this heart. It allowed him to live longer.

There was no need to say anything else, Feiyun was clear of the situation by now!

After fusing with Yama’s heart, the clan master had turned “evil”. Perhaps he didn’t even realize this.

What Feiyun couldn’t tell at this moment was whether the clan master was still alive or dead?

Perhaps the clan master was really dead 1,500 years ago. This current man had been eaten by Yama’s evil energy and turned into someone else.


Longzhe County, Celestial Paradise.

This used to be the training ground for the Feng Clan but it had become the Seventh Hall’s territory. More than one million Feng members were now prisoners.

This was the third day.

Many influential characters came to this location for the grand event.

A few came to take advantage of the situation. For example, the clans and sects from the Grand Southern Prefecture that were on the same level as the Feng - Grand Development Gate, Violetcloud Grotto, Qin Clan, and First Heaven Gate…

They came here to deal with the Seventh Hall, wanting to divide the Feng’s territory.

Of course, some were only here for fun, like the Fourth and Tenth Halls. Their big shots have arrived at noon yesterday.

Feiyun had captured their young lord. This whole incident was quite a stir and everyone was laughing at them. It was quite a joke that they couldn’t defeat a near-death Feiyun and their successor was captured as well.

People were also secretly laughing that women who have fallen into Feiyun’s hands wouldn’t be able to keep their virginity. The Seventh Lord was no exception either.

Rumor has it that the Seven Hall Lord was furious and would personally come to the Celestial Paradise.

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