Chapter 391: Entering The Tomb Again

There were thirty-seven black peaks outside of Trinity with an ancient aura, full of death energy. A skeletal bird flew out of this gray miasma and clawed down a mountain while issuing a dry screech.

The pine forest has turned into dried trees. There was a spring of blood overflowing across the black ground.

Wan Xiangcen stood on this place and stared at the gray miasma rushing out of the forest. She became shocked and said: “Feng Feiyun, where is this place? Why are we here?”

“It’s breath is stronger now.” Feiyun stared at the miasma deeper in the cemetery where there were rains of blood pouring down.

A murderous aura came from the top with terrorizing roars from a primordial beast that had just woken up.

“Rawr!” It sounded like a ghost or a beast, as loud as the evil thunders from the heavens.

This was a recent development in the recent years. It looked as if a realm of death has descended from the sky. All cultivators were wise enough to stay away.

As a heretical lord, Xiangcen had seen many ominous grounds but her pretty expression still changed at this moment. She inched closer towards Feng Feiyun.

“Feng Dulong is grievously wounded and is probably hiding in the Feng ancestral ground.” Feiyun couldn’t sense Dulong’s aura outside.

This area might be full of corrosive miasma but people at the Giant level could still use their powerful cultivation to stop it.

“What are you doing?” Wan Xiangcen stared at Feiyun who was walking towards the black forest as if he was insane.

Feiyun turned around and grabbed Wan Xiangcen with his pale hand. A sweet fragrance blew into his face while her soft body fell into his embrace. She tried to break free with a horrified expression but her punches merely tickled him.

Six lights rushed out of his ring and turned into diagrams. They surrounded the two of them then flew towards the black forest.

With this protection, the corrosive miasma couldn’t touch them at all and was kept at a far distance.

As they traveled deeper into the mountain, the terrifying power became scarier. After four more hours and crossing through ten more peaks, Feng Feiyun has finally reached the bottom of the cemetery.

They met many strange creatures along the way. They were pushed back by Feng Feiyun and ran away towards the depth.

This large mountain in the shape of a tomb had bloody showers falling down from above. There were skeletons and rotten corpses floating inside. This scene was especially frightening. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to walk without trembling. 

After an evil transformation, this place has turned into a cursed ground. Below the main grave was a river of blood with waves of more than ten meters high.

“Cough!” Feiyun placed her down while standing next to the shore. He looked at the gigantic skeleton at the bottom of the river. It has been slumbering and bathed by this bloody river for so many years yet all of its bones remained intact.

A skeleton towering for several hundred meters!

Feiyun had an indescribable feeling each time he saw this skeleton. This time was even clearer. The Yama seal on his chest began to jump and its shadow seemed to be coming back to life.

Feiyun felt a sharp pain in his chest as he coughed out more blood.

“What the hell? Just what is stimulating the poison again?” Feiyun had an acute sense and could feel a channeling power coming from the grave at the top of the river.

“Something that can stimulate the poison should also be able to suppress it!” Feiyun was ecstatic and felt like a drowning person latching onto a life-saving vine.

This was a hope of survival.

There were two sides to everything. Water could move a boat as well as capsizing it. At the end of death was life and after a disaster was salvation.

Xiangcen was also shocked by the hellish scene. Why was Feiyun laughing before such a grotesque river? 

“Feiyun, don’t tell me you want to go into that deathly area on the mountain?” Xiangcen’s cherry lips were trembling.

Feiyun found a sliver of hope so he was in a great mood: “The Feng ancestors are buried there so I naturally have to go there for worship.”

“Go if you want to die, don’t drag me down with you. There is a terrible character over there, entering will be suicidal… Ah, you’re insane!” 

Feiyun grabbed her underarm and flew across the river. This was his second time moving through the little path to the top of the mountain. The moment he stood at the base, a black lightning bolt came from above.

Feiyun’s cultivation was far stronger than the past so he easily evaded this bolt. He turned into a shadow by using his Swift Samsara and rushed for the pinnacle.

Lightning bolts came from the ground and the sky, creating an ocean of currents. It instantly disintegrated pebbles on the ground to ashes and left three wounds on Feiyun’s body where his skin was charred with smoke coming out.

When he made it to the waist of the mountain, there were ancient pines everywhere with nearly one thousand devil crows standing on them. Their body was seven or eight times larger than an ordinary crow.

“Those are devil crows, your Feng Clan is actually feeding devils in your ancestral ground. They are creatures from the Yin World.” Xiangcen raised her brows while looking at these birds.

She was startled even more. Why would these yin creatures appear in this tomb?

“Caw, caw!” A flock of devil crows stared at the two of them with their green eyes and issued a feminine-sounding screech. Their wings started to flap.

The yin energy from these crows was thick like black clouds as they rushed forward.

Feng Feiyun took out the Thunderfire Jewel. It floated in his palm and a sea of fire oozed out from the black jewel with countless lightning waves inside.

“Szzz!” More than ten crows were burnt to a crisp with their feathers scorched to ashes. These other crows quickly flew back and hid on the trees with trembling wings.

Feiyun continued towards the top and met several near-fatal incidents along the way from creatures coming from the Yin and Yang Worlds. Among them were beings at the same level as a half-step Giant. It was fortunate that he was able to detect them early and took a long way around. Who knows if these creatures were born here or were attracted by something to this place?

He crossed through a dried lake and a ravine full of stone tablets then a long stairway before reaching the top of the tomb.

The closer he got, the more the Yama Seal was jumping on his chest. Feiyun had to take out the Ascension Platform to suppress the seal in order to calm it down.

At the top was a circular mound with the center caving down.. This black expanse had black branches and leaves growing out of it just like tentacles. Dark, deathly energy was emanating from this place.

“Whoosh!” The nether winds coming from below gave him goosebumps. A layer of frost covered his body.

Xiangcen in his embrace was holding his arm tightly. Her starry eyes focused on the black expanse and said: “That wind earlier is even colder than the nether wind from the Yin World. There must be an incredible evil creature below, even Giants will die for sure upon intruding.”

“Rawr!” A monstrous howl came from the depth, accompanied by a black gale and almost blew Feiyun off the mountain into the bloody river.

Luckily, he had the Ascension Platform out. He pushed it down into the muddy ground in front of him in order to stop the shockwave.

Two blood-red leaves from the Daomization Tree fluttered with the wind caused by the roar. Feiyun secretly grabbed them and sent them to his spatial stone.

Heaven’s Mandate cultivators would die for these leaves since it could aid them in comprehending the dao.

One leaf was even more precious than a millennium spirit grass. Feiyun had three leaves at the moment since he got one the last time he was here.

This was a supreme treasure that could drive the cultivation world crazy. He naturally couldn’t let Wan Xiangcen know.

‘The Daomization Tree is really here. It might be growing in this caved down section.” Feiyun used his phoenix gaze to peer at the area below. However, the moment he used it, a terrible aura repelled it and nearly blinded his eyes.

The first clan master of the Feng was buried here. Monk Jiu Rou said that he has awakened through an evil transformation and was now a monster.

Why did the evil transformation happen? Why was he coming back to life after more than one thousand years? What kind of abomination was he now? What did all of this have to do with the Yama Decay Blood?

“Feng Feiyun, don’t tell me you want to jump down?” Xiangcen was on the verge of crying. She was worried that he would jump down while taking her with him.

Feiyun didn’t hesitate at all. He took out all of his treasures before jumping down with Xiangcen. She was his hostage so he needed to take her everywhere.

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