Chapter 394: The Demonic Blood And Yama’s Blood

It felt surreal to see an old man inside a hut in this land of death, especially when he was the first clan master of the Feng.

After carefully listening to Feng Feiyun’s explanation, the old man finally got the gist of the story.

“Truly shameless, the clan actually had these pieces of trash, fearing the Yin Gou Clan and sacrificing their own. Completely shameless!” Feng Mo twirled the beard on his chin with his eyes glaring. The initially gentle old man has become sharp.

He was strolling around the hut before suddenly flashing and appearing next to Feng Feiyun then grabbed Feiyun’s wrist.

He nodded with a sigh: “Yes, first-level Heaven’s Mandate, Grand Historical Genius.”

He let go of Feiyun’s wrist and noticed the gray strands of hair on his forehead. His face grimaced as he wondered why this youth became so feeble before his age?

He suddenly loosened Feiyun’s robe and stared at Feiyun’s muscular chest. There was an evil mark there covering half of it. It was trying to invade the boy’s heart.

His hollowed eyes narrowed with shock: “Yama’s Decay Blood. No wonder why you are so weak despite having such great talents.”

Feiyun was slightly moved and hurriedly said: “Senior, do you know how to cure this poisonous blood?”

Feiyun didn’t call him ancestor but senior instead. The old man clearly didn’t like this address, evident by his expression. However, Feiyun had been expelled from the clan so he naturally wouldn’t call the old man, ancestor.

The old man sighed and shook his head: “There is no antidote for Yama’s Blood in this world. It is already amazing that you can live till now.”

A tinge of disappointment rose on Feiyun’s face but this was within expectation. If there was really a cure for Yama’s Blood, it wouldn’t be feared by so many great masters.

Life, death, and wealth were up to fate.

“Cough!” Feiyun looked at the broken corpse hanging on the Daomization Tree. He had many questions but he didn’t ask them. Instead, he said: “The Feng Clan is suffering an existential crisis, may I ask if you plan to go and help them, senior?”

The old man replied: “I already knew the clan would face something like this. After the crisis, it shall soar like a star. I have been waiting for too long now, it is time to come out.”

His eyes bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of his clan as he stood quietly outside of the hut. However, without any warning, he saw the beauty standing behind Feng Feiyun. A sharp glint came from his eyes as he uttered: “A non-Feng member cannot enter the ancestral ground. Death to all intruders.”

Xiangcen was already shocked. The first master of the Feng was still alive and has been staying in their tomb. Who knows how powerful he was now?

When a character of this magnitude came out, perhaps all of the experts of the Seventh Hall working together wouldn’t be able to stop him.

She naturally couldn’t be as nonchalant as Feng Feiyun and dropped to the ground while trembling: “Feng Feiyun is not a Feng member either. He has to die as well.”

The quick-witted woman noticed that the old man had taken a liking to Feng Feiyun and definitely wouldn’t kill him. Thus, she tried this particular route.

The old man responded: “He is not one now but once I come out, he shall return to the Feng. A talent like this can’t be expelled from the clan by those worthless descendants. Without my agreement, he is still part of the Feng.”

With that, he smiled at Feiyun with a profound stare.

Feiyun bravely met his eyes without faltering. He was speculating the old man’s intention. The guy clearly knew that he was on the verge of death yet still valued him? Could it be that the old man knew how to cure the poison but just haven’t told him yet? 

‘That’s right, the old man only said that there was no antidote, not that I must die.’

This tomb was definitely a forbidden ground. An outsider with all of this knowledge and spreading it after leaving would be a bad thing.

The old man saw Xiangcen’s pale complexion and gently smiled: “Haha. I’m only playing with you, lass. Stand up! A daughter-in-law of the Feng naturally can enter the tomb as well.”

He waved his hand and a force lifted her body up.

This clan master misunderstood after seeing Feiyun bringing Xiangcen to this place. He thought that the two were lovers.

He valued Feiyun so he naturally wanted him to return to the clan. Thus, he scared the girl at first in order to see if Feiyun would want to compromise.

