Chapter 395: Yama’s Spine

Feng Feiyun woke up from his daze, overwhelmed by drowsiness. The scene ahead gradually became clearer. He could smell the sweet scent of a woman at the tip of his nose. His fingers felt warmth; they were placed on her waist.

‘I’m still alive!’ This was his first thought upon waking up before rising up.

A faint light fell on his well-sculpted chest. Well proportioned muscles ran across his arms, lower back, and chest. They were perfectly shaped, not overly large yet still gave off a powerful appearance.

The woman next to him had her pants torn off completely. Her violet hair band was ripped off so her long and thick hair draped down her soft body. It hid half of her slender neck, voluptuous breasts, and the two pink dots - making them sexier and more mysterious.

She softly held her white panty that was pulled down to her left thigh. There were strings of red running down her still-quivering legs. It looked like the painful sensation was still present. 

She then propped up her body and stared at Feiyun’s eyes with her teary ones. However, she didn’t last long before lowering her head, too afraid to meet his gaze. She felt afraid of him, especially his eyes.

There was a bruise the shape of a palm on her white cheek and the corner of her lips was bloodied. She looked just a mistreated bride.

Feng Feiyun rubbed his forehead in astonishment! ‘What kind of barbaric things did I do to her, why is this heretical lord so afraid of me now?’

He calmed himself and tried to remember. First, the poisonous blood in him activated. Next, he drank a bottle of turtle’s saliva and his demonic blood from deep within was stimulated as well. Afterward, his sanity was suppressed by the demonic blood so he gave Xiangcen a beating before raping her.

He took a deep breath and stared at his chest. The Yama seal was still there so the blood was still within his body. Meanwhile, the demonic blood appeared for the second time in his veins. Of course, it was only a small strand that was awakened.

This particular strand couldn’t be suppressed like before. It subconsciously affected his decision making, especially his sexual urges. They became stronger and continued to assault his rationality.

When Feiyun saw Xiangcen sitting by the corner of the room, he felt an uncontrollable urge like a starving person wanting food; a thirsty person in the desert desiring water; a near-death person wishing to live.

This was an evil urge affecting him. He knew that this wasn’t good at all. If he couldn’t suppress it, he would eventually be drowned in lust and would become a devil that only wants women.

The demonic half of his blood was the culprit.

Demons and beasts were different. Though they had the same origin, demons could transform into humans. Some demons were innately lustful; for example, dragons, fox demons, serpent demons… Some of the five sacred demonic races would even carry out orgies and sexual ceremonies in each of the Minor Change Reincarnation Year.

They were different from humans. The more ancient the demon, the more powerful. Meanwhile, humans became stronger through improvements and training.

The demon nature was more primal than the human nature. It was more sexual, violent, and gluttonous.

For certain demons, excessive sex for pleasure was an ordinary matter since the olden days. This wasn’t the case for all humans.

If this perverted bloodline were to be awakened completely, then his demon and human nature would be at odds. In the end, both will be destroyed and Feng Feiyun would become an abomination.

As his cultivation grew stronger, the power of his demon blood became stronger as well. Without the help of the Nine Doves Gown, this blood will eventually awaken and the consequence will be unimaginable.

“No more… I beg you, no more…” Xiangcen saw Feng Feiyun walking towards her. Her body shrank in horror as she tried to get up with her hands. However, an aching sensation came from her waist so she fell to the ground.

She was extremely weak, lacking the strength to even stand up.

Feiyun squatted down and smelled her face before heartily laughing: “Haha, smells good!”

She couldn’t help but quiver while looking at his smile and lowered her head.

Feiyun took out a white robe from his spatial stone and threw it on her before leaving the hut. He felt quite comfortable. Even though the poisonous blood was still there, it wasn’t as annoying as before.

Above him was the as-red-as-blood Daomization Tree hovering at one hundred meter high. The broken corpse of Yama was hanging in the middle position with only the spine and right thigh left. The other parts could have been taken by others or rotted away along the river of time.

Anyone would be scared out of their mind to see this broken corpse. It was the fear of a mortal seeing the corpse of an immortal.

“Whoosh!” A nether wind blew by causing the spine hanging on the tree to fall down. It gave Feiyun the feeling as if a mountain was falling down from the sky.

Feng Feiyun quickly retreated lest he got touched by it. A thing of this level would annihilate him without the slightest touch.

However, he found that he couldn’t move his body.

“Boom!” The spine directly slammed into his back with an unbelievable power. Feiyun channeled the strength from his entire body and barely stopped it from crushing him.

His legs were trembling. The power above had an ice-cold aura. It seemed to be trying to either crush him or freeze him to death.

At this time, the black Ascension Platform in his dantian had a bloody light flowing through its surface. It carried a mysterious power and actually affected Yama’s spine.

This spine continued to crush his back, pushing out the upper layer of flesh and went below his skin. It was actually fusing into his own spine.

A majestic and scary evil energy emanating from the spine went straight to his brain. He quickly used his phoenix soul to suppress this energy back to the spine.

Lust was an innate nature of all beings. Even the forty divine intents and the phoenix soul couldn’t contain it.

However, it was possible to contain this evil energy considering the immense power of this particular phoenix soul.

He regained his ability to move and surprisingly found that the poisonous blood was flowing into Yama’s spine, back to its origin.

His crisis was gone just like that!

Though the spine being part of his body wasn’t necessarily a good thing, at the very least, it absorbed the poisonous blood. Feiyun couldn’t help but happily laugh.

“Haha, this blood might have taken away 200 years of life from me, a first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator still has 500 years of longevity. Each minor level would also increase the lifespan by 50 years. I can cultivate all the lost years back.” Feiyun was completely confident.

“Congratulation, congratulation, Feng Feiyun, I didn’t misjudge you.” The first clan master of the Feng was standing next to him out of nowhere.

Feiyun instantly turned his head towards the old man. He was still the same person but the aura on his body was completely different. This aura was austere, domineering, and cruel. There was an evil energy within just like a devil.

His gray hair has turned black as ink with an energy of death flowing around. They floated in the air like sharp and thin swords.

Feng Feiyun swallowed his saliva. He found that the hair on this clan master’s head was the same as the ones found inside the coffin. They had the same aura as well.

He suddenly had a scary thought - could it be that the Feng ancestors were all eaten by him? He felt his scalp tingling at this point.

“Who the hell are you?” Feiyun took out the Thunderfire Jewel. It floated in his palm, ready to attack at any moment.

“Hmph, brat, put away your spirit treasure! It’s not easy for the Feng to have a prodigy like you. I don’t want to kill you.” The old man said gravely with black runes flowing in his eyes. Death energy oozed out of his mouth.

Feiyun continued to stare at him with no intention of putting the jewel away.

Xiangcen put on the white robe to cover her body. She had a hard time walking but she still secretly watched the two outside.

The old man glanced at her before revealing a strange smirk. He swung his sleeve and called a boundless group of deathly clouds: “Let’s go to the Feng clan.”

The clouds surrounded Feiyun and Xiangcen then lifted them to the sky.

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