Chapter 388: Capturing The Demoness

The night and fluttering cloaks were met with misty winds. There was a taste of wild bitterness in the air.

“It’s you!” Wan Xiangcen was surprised and stared at this youth coming out of the darkness. The hand hidden behind her back channeled a plume of light that turned into pink petals made of fire, as sharp as the blades.

Her skin emitted an unbelievable fragrance. She stood on this hill like a pure flower. Her natural fragrance attracted a large amount of butterflies.

Feiyun came closer and said: “Surprised that I’m still alive?”

Xiangcen chuckled causing her slender waist to slightly shake. The cloth piece on her shoulder was moved by a purple energy and looked just like butterfly wings. The hair on her cheek brushed back and forth, creating an amorous appearance. She said: “I’m just surprised that you’re here instead of looking for your prettiest girl since you don’t have long to live.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Four tall, slender figures descended from the night. All had a black robe and an extraordinary cultivation. An aura glowed around them with a black lotus floating above their head. Even their hair was full of energy. Ripping one off and they could be used as a sharp weapon.

Twelve more billowing clouds of smoke came about. They were old men that have lived for several hundred years, all at Heaven’s Mandate. They stood below Wan Xiangcen like devils with a black glow.

Wan Xiangcen’s side became much stronger with these sixteen people.

Her cultivation was already above Feiyun so she became even more emboldened. She started to float above with flowers beneath her feet that eventually turned into a seat made of lotuses.

“Capture him alive. Whoever can take his blood will be richly rewarded by the Hall Lord.” Her exquisite features became even more stately while basking in the moonlight.

“If he wants to die, then I’ll lend him a hand.” An old man formed a mudra with both hands, creating a green light. A three feet long sword flew out from the light. He gripped the hilt and came for Feiyun.

Feiyun retaliated by raising his finger. A yellow plume condensed on the tip, representing the power of half of the mountain range here and shattered the sword.

He channeled his Swift Samsara and disappeared from sight. The moment people saw him again, he was already standing behind the old man and casually pointed forward again.

Another ray shot out and pierced the old man’s defensive aura then neck, devouring all of his divine intents in the brain.

“Boom!” The old man fell to the ground with blood pouring out from his eye sockets. A cultivator that had lived for more than three hundred years died just like that to Feiyun.

“That’s all a cultivator from the Seventh Hall can do? Just a piece of trash.” Feiyun turned and stared at the floating Xiangcen. A wisp of smoke replaced his body on the spot as he soared for her.

“How brazen, daring to be disrespectful towards our lord?” The four girls flew forward to meet him with their nimble and slender figure. They used the black lotus on top of their head; four majestic forces shot out in unison like four black suns. 

These female guards were talented cultivators and experienced life-or-death training. They could survive in the mountains full of beasts and monsters and have killed countless cultivators.

The black lotus above their head was another top heretical technique. Even though they weren’t part of the twelve great evil techniques, the difference wasn’t great.

The four of them together amplified their battle potential and once managed to wound a senior at second-level Heaven’s Mandate.

Feng Feiyun moved like a specter through the four lotuses without a problem. The four guards simply couldn’t stop him.

Two fist strikes came resoundingly. Two more old men attacked with a dragon-tiger power. They specialized in brute force so they were capable of performing this task.

Feiyun directly raised his palm to unleash a seal with clouds of five different colors.

The palm seal directly shattered the old men’s punches. Their body was helplessly torn to several pieces.

Three Heaven’s Mandate cultivators had died within one move to Feiyun.

“It’s fortunate that the guy is poisoned or no one will be able to compete with him in the present.” Xiangcen watched as Feiyun drew closer in an unstoppable manner.

This was a god of death. The poison didn’t deter his drive at all. Fewer than few members of the young generation could stop him.

Meanwhile, Xiangcen had reached third-level Heaven’s Mandate. This was a young lord that could inherit the Hall Lord position in the future.

She simply wasn’t afraid of him at all with her cultivation even if he wasn’t poisoned. There was no chance a first-level Heaven’s Mandate could take her down.

These young lords were all blessed by the heavens and shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Boom!” Feiyun used the second-ranked spirit treasure, Thunderfire Jewel. It started a lightning tribulation that came down on Xiangcen.

She calmly sat in the meditative pose on her lotus platform. She slightly swung her green sleeve up to the sky and clouds rushed forward to break the lightning tribulation. Next, she reached for the jewel.

“This second-ranked treasure is wasted on a dead man, let me hold it for you instead!” When her long brows fluttered, she became even more beautiful.

A second-ranked spirit treasure had extraordinary value. Even Giants would be tempted.

“That depends on whether you are capable enough to take it.” Feiyun’s voice came from inside the wind.

A breeze brushed by her with a huge palm strike emanating from within. Next, Feiyun finally showed up as well with unbelievable speed.

Xiangcen was slightly startled by his agility. It was definitely comparable to a half-step Giant.

This palm came like lightning with great intensity. She had equanimity despite the initial surprise and reached out with her fair hand. Her slender fingers created a green flower that destroyed the attack.

“Whoosh!” She turned into a ray to fly. Even though Feiyun’s cultivation was no match for her, she felt threatened by his incredible speed.

She didn’t want to take the risk because women who had fallen into his hands had a terrible result.

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t let her have her way. He came specifically to capture her so letting her escape was not an option.

She was an illegitimate daughter of an ancient corpse cave’s lord. Her status was quite amazing. Even the Supreme Elders from the Seventh Hall were prudent around her.

As long as he could capture her, he could use her as a bargaining chip against the heretics. Even if the gown was taken away by them, he could use her as a trade piece.

This was a risky move because her cultivation was five times stronger than him. Moreover, there were also four female guards and other old men at Heaven’s Mandate present as well.

He must seize the perfect opportunity in order to subdue her within the shortest amount of time. Otherwise, all the preparations would be wasted if a Giant from the Seventh Hall caught winds of this.

Though the probability of success was quite low and failure might even result in an unsightly death, Feiyun felt that it was worth it. Risks have always come with high rewards.

“Swoosh!” He channeled the Swift Samsara and gave chase. The opportunity would be gone if she were to make it back to the camp.

“Feiyun, you’re really brave, you think you can take our lord on?” 

“You’ll have to get through us first!” 

“Boom!” All four female guards reached forward with their jade-like hands. Blood suddenly oozed out from their wrists and turned into a mist. It then jumped into the four black lotuses.

The flowers rotated and joined together to form an evil flower with an immense destructive power. It spun forward like a wheel.

The flower created a gale in the shape of a dragon soaring into the sky. Spectators would tremble before this sight.

All four girls were at the heaven-defying level in terms of talents. They weren’t that much weaker than Feiyun.

This combined blow had a majestic force that made the nine surviving old men retreat. They didn’t want to be hurt by accident.

Feiyun also stopped and used the “Ascension Platform” in his dantian.

This platform was only thirty-three feet high. It carried a violet energy crushing down from the sky like a holy tablet.

“Boom!” The eighteen supreme souls on the platform had a terrible power. Thunder descended from the sky and directly blew the black flower away.

Feiyun took advantage of the explosion and sprung from the platform to be above Xiangcen before coming back down.

“Boom!” She had a smile on her face. Her lotus throne had already made it to the river but she stopped. This kingdom-toppling beauty stood on her lotus platform with her proud chests like an elegant and transcending goddess before raising her fair hand.

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