However, the boy didn’t react at all; there was only a frightening calmness. This made the clan master like Feiyun even more.

Since Feiyun didn’t speak up, Xiangcen was more than willing to pretend to be his future wife. Not only would this save her life, she might even gain some good stuff from this old man with unfathomable cultivation. It would be foolish not to do so.

The old man handed a bottle with traces of blood running through it and told Feiyun: “This is Turtle Fragrant Water given to me by a friend a long time ago. Drink it, it’ll prolong your life by three months.”

A turtle lived for the longest out of all things in this world. This so-called Turtle Fragrant Water was their saliva. It could nourish the body and delay aging, replenish the yin and yang. Women could regain their youth and men could regain their strength. It was the ultimate panacea.

The older the turtle, the stronger the spiritual property.

Feiyun accepted the saliva while thinking that just the saliva alone could prolong his life, if he were to capture and boil a turtle, then perhaps he could even live for several more years.

The old man left the hut after saying that there was some important business he needed to attend to. He told the two of them to wait in the hut and that they will go back to the Feng Clan tomorrow.

After he left, the atmosphere suddenly became bizarre, especially the skeleton hanging on the tree. It looked like it moved a bit so the seal on Feiyun’s chest moved as well.

“Pluff!” Feiyun spat out a mouthful of blood and felt as if the strength from his body had been sapped. He dropped on his knees while the poisonous blood had engulfed the area and became once with his own bloodstream.

His life was drifting away.

Feng Feiyun quickly took out the bottle and didn’t check if it was the right thing or not before pouring it into his mouth.

No, this isn’t Turtle Fragrant Water!

The real thing didn’t actually need to be drank. One could just pour it on their palm and it would seep into the body. However, the liquid in this bottle didn’t melt after flowing down his throat. On the contrary, it was going upward into his brain.

Wan Xiangcen stared at the boy rolling on the ground in pain and revealed a cruel smile: ‘Feng Feiyun, this day has finally come for you.’

A faint glimmer appeared in her hand and turned into a spirit sword. She was still a heretical lord and had broken a tiny part of the seal already to regain a layer of cultivation. She walked towards Feiyun and sneered: “You must be very uncomfortable with this much pain. Let me spare you from it!”

“Rawr!” Feng Feiyun suddenly lifted his head to show his blood-red eyes just like a beast. Xiangcen was scared out of her mind to see his demonic appearance and quickly darted backward.

“Boom!” Feiyun lunged forward and used his body to break her spirit sword then grabbed her body. The both of them slammed into the hut’s wooden door and fell inside.

One could see that there was a coffin in the hut. This belonged to the first clan master but the lid had been broken. Something had escaped from inside.

If Feiyun had calm of mind, he would definitely notice this. However, the demonic blood and Yama’s blood inside him were activated at the same time and ran amok inside his body. He couldn’t suppress them to maintain his sanity at all.

He grabbed the woman on the floor again and ripped apart her thin, silky green pants without any mercy to reveal her enchanting legs.

“No, Feiyun, be gentle, ah!” 

“Rawr! Ugly bitch, I’m going to kill you!” [1]

Feiyun slapped her bare body flying. This time, she was lying unconsciously on the ground.

With his fiery eyes, bulging muscles, and erupting vigor, scales appeared on his arms. Dragon roars and phoenix cries resounded all over his body. He directly got on top of her slender, jade-like body…

A cold wind blew outside of the hut. Feng Mo stood outside and looked through the broken door to see everything happening within. He could hear the heartbreaking cries of the woman as well as her moans…

A dark smile appeared on his face as he murmured: “There is really demonic blood in his body, one that can compete against Yama’s blood, just how powerful is it then? Feng Feiyun, Feng Feiyun, keke, you will return to the Feng Clan and conquer the world with me. This is your fate, there is no escaping from my grasp.”

The immortal aura was no longer there for Feng Mo. A surging evil energy replaced it. His gray hair turned black as well and grew to more than ten meters long as he gave off an oppressive bloodthirst.

1. Note, the curse word is censored here. I’m guessing it is bitch but it could be anything else

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