Chapter 386: Celestial Paradise

Longzhe County was located in the eastern region of the Grand Southern Prefecture, next to Trinity. It was also a land full of ancient ruins. Many experts traveled here and left their marks behind.

There were many green mountain ranges with white clouds washing the tall peaks. Birds played around the mountains and left their prints on the steep cliffs.

Feiyun rode the wind forward. Along the way, he saw waves of disciples from the Seventh Hall. Their hands were stained with blood. Many children from the Feng have been killed in these desolate region. Their body was ravaged and eaten by the beasts.

The once glorious Feng Clan, a top ranking sect in the southern region, has suffered this disaster due to the Nine Doves Gown. It wasn’t only the heretical experts. Even the other top clans here secretly colluded against them to steal their mines, resources, and cities.

As the saying goes, possessing a jade ring becomes a crime. Survival of the fittest was an unchanging law in this world.

The Feng had several ancestral grounds. One of them was located right here on top of a spirit vein with the name, Celestial Paradise. It was where the first clan master of the Feng was born and where he comprehended the dao.

After the Evil Woman came out, many descendants from the clan had died to the evil corpses. The majority of the survivors ran back to Longzhe. The Celestial Paradise became their stronghold.

The place itself was situated within ninety-nine peaks. It had many perilous locations on top of a celestial formation erected by the first clan master himself. Even several Giants attacking at the same time couldn’t break through in a short time.

Once Feiyun made it to the Celestial Paradise, the experts from the Seventh Hall have been attacking for seven days. There were cracks on the formation now.

The ninety-nine peaks shot out ninety-nine bright pillars towards the sky. They were carrying a gigantic, floating formation to withstand the attacks of more than ten thousand heretics.

It was an amazing battle between two great powers. The blinding lights from techniques engulfed the sky with different colors.

So many cultivators in black cloak were hovering above. Some were riding spirit deer while others had four-winged birds. They surrounded the entire area and continued to attack while finding a weak spot.

It was only a matter of time before the formation would break.

Feiyun watched carefully while standing on a far hill. There were really too many heretics here in every nooks and corner. He simply couldn’t sneak in.

“This is why the Senluo Temple used to be the strongest heretical sect. Just the Seventh Hall alone is this powerful, using six Giants just to destroy the Feng.” Feiyun thought to himself. Six Giants were quite formidable since not a single sect in the southern region could have so many.

The Feng was already a top power here but after one thousand years of accumulation, it only had three ancestors at the Giant level. Two of them were too old so their battle prowess has weakened.

One Giant could support a first-rate sect but any heretical hall could take them down easily.

More than ten thousand troops were here to attack the Celestial paradise. However, Feiyun knew that this was only a small portion. The other troops were massacring the Feng descendants in the other cities.

The heretical schools have never shown mercy; nothing was too evil for them. This was the reason why the world feared the heretics.

Nightfall came again and the heretical side finally halted. The barricade remained outside with the entire area lit up by thirty-six pillars with a lamp on top.

The fire made the ninety-nine peaks look pink. The heretics meditated in order to recover the energy expended during the day in preparation for the next attack in the morning.

At this time, two rays of light rushed out from the ancestral ground. These were two senior cultivators from the Feng Clan with gray hair and a hunchback. They wanted to use this opportunity to run away.

“Whoosh!” A snow-white palace descended from above like a star. A stern voice came from inside: “Feng Jingyan, Feng Ping, you think you can escape?”

A gigantic black palm came from within with clouds surrounding it. It directly pushed the two escaping cultivators to the ground.

“No… I don’t want to die!”

“All of you are too ruthless!” 

“Boom! Boom!” These two Feng seniors were crushed to a pulp. Their flesh and blood dug into the soil.

Feiyun stood in the cold wind and felt sorry for them: “These two are the second and fifth elder of the Feng. If they are running away now, it looks like the clan is in disarray even before the heretics make their way in.”

More than one hundred descendants tried to run out from the paradise for a successful escape. All of them were killed by the heretics. Their corpses were tied around the pillars and being burnt to a crisp.

More clan members surrendered. They became slaves and were toyed and humiliated for a while before being killed.

The stench of blood by the brightly-lit pillars was truly nauseating.

Wan Xiangcen, the Seventh Lord, descended into the area while accompanied by a rain of flowers. Towering pillars stood to both sides with raging flames.

She was also the prettiest in the Seventh Hall with an enchanting fragrance. It smelled like an immortal honey wafting in the air for many miles.

She had a white cloak on her sexy figure and hair draping down to her buttocks. This was a woman resembling both a pure fairy and a seductive demoness.

Four girls in black cloak stood behind her. All were pretty with the same ponytail hairstyle and below twenty of age. Their hair was tied with a black lotus pin.

Wan Xiangcen revealed a smile that would rob the stars of their light. She happily said: “Bring them here.”

A team of heretics brought a group of Feng prisoners before her. There were a total of forty-six talents. They had countless whip marks and wounds on their body and were forcefully pushed down on the ground.


“Bastard, get down on your knees!” 

These young clan members had their dantian sealed so they didn’t have a single strand of spirit energy left. Their knees got broken so they dropped to the ground.

Wan Xiangcen smiled with her apricot eyes: “Seniors from the Feng Clan, I know you are watching from the inside. I know you don’t want to see these prodigies die like this. Open the Celestial Formation and I’ll give them back to you?”

A cold voice came from inside: “Little demoness, your trick can’t fool us. Once we open the formation, you will slaughter all of us and that will be the end of our clan.”

The voice was very old. It must be a great character from the Feng. This person could see the scene right now without showing up.

Wan Xiangcen smiled amorously: “You’re too smart, senior.”

She gave an order by gently raising her beautiful finger.

The three heretics behind her have been waiting for a long time. They smirked and swung their blade at the same time.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The head of three young prodigies went flying and rolled away like balls.

“Demoness, you…”

“You’re insane!”

“You’re pushing us too far!” 

The experts hiding inside the ancestral ground clamored furiously but no one dared to come out.

Xiangcen was still smiling. She touched her chin and said: “The ones killing them are you all, not me. If you don’t open the formation, all of these prodigies will die! Haha!”

Feiyun held his breath watching the kneeling prodigies as well as the direction of the ancestral ground.

There was no response from inside.

Xiangcen stretched leisurely. Her breasts, waist, and buttocks all showed off their sexy curves. She happily said again: “Kill all of them.”

With the command, the heretics cried out the word “kill” in unison.

“Pluff…” One head fell down after another as the living turned into cold corpses. The future hope of the Feng Clan had all fallen.

The experts and ancestors inside the paradise could only watch helplessly.

This was the tragedy of the weak where the winner takes all.

Xiangcen chuckled and gestured: “If seniors don’t care for the young, that’s fine. We’ll play something even more exciting. Bring them here.” 

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