Chapter 393: The First Clan Master Of The Feng

Another altar was floating within the miasma with thirty-six high pillars situated around it. The pillars were decorated with dragon and phoenix engravings; some were stained with blood to the horror of the crowd.

There were words carved on a tablet in front of the altar: "Feng Clan's Second Master, Feng Jiye."

After Feiyun entered this altar, a skin-pricking wind flew out from the grave. Anything touched by this yin-affinity wind would be turned to dust instantly. Even five of the pillars nearby became white sands.

Feng Feiyun only managed to be fine due to this divine diagrams.

"Can it really be Yama? An evil corpse is staying here and eating these ancestors to recreate its body?"

The second clan master was also eaten as well with blood inside and two long strands of hair with oppressive evil energy. If it wasn't for his Immortal Phoenix Physique and the fact that he was already poisoned, the evil energy inside would have invaded him as well.

These strands of hair were even more lethal than ordinary spirit treasures. He picked them up anyway. If he could escape this place alive and be lucky enough to find an antidote for his poison, he could sell these strands of hair for a high price.

The Yama seal on his chest became more animated by the second just like a black flame. His body weakened with his life force disappearing. Even the hair by his temples was turning white.

The Yama Decay Blood was devouring his life and accelerating his aging. Even the bones strengthened by the phoenix blood were becoming stiff.

As he walked towards the darkness, he saw a white light coming from the distance. It was emanating from an old tree on top of a grave.

Its barks were gray with gaps everywhere like a coiling dragon. It had an ancient aura with many branches as thick as an arm and more than ten thousand leaves with the color of blood.

The leaves had the shape of a human's hand with visible veins. Their sheer number made the tree glow red.

"What is that tree? Such thick dao affinity." Wan Xiangcen was amazed.

Even though her cultivation was sealed, her spiritual sense was still there and could feel the original dao presence on the Daomization Tree. If one could cultivate under this tree, even a fool could easily reach the Giant realm. 

Feng Feiyun naturally couldn't tell her that this was the Daomization Tree. If the existence of such a divine tree was known, the entire cultivation world would be shaken by this news.

He quietly walked towards the tree. If he could uproot it, he could start an entire sect by himself.

As he inched towards the darkness, it actually became more serene. All the bizarre monsters were nowhere to be found. Alas, this scared the two of them even more.

Feng Feiyun walked for nearly two hours across the black expanse. He made it through three stone bridges and more than ten graves but still felt that the tree was relatively far from them. It was as if he was staying in the same spot; the distance wasn't closing at all.

Xiangcen was following right behind him the whole time. Of course, she sensed this as well and said: "There is something strange about this particular place. That blood-red old tree doesn't seem to be in the same world as us. We won't get there even if we walk forever."

"World-Reversal Art." Feiyun said.

She was surprised in response: "What did you say?"

"Cough, nothing." Feiyun coughed and didn't continue forward. He squatted on the ground and used a rock to derive the laws of the world.

At this moment, he was much better at the Minor Change Art so he had many ways to deal with tombs like this.

Moreover, he was at first-level Heaven's Mandate now and could use a few previously unavailable phoenix arts. Even inside this World-Reversal location, he could still find the laws in order to find the correct path.

"Got it, follow me!" Feiyun stood up and paced forward in a strange order. The space ahead fluctuated and the air seemed to be turning into a liquid. They felt as if they were walking through a layer of water.

"Bang!" When Feiyun's foot reached the ground the next time, the scene ahead changed completely.

Xiangcen saw this and immediately covered her mouth in astonishment: "The tomb is gone..."

The tree was initially growing on the tomb but after the setting created by the World-Reversal Art, the tree was still there but the tomb was nowhere to be found. A hut made of leaves took its place.

The tree was growing in front of this hut and still emitting light while its red leaves fluttered in the wind. Feiyun’s eyes were fixated on it.

Xiangcen was curious and followed his gaze. Sure enough, there was a corpse on that tree. It was completely broken without a skull, arms, left leg, and chest.

The remaining right leg and spine were indescribably rotten and dried. There was not a single drop of blood as if someone had severed it and burned it completely.

Nevertheless, this broken skeleton still emitted a boundless frightening aura. It made people uncomfortable even at a distance.

The evil energy within could destroy an entire zone. Feiyun was already as pale as a piece of paper; he became even grayer as the seal on his chest wanted to fly away, causing great discomfort.

“Why is my Yama blood going out of control? Could that corpse hanging on the Daomization Tree be Yama?” Feiyun sat in the meditative pose and channeled all of his energy to suppress the poison.

“Creak.” The wooden door by the hut opened and a lively old man wearing a purple robe walked out. He had been here the whole time.

Feiyun quickly withdrew his spirit treasures and stood up, maintaining his guard against this old man. Xiangcen shifted back quietly behind him.

So strange, a living person was actually staying at this place? How unbelievable.

This old man looked friendly and good-natured with a peaceful aura. A green, auspicious light floated above his head. He looked just like the portrait of the Feng’s first clan master.

He was actually still alive? How could this be?

Even a grand historical Giant wouldn’t live till one thousand years. Plus, he had died more than one thousand years ago. Why was he living in the hut?

A flame ignited in his eyes as he channeled his phoenix gaze. He felt that the old man ahead had turned into an evil corpse and came out of his grave.

But alas, he was disappointed to see that there wasn’t a trace of corpse energy inside the old man. This was a living person.

“I feel the bloodline of the Feng Clan coursing through your vein. You are a descendant?” He revealed a friendly smile like the wind of spring.

Feiyun calmed himself after hearing the old man and said: “No.”

The old man slightly frowned in response.

Feiyun continued: “The ninth clan master of the Feng had expelled me so I’m naturally not a descendant of the Feng.” 

“According to the Feng’s ancestral teachings, only the truly evil or disrespectful to the ancestors and clan betrayers would be expelled.  Which of the three have you violated?” The old man became stern to a frightening level. An oppressive aura forced Xiangcen down on her knees.

It wasn’t a suppression from power but a primal fear deep in the soul.

This old man actually knew the Feng’s ancestral teachings. Could he really be the first clan master then? He had lived for more than one thousand years?

Then why did Monk Jiu Rou said he had turned evil? 

At the very least, Feiyun couldn’t see any evil energy from him, only a transcending aura.

Feiyun stood proudly without bending his back and sneered: “It’s because I offended a daughter from a great power so the Feng Clan Master could only give me up in order to preserve the clan.”

“Impossible. Even if the clan was on the verge of destruction, it wouldn’t bow down to anyone and definitely not give up one of their own due to external pressure.” The old man noticed Feiyun’s proper attitude and that he was able to stand straight despite the pressure. He found that this youth had peerless talents. An unskilled and servile youth wouldn’t have this appearance.

Feiyun laughed after hearing this but it made him cough out blood. He said: “May I ask for your name, predecessor?”

“Feng Mo.” The old man replied.

Feng Feiyun’s mind slightly quaked after hearing this. This was indeed the name of the first clan master.

Feng Mo and Feng Chi were the two most gifted members of the clan. One was the first clan master while the other was a legend.

Feng Mo was the older brother. Under their leadership, the Feng could have been a power comparable to the four great clans. However, they both died mysterious deaths to the regrets of their descendants.

Why was this man who had died one thousand years ago standing before them, alive and well?

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